Thermometer for smoke and other attributes


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Smoking meat, poultry and fish is a responsible and complicated process. In addition to the proper preparation of meat for smoking, it is necessary to choose the correct treatment mode and

to control it throughout the working hours of smoke. An important role is played by the way of placing products - on a lattice, in a suspended state. Some grades of pork or beef are tied up by smoking.

Thermometer for smoke and other attributes

Advanced options for pinch thermometers will tell you about the degree of readiness of your

indication. You can use any thermometer with a scale range of 0 to 200 ° C to monitor the processes inside the smoke. Some craftsmen mount their own hands inside the smoke thermocouple and display them on an electronic display, others - buy industrialthermometers with the appropriate measuring range. But it is best to buy a special pin thermometer for meat.

The temperature range of such a thermometer - up to 400 ° С With an accuracy of 10 ° C. For smoke it is more than enough. Such a thermometer is equipped with a probe for dipping it into meat. Length of the probe - up to 150 mm. In a stationary installation in the smoke, the probe is below the lid's level and shows the actual temperature in the smoking area, where the grid is with the products. But when installing with his own hands it is necessary to isolate from the metal a heat-insulating gasket from a plug or other non-fusing and poorly conducting heat to the material.

The smoking thermometer is equipped with a digital display or a conventional scale with an arrow, the probe may be located on the side, behind the body or on a flexible cable, but in any case it is convenient for use in the smoke. It is necessary to buy at once two thermometers - for stationary placement in the lid smoke and unpinned, to control the degree of readiness of meat. They are not very expensive, but will deprive the coptilisher of many possible problems with cooking.


Smoke Temperature Controller When installed in the Smoke Temperature Controller, you can save a lot of time needed to control the temperature, especially when it is cold smoked. The thermostat is installed in a smoke with an electric heater or equipped with a smoke generator. The sensor is mounted inside the chamber for smoking, and the thermostat controls the inclusion of TEN, regulates the power of the heater or opens and closes the chimney chimney shutter in the smoke generator. Thermometer for smoke and other attributes Thermometer for smoke and other attributes

For example, the

thermostat will suit. If the smoke is on wood, then the thermostat is almost impossible to connect, this device is suitable for small compact installations for smoking, have a little inertness. As a rule, they do not use open fire, and with the help of a thermostat can maintain a constant corruption of cod or sawdust. The thermoregulator and electrostatic chimneys work fine. You can adapt for smoke almost any thermoregulator - from an incubator, a gas boiler, a warm floor. The main thing - to organize feedback with the executive mechanism of smoke. It's easy to do with your own hands.

Smoke grates

Meat and other smoked products are very convenient to put on special grates, horizontally located in the chamber of smoke. They are made of metal wire( preferably stainless) in the thickness of 2-4 mm, Small own grating area does not prevent the smoke from entering the products and their uniform heating. Smokers are easy to turn over and get out of the smoke to check the readiness. It's easy to play with your own hands.

The rectangular configuration frame is made of a strip of stainless steel with a thickness of 1.5-2 mm. If you have an argon welding, you can easily cook it. If the welding machine is not present, then the sides of the rectangle are connected with bolts. For this, the strips bend in such a way that the ends of the long side go short on 1-2 cm. Holes in the openings are drilled 2-3 mm in diameter and the frame is fastened to one design.

The grid for smoking on this frame is made of stainless steel, which is fixed by welding, or sections of the wire simply bend over the sidewalls of the grid. No special mechanical strength from the grid is required, the main thing is that it fits in size and the cells are not too large. The standard size of cells is 5x5, 10x10, 20x20, 30x30 mm. They are suitable for meat and fish. But it is quite convenient to smoke and on grids with cells of 30x40 mm and 40x50 mm, if pieces of meat are large enough.

For smoke industrial lattice manufacturing you can easily buy in stores. Intending to make a smoke with his own hands, it's good to first get interested in the size of the finished gratings. Independent production of them is a rather painstaking process. By purchasing ready, you will save not only money for the material, but also a sufficient amount of time. Fabric manufacturing grids are strong and easy to use. Thermometer for smoke and other attributes Thermometer for smoke and other attributes

Factory grille for smokers

Meat and fish can be smoked without a grill. This requires a special cotton twine, made of cotton yarn, without the use of synthetic fibers. So tie a piece of meat and fish with a twine. Twine for fish is required - when hot smoked unconsumable fish can simply collapse. Buy a twine for smoking is not easy - in stores it is sold in coils or on spools. The length of the coil is 50 m, spools can be several hundred meters of twine. Thermometer for smoke and other attributes Thermometer for smoke and other attributes Normal winding twine Thermometer for smoke and other attributes Thermometer for smoke and other attributes can be tied Twine products so that they do not fall apart when smoked

By making your own smoke and making or buying the necessary accessories, it's time to test it in action.