Hemorrhoid Treatment

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy - signs, symptoms, treatment

Prevailing half of women have hemorrhoids during pregnancy. Most often it occurs in repeated construes or in the presence of genetic predisposition. This disease is able not only to cause pain and discomfort for the future mother, but also with

, further progress will cause a lot of trouble. In this regard, when the first symptoms appear, you should immediately contact a doctor. After necessary research, conservative treatment with the use of candles, ointments, special diets is prescribed.

Causes of

Hemorrhoids in pregnancy signs, symptoms, treatment Pregnancy Hemorrhoids In addition to the causes of an illness common to all people, such as chronic constipation and sedentary lifestyles, the baby has its own peculiarities during childbirth.

There is a rapid increase in the size of the uterus, which begins to go down and put pressure on the plexus of the vessels, thereby breaking the blood circulation. Increasing loading helps reduce the tone of the walls of the vessels, which can also lead to the occurrence of hemorrhoids during the bearing of the child. Vessels weaken, expand and stretch, and when reaching the uterus of large sizes make themselves known.

In addition, under the influence of hormones, pelvic bones are enlarged, organs located in the small pelvis are displaced to facilitate the passage of the child by birth canal.

At the end of pregnancy, an enlarged uterus often causes an exacerbation of the disease, especially if a woman has a predisposition to hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids in Pregnant

This disease develops gradually, in the early stages of itching and difficulty in the anus, complaints of discomfort. Such feelings are most often manifested after a disturbance in the diet( eating) or over-tension.

Over time, after defecation, there is leakage of blood or blood clots, indicating that bleeding has arisen even with the previous visit to the toilet. Bleeding is an important symptom, as it begins to fall out of the anus of hemorrhoids. At first, it is possible to independently adjust them., but in the future can not do without consulting specialists. The outcome of hemorrhoids started during pregnancy may be thrombosis of external nodes and necrosis, which poses a threat to the future mother and fetus.

The fact that prolonged compression of the site promotes the dying of tissues and the formation of various microorganisms. Inflammation, caused by an infection, and a deterioration of a woman's health begins. When infection of the host occurs purulent-inflammatory processes, which are accompanied by the release of microorganisms of toxic substances. Sucking into the blood, these harmful substances can get into the fetus. In this case, there may be intrauterine infection, and the born baby will have signs of infection. Inflammation can cause an increase in body temperature, the formation of edema in the region of the perineum. In this case, it is urgent to seek medical help. It is very important to detect a hemorrhoid during pregnancy at an early stage in order to timely prescribe treatment to prevent the deterioration of a woman's condition during labor.

You should also pay attention to the fact that in some cases, the loss of hemorrhoids in the early stages of bleeding may not be accompanied.

How to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Hemorrhoids in pregnancy signs, symptoms, treatment Diseases can be divided into several basic stages.

At , the first stage of , when the disease is not accompanied by obvious symptoms, it should be addressed with its prophylaxis. In this case it is possible and not to resort to medicine.

To do this:

  • Provide regular stool, because if you ignore the urge for bowel movement, all may end up with constipation, which is one of the causes of inflammation of hemorrhoids.
  • Adhere to the diet, for which it is necessary to exclude from the diet greasy, fried, flour, sharp, strong tea, coffee. In the menu you should enter fruits, nuts, vegetables, sour-milk products( kefir, live yogurts, sour milk, etc.), whole grains.
  • Regular drinking
  • Conduct a mobile lifestyle if there is no contraindication to this
  • Adhere to the hygiene of the anus. In general, this rule must be observed in everyday life, but during pregnancy it becomes especially relevant. A similar hygiene should be carried out after each bowel movement. Why should you wash, take a shower or use a special wet wipes.

If time is missed and hemorrhoids become pregnant in , the second stage of with the appearance of the symptoms of the disease should be more active and seek medical attention.

Currently, treatment is carried out in the complex: from the outside and from the inside. For this purpose, candles, creams, ointments, gels, which have analgesic, laxative, vasoconstrictive and anti-inflammatory properties are prescribed.

Each of the remedies is chosen by the doctor strictly individually. When appointing, the complexity of the disease, the place of inflammation and other factors are taken into account. It should be remembered that self-medication can not be done, especially during pregnancy, as it can harm the fetus! In addition, it is not recommended to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy with the help of a sedgewith different medications or antiseptics. In normal life, this is a good enough method, but when carrying a baby, there is a risk of getting into the vagina of various infections.

And finally, how to treat hemorrhoids in pregnant women if the disease has become late in the .It's very bad if you allowed it, because there is a lot of pain, discomfort and other unpleasant feelings.

It should not be forgotten that the expectant mom, feeling pain and discomfort, is not the best condition for her baby.

The last stage of the disease is treated with surgical intervention, so the surgery will be needed at the earliest possible opportunity. Before the birth of a baby, surgeons will give a future mother a deferral. During this period, the proctologist will select drugs whose use is allowed( for example, candles from hemorrhoids during pregnancy), with which it will be possible to remove pain symptoms and reduce the manifestation of the disease.