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There are red spots on the hands( fingers) itch and scald, what to do?

What may mean red spots on your hands? Such a phenomenon occurs quite often. Everything is clear if spots appear as a result of a burn injury or an insect bite. However, if the spots on the hands are itchy, peeling skin, you should plan a trip to the

doctor in the near future.


  • 1 Need for doctor
  • 2 Severe forms of the disease
  • 3 Therapeutic measures
  • 4 Characteristics of ointments
  • 5 Methods of skin prophylaxis

1 Necessity of seeking a doctor

Any skin diseases is a dermatologist. Doctors will be able to determine the cause of the spot, as well as prescribe proper treatment.

The least deviation on the skin should not be neglected. Perhaps red spots on the hands are a signal of the body about any disease or disruption of the functioning of the body. These symptoms should be treated with full seriousness. Ignoring this problem can lead to complications, which are then very difficult to resolve.

There are red spots on the hands( fingers) itch and scald, what to do?

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If a red patch on the hand begins to be covered with a dense crust, it is strongly itchy, it begins to bleed, it means serious illness,which needs to be urgently treated. Doctors recommend patients for first symptoms to seek help, early diagnosis is the guarantor of effective treatment. In order to diagnose and prescribe the method of treatment, it is necessary to determine the cause of the appearance of symptoms. There may be many reasons, so having come to the doctor's review, it is necessary to provide him with all the necessary information about health and lifestyle.

As mentioned earlier, the reasons for the appearance of red spots can be many. Dermatologists begin a visual inspection to determine the nature of the spots. If a small rash that has the property to spread and increase in hands is formed, it is probably a signal of endocrine system disease. In such cases, you must contact the endocrinologist and complete the diagnosis of the body. If rash is a symptom of a skin disease, the treatment is done by a dermatologist. Dermatologists distinguish several main reasons to be addressed in the first place:

  • Low stress tolerance. In people who are a lot nervous or whose lifestyle is associated with risk and stress, red spots can appear on palms and hands. They quickly pass without leaving traces.
  • Unbalanced diet, fatigue can cause periodic appearance of reddening of the skin on the hands.
  • Also, red spots may appear on the background of hormonal, during pregnancy and in adolescence.
  • Allergy. If the spot appeared red and it strongly itch, it may be a sign of an allergic reaction.
  • Weak immunity can cause a disease such as skeletalemia, the symptom of which is red spots on the fingers and hands.
  • Temperature fluctuations. If there is a red spot due to temperature changes, this does not promise a serious health hazard. This symptom is associated with the peculiarities of the functioning of the vascular system.
  • Redness of the skin may be due to the intolerance of ultraviolet radiation, in other words, the allergy to the sun. In such cases, it is necessary to restrict exposure to sunlight.
  • Burns and bites of insects also leave red spots.
  • These causes are the first, which the doctor is paying attention to. Having examined the stains and eliminating the above factors, the doctor examines options for more complex skin diseases.

    2 Severe Types of

    Disease Skin diseases are always very unpleasant and painful. Symptoms of skin diseases are very similar to each other. Only an expert can make an exact diagnosis. For this reason, it is not necessary to engage in self-medication. Several serious diseases are distinguished:

  • Palmaric erythema is manifested by small red spots, which are formed mainly on the mounds of palms closer to the wrist and thumb on the hand. It has a chronic character and is not treated. In the remission period, the spots are pale.
  • Psoriasis and eczema - these diseases are very severe, are treated very hard and are chronic. May be on the background of a nerve disorder. Symptoms of the disease are manifested in the form of red spots, which have uneven edges and convex form. The red patches appearing on the bends of the hands, between the fingers, can spread throughout the body.
  • Fungal infections can also affect the skin. If there is a red stain that increases in volume, most likely, it is a fungal dermatitis. His symptoms are scarlet red spots that spread not only on the hands but also on the delicate areas of the skin throughout the body.
  • Leishmania is a frequent cause of the appearance of peeling patches on the hands. May have a spilled form with even edges, mostly found in children. The lichens have a lot of varieties that show themselves differently.
  • There are red spots on the hands( fingers) itch and scald, what to do?

    If red spots appear on hands or on any other part of the body, it is best to contact a specialist with the help, otherwise it is possible self-medication to significantly increase the disease.

    3 Therapeutic measures

    Following the examination of skin redness symptoms and the delivery of all necessary tests, the physician may prescribe treatment based on the results obtained. If the cause of the occurrence of spots in the hands is associated with an allergic reaction, it will be sufficient to take the course of antihistamines. To remove the external symptom of the stain can be treated with a special ointment.

    With skin diseases of a chronic nature, things go a little harder. External symptoms, such as red spots during exacerbation, are regularly treated with ointment specifically for the treatment of this disease. If the peeling of the stain turned out to be a scar, then a comprehensive treatment will help. The course of the disease is always accompanied by a severe itching. Symptoms of itching will help remove antihistamines. It is necessary to avoid water and sunbathing so that the lichen does not spread throughout the body. The area affected with lichen can be wiped with alcohol and peach oil.

    There are red spots on the hands( fingers) itch and scald, what to do?

    For the treatment of each type, the use of a ointment, which includes the necessary components. What kind of ointment should be used, determined by the doctor taking into account the diagnosis. If spots appear on the background of a nerve disorder, the doctor may prescribe soothing medications to the main treatment. Very often a doctor may prescribe an additional antibiotic.

    4 Characteristics of

    Ointments are peeled on the hands and body treated with ointments of different spectrum. Ore is selected on the principle from the weakest to the stronger. This is due to the fact that the skin has the property to addict drugs. Ointments for treatment in dermatology are divided into several types. Non-hormonal ointments are prescribed in the local treatment of diseases in children and certain diseases to which hormonal drugs can not be used. In turn, these ointments are divided by the mode of action.

    There are groups of antiseptic ointments that relieve itching and inflammation, heal and moisturize. Hormonal ointments are used in cases of acute inflammatory processes caused by fungal infections or allergies. They are prescribed for the relapse of the disease, if other means do not help, or at the risk of developing serious diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. The rules for applying ointments are very simple. They should be applied on clean, dry skin, treated with alcohol, a thin layer on the affected skin, not in any case, the ointment can be rubbed. It is possible to buy ointment only on the order of the doctor.

    5 Skin Disease Prevention Methods

    First of all you need to follow the rules of hygiene. After the street, you need to wash your hands with soap. If there are animals in the house, they should be washed with special shampoos and periodically antiparasitic prevention. You should not use other people's hygiene and wear someone else's shoes, this can lead to infection with fungal infection. Balanced nutrition is a very important factor in preventative measures against skin diseases. The diet should be supplemented with seafood, sour milk and, of course, meat. It is worth remembering to exclude foods that may be allergic to the menu. When working with detergents, keep in mind the safety and security measures.

    Washing dishes is necessary in rubber gloves. Refusing bad habits such as alcohol, nicotine, and the use of energy drinks will only improve your health and strengthen your immunity. Dress the trail for the weather. Overcooling has a detrimental effect on the condition of the skin and causes cold allergy. During the cold period, the hands should be protected with warm gloves. Preventive measures help prevent illness and stay healthy.