How to store smoked lard at home


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Smoked fat is a popular product, both in most CIS countries and beyond. It is used for sandwiches, as an ingredient for a dish or as an

self-snack. You can buy smoked pork and pork in the store, but it is better to cook yourself to get the best taste. Recipes can be easily found online or asked by friends. But how to store smoked fat? After all, if bought and prepared in large quantities, it is worth thinking about how to not give the product an abyss. At home, the shelf life can be extended to 1 year. But it should be remembered that fat even if properly stored can spoil, so its condition should be checked 2-3 times a month.

Storage of fat at home

First of all, it must be ensured that the product is fresh and of good quality. If he has already started to spoil, then proper storage will not return him the normal form, and the shelf life will decrease significantly. Therefore, it is necessary to act in a timely manner, not to let it be covered with mold.

It is easiest to store bacon in your home in the refrigerator. At low temperatures, it will stay longer fresh and fit for food. It is necessary to wrap the finished piece in paper, and then in a food film. It is advisable to wrap multiple layers. Then the spin should be placed in the refrigerator. In such a state, it does not spoil for a month. If there is a desire to extend the shelf life, then the fat should be placed in the freezer, it can lie in the year. It is not recommended to use the product if the expiration date is too long - there is a high risk of serious poisoning.

How to store smoked lard at home

Salad can be frozen and wrapped in foil

Another option is to firmly freeze the spin, then wrap it in a terry towel and cover it with foil on top. In this form, it is desirable to put it into a vessel container, which can be taken with you on the road. If you wish, you can send the spike by mail: it will not spoil through foil. As an option you can roll it into a jar, this is a reliable way to preserve the quality and taste of the product. Then he will remain edible after a long journey, and will not have to worry about his condition.