Whether you can bathe rabbits and should do it


  • Can you bat a dwarf rabbit?
  • How to bat a decorative rabbit: recommendations
  • Partial bathing - less stress

Whether you can bathe rabbits and should do it Almost every owner dreams of having his pet's healthy and, of course, well-groomed. One of the methods of good care for

animals is their periodic bathing. Many are wondering if you can bat animals that every year become more and more popular by home pupils. Also, for many who have started a hairy fluff, a question arises about how to bat decorative rabbits, so as not to harm them or provoke stress.

Can I bat a dwarf rabbit?

Whether you can bathe rabbits and should do it You can bat your home rabbit. But it is necessary to do it correctly and accurately. Only in this case, the eared pet will become a source of purely positive emotions, and not different problems.

First of all, it's worth to understand that bathing for this animal is an unnatural procedure. This suggests that such a measure can lead to severe stress in the event of improper actions. Very often this leads to the death of the pet.

There are situations when a little friend just needs to be thoroughly washed. Then the question is whether you can bat a decorative rabbit. For example, if the baby is very dirty or has had diarrhea due to crashes in the digestive tract. Much worse, if the animal notices this problem and starts to wash itself.

There is another reason for mandatory washing - a heat stroke. In this case, of course, one wash, of course, can not do, but it is one of the components of treatment.

How to bake a decorative rabbit:

Whether you can bathe rabbits and should do it recommendations During the bathing process, you need to know a few basic rules that will help the animal normal and stress free to move this procedure:

  • Can you wash the rabbits completely? In case of acute need it is possible, but it is better if this process is partially - only dirty places should be washed( if only the foot is dirty, the body should not be washed).
  • Bathing should be done in warm water, which can be added shampoo.
  • Wash your pet in a small container( basin), do not use a shower. Otherwise, the water will fall into the animal's eardrum and may provoke the appearance of otitis media.
  • In the first times for bathing a pet you will need reliable help from relatives, as it is not easy to cope with a jumping pupil.
  • After warm water procedures, immediately dry one ear. You can use a hair dryer, but if he is afraid of him, you will have to use a normal towel.
  • Is it possible to wash a rabbit by means intended for people? Absolutely not, because it can cause allergic reactions, baldness, redness and itching. It is recommended to purchase a special makeup for the animal.

Partial Bathing - Less Stress

If you still have doubts about whether you can bat decorative rabbits, but your pet is dirty, use gentle partial washing: only an ass or just a paw. In this case, the pelvis is not needed - all manipulations can be easily carried out under the tap. The shower should not be used, since it is still very much water spray, the drops of which can fall into the eyes or ears of an animal.

During this bathing, your pet feels the slightest stress, so it will easily pass the procedure.

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