Squirrel Pigeons: A description of the breed, photo

Serpasto-turning pigeons are birds, whose flight is really fascinating and makes them watch closely. Their unusual and unique swing of wings, reminiscent of the sickle, and brought them such a peculiar name among the experts. In the people, the large flight of pigeons is also called serpentine


Squirrel Pigeons: A description of the breed, photo Sparkling pigeons have received their name for the unusual appearance of the wings during the flight.

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Specificity of the

breed Piglet pigeons are probably one of the most famous breeds among domestic amateur dandelions. It is difficult to name a city in which they would not be bred. The reason for such widespread use was the unusual flight that a bird does. In it she seems not only just waving her wings, but also trying to twist them. From this breed also has a second name - a reversible pigeon. Such a bend of a wing some reminds a crescent or a sickle.

Flight features do not allow long-range flying of birds. Often, they prefer to climb high above the house, hang over it and gradually descend.

At present, we can say that the breed is slowly degenerating or experiencing not the best of times. She continues to actively buy amateurs, but sickly pigeons need not only in care, but also lengthy training, which is not conducted sufficiently. In addition, some pigeons make steaming sick birds with other pigeons. Reproduction is not so qualitative as with his father. In the first place, this affects the beauty of the flight, which becomes less intrusive and special.

Squirrel Pigeons: A description of the breed, photo Serpastes is difficult to breed pigeons, as each subsequent generation gradually degenerates.

Probably the reason lies in the fact that not all people like the pink pigeon. They can not fly over long distances and are poorly guided in space because of the features of the wings. Sometimes, because of this, pigeons can not return to the pigeon, often lose and disappear. In order to level these qualities of serpentine mix with other breeds.

Origin of

For the first time in the country, then the Russian Empire, pigeons appeared in the very beginning of the XX century, where they turned out to be twins of the city of Nikolaev. But this breed itself was invented in antiquity, and Syria and Turkey argue for its right to be its homeland. The Sanskrit breed of pigeons sounds like a "beautiful being".

After the first serpentine pigeons found themselves in Nikolaev, many lovers wanted to buy these birds for themselves. So they found themselves in Ochakov at a certain Golubevod Kaiser, who made a major contribution to the development of the breed, along with his friend Kirichenko( golubevod-amateur).Thanks to their selection work to date, there are 3 types of sick birds:

  • Kalachiv;
  • garkushinskie;
  • music.

Squirrel Pigeons: A description of the breed, photo The motherland of this breed of pigeons is the city of Mykolayiv and its surrounding settlements, although they were originally brought from Turkey.

Breeders carefully selected birds with outstanding flight qualities, which distinguished them not only from other pigeons, but also from their brethren. Over time, sicklehead waving wounds gradually became not only a visiting card of these pigeons, but also all of Ochakov, where this breed quickly spread. Over time, she even got the double name of the Ochakiv reversible pigeon

. The appearance of the

. These pigeons are of medium size, but with a well-expressed and muscular body. The general form of muscles is harmoniously composed and verified. The head of a pigeon is dry, small in size, in the profile has a curved shape. Breast is small and not wide. Legs short - from 7 to 8 cm. Feathers are extremely thick and dense. The folded wings reach the end of the tail.

The most characteristic feature of the bird is the 4th joint on the wings, which has a convex form. It is because of its particular flight of birds and it becomes so unusual. The cleanliness of the breed is often looked at with the color of the eyes. The more lighter they are, the more clean it is. Paint the plumage with this special role does not play. It can be very diverse.

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