Javelock is rocky. Popular varieties and photos

Javelock is rocky. Popular varieties and photos

This tree is quite high. The growth of the juniper rocks reaches 10 meters, often grows even higher. The bark consists of several layers, the color is brown with a red hue. The crown is original in that it grows practically from the earth itself, is not spread, and is not wide. Shoots of young

juniper in a thickness of 1.5 mm.

Needles resemble a scaly, close-fitted, has a blue hue, with a maximum thickness of 2 mm. Fruits of juniper are berries in the form of bumps, their diameter is about 4 mm. The color of the shishkozhyge blue, with a small plaque, inside the two seeds, begin to ripen to the second year of life of the tree.

This culture grows in the mountains where there are rocks. Often found in the western part of North America. In 1839, this culture became known. Now this plant is quite common in Russia.

Javelock is rocky. Popular varieties and photos

There are many varieties and species of juniper rocks, today there are about 20 items.

The most popular juniper varieties

Blue Heaven is one of the most famous representatives of this culture. Known since 1955.In this type of dense thick crown. It has a narrow pyramidal shape, the top is narrowed. It grows to 2 meters. The color of the needles is green with a blue hue.

Moonglow is another type of juniper family. Became popular since 1971.This tree has an oval form of crown. The maximum height of this type is 6 meters, the width can be 2, 5 meters. Blue needles with a silver shade, enough light. Moonglow Variegated - is a cream colored shoots.

Javelock is rocky. Popular varieties and photos

Silver Star - At 10 years of age, the plant reaches 10 meters. The color of needles with pigeons, with a gray shade, with shoots, of light cream color.

Vichita Blue is another well-known juniper variety. Known in 1976, his homeland is considered the United States. The crown of this tree is a little loose, in the form of a pyramid. The growth of this variety on average reaches 6 meters, the width of the tree - 2.5 meters. And in winter, and in the summer, the color of this species of juniper is very gray-blue, very bright, ash-colored shade.

Javelock is rocky. Popular varieties and photos

Sky Rocket - this type of juniper is known since 1949.Pretty original crown, reminiscent of the shape of a column, narrow pointed tip. The height of the 10-year-old tree is about 2.5 meters, the width does not reach even 1 meter. Needles of this grade of juniper in the form of scales, the color is gray-blue.

Blue Arrow - this juniper variety became known in 1980.Two meters in height the tree grows up to 10 years. This species is called compact, since the shape of the crown already, than in other varieties. The color is gray-blue, and in the fall is added a steel shade.