Where to go to study after the 11th form of a girl: the most profitable profession

Prodzenovs last call, passed the exams, and before each graduate is faced with an important question: where to continue their education, how to choose a profession that will be to your liking. For many, this is a rather complicated matter, since it depends on him to follow the fate. Will the current

graduate decide on their own path? Do not have to doubt the correctness of the decision then? Of course, everyone tries to help, to present his point of view. Girlfriends suggest to join with them, because, in their opinion, together will be more fun to study. Parents offer their solutions based on their own experience. It's worth listening to adults, but the final decision will have to be taken for herself, because all the further fate is associated with her. Where to go to study after the 11th form of a girl and what professions are most profitable for today, read in the materials of this article.


1. How to make the choice of
2. There are three options where you can go to study after grade 11

3. What can be done to simplify the entry after grade 11
4. The most needed specialties for girls
5. TOP of the most sought after professions for girls
6. Instead of concluding

How to choose

In our time, you do not have to just choose a profession for yourself, but you can clearly imagine where and by whom you will work after graduation. Unfortunately, not all professions are in demand in the labor market, getting a job will be quite difficult. Before enrolling in an institution, you should consider whether this specialty is needed in your city, in which areas you can apply the knowledge gained. Where to go to study after the 11th form of a girl: the most profitable profession

The issue of vocational guidance for graduates is also important when choosing a future profession. It is very important that, by the time the school is finished, the children understand what they have the abilities that they would like to develop further, why devote their lives. In the extreme case, the graduate should at least be guided in groups of professions. For example, if he has no abilities for numerical professions, then it is unwise to go to study and work in those spheres of activity that are connected with the calculations( accounting, regulation, economics).

In order to find out which industry should look for your way, it is recommended that high school students, especially graduates, be tested in a variety of tests and find out the abilities and inclination. The profession is wrongly chosen - this is the reluctance to go to work in the future, and stress and depression.

Three Ways to Learn After Grades 11

Graduates of full secondary school certainly have more opportunities than, for example, the 9th grade graduates who decide to go on to study further. However, not everyone can or will want to receive further education precisely at Higher Educational Institution. Consider the possible ways of developing events related to the admission of graduates of 11 classes.

Getting a specialty in an

After completing class 11, it is still better to continue your education at a higher education institution: higher education professionals have significant benefits in terms of employment. It should not be forgotten that the applicant can apply for five courses in three specialties in each, which, of course, increases the chances of being credited.

It is not enough to pass exams for entry, it is necessary to have a high average mark of the certificate. Sometimes graduates are reminded that their rating on educational subjects is not particularly high, and this can become a stumbling block when enrolling in the institute.

Less than university studies are that students do not yet have a profession, and if the family is experiencing material difficulties, then going to work a student is difficult. She does not have a job yet, she has to stop earning, she does not need qualification( to wash floors in the store, to work as a courier in the newspaper, to engage in a routine, and so on).Where to go to study after the 11th form of a girl: the most profitable profession

Admissions to

technical colleges or colleges Low grades earned on EDI sometimes do not allow entry to a university. But do not despair, because you can continue your education in technical schools or colleges.

The benefits of such training are that the graduate will receive a diploma of education a year or two before and will be able to work in a specialty. After graduating from the technical school, you can continue your education at a higher educational institution, and in many universities will take a specialty for the second year, passing introductory tests and competitive selection.

In some cases it is really an opportunity to continue education. As a rule, technical schools and colleges prepare specialists for work in enterprises of a certain region, therefore the organization of practice and further employment does not become problematic.

It should be taken into account that when employing a specialist with higher education will be preferred.

Narrative Studies courses For those who want to acquire a specialty in a short time and start working, there are courses for narrow-profile knowledge, such as courses for hairdressers, waiters and others. An important advantage of these courses is their short-term - in a few months you will be able to start work in the specialty and subsequently go to a technical school or college, having a document on passing courses, and a record of work in a specialty in the work record.

A significant disadvantage is the lack of a diploma in education, as you will not even receive secondary specialized education during your course.

What can be done to simplify the entry after grade 11

Choosing where to go to study after grade 11, you need to seriously weigh all pros and cons. If it is planned to admit to a higher educational institution, it is better to get acquainted with the proposed directions of education in advance and to enter the trials in advance, since each specialty provides for their subjects. After all, it may turn out that the selected items on the EDI are not suitable for entry. You can find out about it on the site of the university, in the section "Applicants", which usually details directions of education, specialty, minimum passing points, or to visit the high school in "Open Doors", if there is such an opportunity. Where to go to study after the 11th form of a girl: the most profitable profession

Sometimes additional tests are conducted, especially for such specialties for girls as "Design", "Journalism".The more prestigious higher education institutions, the higher will be the minimum points at which documents will be accepted. If the results of EDI are quite high, then it is quite possible to count on budget places in the best educational institutions. Unfortunately, there are such Vnz( usually military), which girls do not accept.

It is recommended to prepare for entry in advance. During the school year, you can try your hand at the Student Olympiads. Depending on the level of the Olympiad, winners and prizewinners get very serious privileges at the entrance.

By the way, the first level Olympiads give an opportunity to be enrolled immediately for the first year, the second level Olympiad give 100 points on the subject at the entrance, provided that the graduate chose this subject on EDI and received more than 75 points for him.

The Most Important Specialty for Girls

Introduction The institution in your home town will not change your lifestyle so much as you will be at home, staying in touch with your friends. It's a completely different matter if you continue your education at a university that is not in your city.

For many girls, this moment becomes a serious test, because it really begins an independent life: you will need to buy food, prepare your own food, and wash your clothes. There will not be a number of parents who will remind you that it's time to sleep or wake up in the morning. This moment is very difficult for many, so before you go to another city, you should think about whether you are ready for this test. Where to go to study after the 11th form of a girl: the most profitable profession

And yet the most difficult decision is the choice of the future profession. In recent years, the most popular professions, according to the employment specialists, can be considered:

  • occupations related to the organization of work, work with personnel of enterprises( for example, specialty "Specialist", "Dilovod"), these specialties involve the work of managersenterprises for the organization of production in various industries, services;
  • actively develops the tourism business by making popular and popular specialties related to this field( for example, "Hotel business", "Tourism");
  • is currently building construction in virtually all cities of the country;the development of construction companies also requires the specialists working in this area( for example, "Interior designers", "Landscape designers", "Designers");specialty data require a creative approach, so the graduates will be interested.

TOP of the most sought after professions for girls

A profession-demanding labor market will not only enable you to easily get a job in a specialty, but will also increase your chances of financial stability in the future. In Top, the most sought after professions for girls, which they can get after the end of class 11, we tried to collect the following.


This profession is multifaceted and its specificity depends on the area in which it will work. The manager is the manager of any management, organization, department and other. He manages the management, ensures the adoption of optimal solutions for the company, makes business plans, conducts marketing research and much more.

Having received the education of the manager, the girls will be able to realize themselves in the following areas:

  • manager of administrative activities( management of the activities of administrative services of the enterprise);
  • logistics manager( definition of logistics strategies of enterprises and organizations);
  • HR Manager( organization of work for providing enterprises and organizations with personnel and personnel in accordance with the direction of their activities);
  • Advertising Manager( organization of works on advertising services and products);
  • sales manager( organization and coordination of sales activities of enterprises and organizations);
  • Public Relations Manager( Coordination of the relations between enterprises and organizations in accordance with the general objectives of enterprises and organizations);
  • Manager for Foreign Economic Activity( development of strategic goals of foreign economic activity of enterprises).

To become a manager of a profession, you can enter any technical or economical university, universities of international relations and others, where train specialists. Where to go to study after the 11th form of a girl: the most profitable profession


Provides accounting services that are directly related to various business areas. From the duty of service, the auditor carries out an analysis of the financial activity of the enterprise or organization that conducts audits of accounting documentation and reporting, controls the legality of the financial transactions performed. The profession is interesting, but requires a high level of employee concentration, responsibility and attentiveness.

In order to receive such a profession, girls should prefer economics universities.

Accountant For those who feel comfortable in the company's numbers, you can try to get the profession of accountant. Reports and accounts of assets, liabilities, income and expenses, debit and credit - all this and much more will be included in the production responsibilities of a specialist in this direction. You can work in banks, enterprises, organizations, educational institutions. In short, any company needs an accountant.

For the profession of accountant after grade 11, girls should give priority to economics-oriented universities.


Economists are different: from work, from sales, to financial issues, and more. But what kind of qualification does not have an employee of this specialty, he conducts economic activity, aimed at increasing the efficiency and profitability of the enterprise. This work is suitable for creative, purposeful young people who are not afraid of difficulties.

Having an economist education, girls will be able to realize themselves in the following areas:

  • economist-demographer( development of population development programs);
  • Economist in Accounting and Business Analysis;
  • economist for contractual and pretentious work( work on the preparation of contracts with customers and contractors);
  • Logistics Economist;
  • Planning Economist( implementation of economic planning aimed at organizing rational business activities);
  • labor economist( labor organization, wage systems);
  • is an economist with financial work( work related to the provision of financial activities of enterprises and organizations);
  • sales economist( organization and coordination of sales activities of enterprises and organizations).

In order to receive the profession of economist, girls should also give preference to economic universities.


Engineers, like economists, have different qualifications: technologists, mechanics, standardizers, metrologists, metallurgists, and more. All of them, each in their field of activity, develop technical documentation, conduct technical and economic analyzes, facilitate the preparation of production, and so on. Participate in various technical developments, projects and other activities related to the testing of equipment and its introduction into production.

Having received the education of an engineer, girls will be able to realize themselves in the following areas:

  • engineer with automated production management systems;
  • instrument engineer( providing enterprise divisions with the necessary tool);
  • equipment engineer;
  • metrology engineer( metrological support for developments, research on production);
  • engineer for the mechanization and automation of production processes;
  • labor valuation engineer;
  • Labor Organization Engineer;
  • Environmental Engineer;
  • production engineer.

For the profession of engineer, girls should give preference to technical, polytechnic, and building materials.


Doctor, probably the most ancient profession, which has not lost its relevance nowadays. The duty of doctors is to provide medical care to patients in need of it. There are many different specializations in this area, so all those who wish can choose a profession to their liking. In addition to working with patients, doctors will have to conduct various logs of documentation, work with students. There is a category of medical workers who do not directly treat patients, and conduct diagnostic research on high-precision machines.

To get a doctor's profession, girls must submit their papers to medical universities. Where to go to study after the 11th form of a girl: the most profitable profession


Teacher's profession is also old, but necessary. Without a teacher there would be no doctors, no engineers, no lawyers, no chefs - nobody.

The main responsibility of teachers is to conduct lessons, study students, imply self-reliance, organization. Those who wish to get this profession must understand that one lesson is not limited to a teacher's profession: it is the preparation of calendar and curricula, auxiliary training aids, task cards, competitions and sections. The task of the teacher includes the upbringing of the younger generation, conducting with pupils cognitive activities, parenting, preparation of the council and other.

To get a teacher's profession, girls must submit their papers to the pedagogical universities.


Designer - a profession for creative, creative people. She belongs to the category of new specialties, but has become very popular. After graduation, getting a job is easier than in other areas. You can make a portfolio of your work, and take it with you for an interview. If your work is of interest to an employer, you will be taken to work without experience.

The specialties that can be obtained by the designer's profession are divided into the following:

  • interior designer
  • landscape designer
  • clothing designer
  • computer graphics designer
  • style and visualization designer
  • designer hairdressing and make-up

For the profession of designergirls must submit papers to the institute of fashion and design, architectural, building universities, as well as to any institute with a technical bias. Where to go to study after the 11th form of a girl: the most profitable profession


Under the lawyer's profession they understand several specialties at once: prosecutors lawyers, legal advisers, judges, notaries, investigators and other representatives of the ministers of the law. If you love history, right, possess non-standard thinking, then you can safely enter the academy of law, universities.

Possible Specializations:

  • Legal Advisor
  • Judge
  • Notary
  • Investigator
  • Attorney
  • Attorney

For the profession of lawyer, girls must apply to law schools.


Today is the most demanded and prestigious profession. Like other broad-based professions, it has its own specialization related to the direct worker's activity. Obtaining a profession of translator will allow you to work in travel agencies, advertising companies, journalism and major commercial and industrial companies.

In order to receive a doctor's profession, girls must submit papers to foreign languages ‚Äč‚Äčinstitutes, institutes and universities of international relations, and so on.


Often, the profession of psychologist is confused with medical "psychiatrists" and "psychotherapists".Meanwhile, it is a profession of medical-pedagogical orientation. A psychologist is a specialist who deals with the study of human behavior, its life problems, emotional problems, helping others, living in harmony with oneself.

What does a psychologist do on his job? Psychological diagnostics, preparation and conduct of psychological trainings, counseling of patients, providing them with certain services. After obtaining a diploma, a psychologist can enter work in schools, kindergartens and special centers.

To get the profession of a psychologist, girls must submit their papers to the pedagogical and medical universities. Where to go to study after the 11th form of a girl: the most profitable profession

Speech therapist

Speech therapist - not a doctor, but a teacher, therefore, most often this profession can be purchased by submitting documents to a pedagogical university. The task of the speech therapist is to correct dictation, sound and other speech defects in children and sometimes in adults. These include disgrace, and dyslexia, and other disorders. Speech therapist deals with language correction of patients with articulation gymnastics, exercises, massages and other therapies. After receiving a diploma, speech therapist can work in schools, kindergartens, clinics and special language centers and boarding schools.

For the profession of speech therapist, girls must submit papers to the pedagogical universities.

Choreographer, musician

The choreographer's job belongs to the category of creative professions, the essence of which is the training and production of dance for individual dancers or teams. Performs organizational and administrative work. To enter, one needs to be able to dance, move, and train properly.

Professional musician is also creative and creative. To enter, you need to have basic skills in playing musical instruments, music school diploma, vocal studio. Some departments can be entered without pre-training.

Enable graduates to work in theaters, television, choreographic and music schools, kindergartens.

To get the profession of choreographer, girls have to submit papers to cultural institutes and humanities with a similar bias. Girls in the choreographer's profession should also submit their papers to cultural institutes, conservatories and other universities with a similar bias.


The journalist's profession is multifaceted and voluminous as it can cover a large amount of human activities. Depending on the qualification acquired, graduates will be able to choose the following specialization in their work:

  • gonzo-journalist( correspondent, writing materials from the first person);
  • reporter( coverage of news, events and other, where he was directly involved);
  • commentator;
  • TV presenter;
  • Browser;
  • photo correspondent;
  • Internet Journalist.

To get a journalist's profession, girls should also give preference to humanitarian universities with a jury faculty. Where to go to study after the 11th form of a girl: the most profitable profession


The work of a financier is related to the analysis of financial markets, financial risks, forecasting changes in financial markets and the ability to successfully invest in profit. Graduates of universities are in demand both at enterprises and organizations, as well as in private companies.

For the profession of financier, girls should also give preference to economics universities.

Instead of concluding

It is not easy to choose a profession. But whatever you come to, be sure to remember that if your decision was not a passing capture, if you took it yourself, and not under the influence of someone's authoritative pressure or, better yet, bright advertising, then the chosen road would befor you it is joyful, and the work is to bring pleasure.