Smokehouse of cold smoking: the device and design of dryers


  • 1 Difference between cold method and hot
  • 2 Variety of modifications
    • 2.1 Factory smokehouse for home use
    • 2.2 Smoke-free smoke from cold smoker
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Today, domestic cold smoke is not uncommon - in

in many families, this machine is used with enviable constancy. The fact is that lovers of culinary masterpieces respect this equipment for excellent results: the "cold" smoky device gives the cooked food a wonderful aroma and taste, which is stored for weeks, and even for several months.

Smokehouse of cold smoking: the device and design of dryers

Smoke closet

There are even hard-core vegetarians among cold smokers. Hence, they do not need large hooks for fish or meat slices. They are more important than the presence of lattice pallets to smoke berries, fruits, vegetables.

As a result, evolution has generated a number of modifications, and today we can choose the equipment of different types:

  • in size( from large and significant to sophisticated and miniature);
  • on production capacity( for a home, for public catering establishments);
  • at a price( from "economy" to elite);
  • by source of power supply of the apparatus( electric, gas, coal);
  • on mobility( collapsible portable, stationary);
  • on design( the imagination of the creators of the device has no limits).

And most interestingly, all existing modifications are in demand in their own way. Therefore, each family has its own advantages, tasks of various properties and scale are solved. Talk about large-sized constructions should be conducted separately, because the topic is interesting only for professionals catering to the business.

Factory Shutter Home Use

Mostly the factory unit costs little money and easily fits into the family budget. Moreover, purchasing is interesting, as a rule, for all members of the family. Future costs are discussed collectively, and the smoking machine quickly pays off.

In cases where the consumer lives in a city apartment, has no giving and opportunity to enjoy a country holiday, he is pleased to acquire the apparatus of factory production. With the expectation that smoke equipment will work directly in the apartment. That is, in the four walls, which neighbors live on - people with their claims( the smell of smoke to taste is not all).

The factory design of the closed type( with a lid) is created in such a way that the smoke remaining inside the smoke has no free outlet outside. In the most "cool" and expensive models, they concentrate in collections. In more simple and cheap models cold residues of combustion products settle on the lid from the inside. Smokehouse of cold smoking: the device and design of dryers Smokehouse of cold smoking: the device and design of dryers

The cold smoker smoking factory

The unit is cleaned periodically, all maintenance and maintenance standards are specified in the instructions( how to clean the burner, chimney, cabinet and other items).

Be sure to test the purchased product in the first weeks of purchase, in order to protect yourself from factory defects - violations of the integrity of the gas and wiring.

Semi-Automatic Smoke Smokehouse

This version deserves a separate talk. The fact that such a home design combines simultaneously two important aspects: the

  • self-production, installation and operation are available to virtually anyone who is ready to disclose the talent of the designer;The
  • home-made smoke closet and the camera are easily connected and disconnected - the smoke can be easily transported, using it successfully not only at home, but also in the country or in the hike.

Smoked cold-smoked smoked meat made by your own hands is a subject of special pride for any countryman, fisherman, hunter, or just a fan of outdoor recreation. That is why the homemade construction in Russia boldly claims to be a leader in popularity ratings.

The main elements included in the smoke machine under any conditions:

  • smoke generator( furnace, combustion chambers, place for ignition of fire);
  • chimney sweeper( chimney, pipeline, knee);
  • smoke closet( smoke, smoker).

Based on these key elements, a private person designs equipment in accordance with the requirements that they consider relevant to themselves and their families - size, location, materials used, design.

Smokehouse of cold smoking: the device and design of dryers

Awesome, but the ingenuity of Russians does not cease to amaze: sometimes the smoke closet consists of improvised means - vertical circles and stretched on it sleeves with a p / e film. Another funny invention - the role of a chimney is a banal trench, creeping in the ground and covered with scraps of metal sheets.

Smoke protection

In small home modifications there is no direct burning of the material( sawdust) - the smoke starts from the bottom heating through a metal detergent in the form of a cup or a glass. Heating to the combustion temperature is provided by a gas burner or an electric heater.

When it comes to living in a private sector or a country estate, then the device is constructed in two variations:

  • with the aim of using small-scale wood fuel( sawdust, shavings, sawdust) as a source of smoke;
  • with a sight on the bottom heating of coal or a gas cylinder( there is a separator between fire and smoke-forming fuel).

It is very important to remember the nuance: when the cold smoke is deposited, the products absorb the smell of the wood itself, and it should be gastronomically pleasant. Recommended tree species: alder, oak, cherry, maple, pear, apple tree. The wood is burned and begins to smoke, but there is no fire as such. This smoke is the main "working" value - then he flushes into the smoke box and then processes the products.