Bacon smoked with liquid smoke: we cook at home

Someone loves fat in its pure form, and someone prefers to eat smoked lard, which is cooked at home. This is a very tasty and very fragrant version of the dish prepared by smoking with liquid smoke. The result is a delicious lard, which in any case

does not match the purchase option. After all, you are fully confident that the used ingredients will not do any harm to you or your family. The recipe for making delicious smoked seafood may be different, but all the cooking options are performed fairly easily and quickly.

Bacon smoked with liquid smoke: we cook at home

You can then do two procedures with smoked bacon, everything depends on your preference. In the first variant, it can be obtained from the brine, dried, oiled on both sides with pepper and garlic. It is very important that the pepper and garlic leak well inside the fat, and give it a refined and very savory taste. Then you need to put it in foil and send it to the fridge for use in the near future. But, remember that this version of the dish can last for you relatively long, so for this purpose only a small amount of smithing is required.

And the second option involves storing smoked loaf with liquid smoke for a long time. To do this, put the finished lard in jars, adding to it a bay leaf and pepper from brine, covered with garlic cut from above. The next step is to put the brine in the contents of the container, which is tightly closed, canned and sent to a cold place.

Hot smoked salty

You can also note the recipe for hot smoked fat with liquid smoke cooked at home. To do this, you need to use all the same ingredients that were given in the previous version, the only thing that will be slightly different is this method of preparation, as well as the presence of 80 ml of liquid smoke. In the process of boiling it is boiled, the procedure lasts up to 40-50 minutes. After that all manipulations that were given in the recipe of cold smoking are carried out.

It is best to eat this type of fat right away, because it completely saves all its flavors and flavors, has a delicate crust, and also has a beautiful and presentable appearance. Smoked salty liquid smoke can be served in one dish, because it has a fairly complete, and very appetizing look. The presence of condiments and ornaments will be strictly individual, and depends on the personal taste of the family. You can add more black pepper, which will give an unusual taste.

The recipe for smoked bacon, cooked at home, has no complicated nuances and secrets in carrying. Every mistress who has the necessary ingredients and place for smoking, will be able to cook delicious lard, which can enjoy the whole family. With all the knowledge, having pre-familiarized with the suggested recipe, you will be able to cook delicious smoked lard, which will be for you a meal for all occasions, both for holidays and for lunch with your family.