Diarrhea in rabbits: Causes and main methods of treatment

Diarrhea in rabbits: Causes and main methods of treatment Diarrhea in rabbits is a serious illness. Many owners of these fluffy animals do not know what to do in the case of diarrhea, which may cause the animals to perish. But in fact, fatal cases can and should be avoided, because timely and proper treatment is a pledge of complete and

rapid recovery.

Causes of

Diarrhea in rabbits: Causes and main methods of treatment Rabbits in Rabbits Causes of rabbits have several causes:

  • feed mistakes;
  • mechanical problems( obesity, arthritis);
  • causal causes( upper respiratory tract infection, "shaking head").

Consider why rabbits can develop diarrhea:

  • Obesity. Because of this, the rabbit can not reach its own anus, to clear it. Diseases of the joints also prevent the rabbit from having its back clearance clean. The animal simply smudges faeces from the wool.
  • Low quality feed - non-fat, with mold. In addition, an excess of vegetables and fruits in the rabbits diet also leads to diarrhea.
  • The cause of diarrhea can be a stressful situation - an unexpected move, a new kind of food, a change of owner.
  • In rabbits, diarrhea can also be caused by the presence of worms in its body. Disruption of the bowel may be due to the presence of problem teeth, disruption of the genitourinary system and other systems.
  • What and how to treat diarrhea in a rabbit

    Diarrhea in rabbits: Causes and main methods of treatment If rabbits have signs of diarrhea, one should not delay but take specific effective measures to treat the animal. What to treat and what to do with diarrhea? Here are some helpful tips:

  • From the cage that contains the animal, you need to remove all unnecessary and superfluous content, leave only clean hay and fresh water in it.
  • If possible, clear the rabbit's anal aperture from the feces and dry it. This is done to ensure that the diseased animal does not lick the anus and does not infect itself again.
  • Rabbage cell should be rinsed thoroughly and disinfected. On the bottom lay a clean cloth( x / b), if possible, will need to change disposable napkins - as they contaminate, so that the rabbit is protected from feces.
  • From medicines you can give the animal a decoction of the handful( brew 1 tablespoon dried herbs on a glass of boiling water, cool).Ready broth pours into the mouth of the nurse - one teaspoon. It is good to do this procedure with a disposable syringe without a needle.
  • If bloating and diarrhea are observed, the broth of chamomile medicinal herbs helps to boil it so that the solution is light yellow, and spray the animal in 1 tbsp.lthree times a day. The course of treatment - at least 10 days to completely cure the pupil.
  • In emergencies, it is necessary to use activated charcoal - to consume an animal a quarter of crushed and diluted in boiled water tablets. Then treat the rabbit with chamomile solution, as mentioned above.
  • A diseased rabbit may freeze, because the cage must either be heated( by a lamp) or put a normal rubber hot water torch to the diseased animal.
  • Any diarrhea, including rabbits, threatens dehydration. In order for the pet to not get dehydrated and not killed, you need to drink his strength by pouring water into his mouth with a disposable syringe without a needle. It will be effective to add to the drinking water of the decoction of the grass to the handkerchief or oak bark.
  • In severe cases, the disease will require the use of more effective veterinary drugs, such as Baytris. This drug is sold in veterans."Baitril" rabbit is administered subcutaneously, in the area of ​​the fork. Exemplary dose( 2 kg weight) - 0.2 ml of the drug diluted in 1 ml of physiological saline. It is better to inject the medicine with an insulin syringe: the animal's skin is retracted with your fingers and slowly injected the drug."Baytriel" is entered three times a day.
  • If everything is done quickly and correctly and your favorite animal is saved from diarrhea, it's too early to calm down. After an illness, the organism of the pet, and especially his stomach and intestine, is still weakened, and poorly resists various kinds of diseases of a bacterial nature. As a preventive agent, it is necessary to treat the rabbit "Baikoks"( also sold in veterans).The drug is diluted at the rate of 1 hour spoon per liter of water, and give the animal instead of ordinary drinking water, the solution is changed in the cell after 48 hours.
  • Periodic prophylactic therapy from worms is required.
  • Linex is well-proven in treating diarrhea in rabbits. It is given twice a day( morning and evening) at 0.5 cups. This will help to cause the damaged intestinal flora to be in normal working condition, filling it with useful bacteria.
  • It should be noted that the exact diagnosis should be put by the veterinarian. He then assigns a course of treatment, and the owner of the animal should follow the medical recommendations correctly. Incorrect and belated therapy often leads to sad consequences.

    The owner of the rabbit should remember that the disease is better to prevent than to treat it. Therefore, prevention is extremely important. In particular, rabbits should either strictly limit the availability of cereals and fruits in the diet, or prohibit them at all. The pet should get enough good hay, fresh greens, and its cell should be cleaned, it should always be fresh water. Compliance with all these simple requirements is a guarantee of the health of rabbits.