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Treatment of vasculitis of the lower extremities

Vasculitis on the legs is good, especially in the early stages. Directed therapy to reduce pain, relief from rash and improve the general condition of the patient. Treatment of lower limb vasculitis requires strict medical control of

, as the pathology can be sharply activated. During the illness the doctor may adjust the therapy based on the patient's condition, but most often doctors recommend a comprehensive treatment consisting of taking medications, folk methods and diet.

To avoid stagnation of the blood in the legs, to remove burns, itching, muscle and joint pain, physicians advise not to forget about massage and physical therapy. It is better to conduct procedures in the evening, allocating for this about a quarter of an hour. The most useful are known to all exercises: "birch", "scissors", "bicycle".Finish the session is recommended by a light massage - stroke movements from the bottom up.

1 Traditional therapy

Traditionally, the treatment for mild vasculitis takes no more than 3 months, the medium-severe form is up to six months, and severe for about a year. Chronic recurrent vasculitis is recommended for treatment courses of 4-6 months.

Drug treatment of the pathology includes the use of the following groups of drugs:

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs - perfectly relieve pain, reduce swelling and the severity of skin rash, have anti-inflammatory effects. This group includes Ortophen, Indomethacin, Piroxicam, Naproxen.
  • Glucocorticosteroids - prescribed for severe pathology. Preparations have a good anti-inflammatory effect, have an immunosuppressive effect. Of this group most often use Prednisolone.
  • Cytostatics - are used infrequently, only with abrupt progression of the disease, ineffectiveness of treatment with glucocorticosteroids or in the presence of contraindications to their use. This group includes Cyclophosphamide, Azatioprin.
  • Angioprotectors - drugs that improve blood circulation and reduce the likelihood of blood clots. Often, Prodectin is recommended.
  • Antihistamines are used in the nodular-erythematous form of the disease. These include Suprastin, Diazolin, Tavegil.
  • Vitamin C and calcium supplements are able to reduce the breakdown of blood vessels.
  • Solcoseril and Iruksol ointments are recommended for regenerating the skin and cleansing from ulcers.
  • 2 Necessary diet

    A diet is considered to be a very important point in the treatment of this pathology, especially in abdominal syndrome, when there are violations of the chair and the presence of contaminants of blood in the feces. It is recommended frequent fractional nutrition. In the case of kidney damage, nutrition must necessarily be aimed at limiting salt.

    Treatment of vasculitis of the lower extremities

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    At vasculitis of the lower extremities physicians recommend to exclude from the diet citrus and other high-allergenic products, smoked foods, canned food, pickles. You will also have to give up chocolate, coffee and strong tea.

    Since there is a deficit in calcium in the vasculitis, the patient needs sour-milk products with a low percentage of fat: cheese, sour milk, ryazhenka, kefir, sour cream. The lack of potassium can be offset by the use of dried fruits. The most useful in vasculitis are dried apricots, raisins, prunes. However, if a patient has a history of renal insufficiency, products containing potassium are contraindicated.

    It is possible to make a variety of food in the given pathology. The patient can be taken:

    • cooked for steam or boiled vegetables, for example, in the form of steam puddings or mashed potatoes;
    • Milk porridges or porridges cooked in water with the addition of cream or vegetable oil;
    • low-fat boiled meat and fish, when consuming poultry meat the skin must be removed;
    • Dairy or Vegetable Soups;
    • Steamed Omelettes and Smooth Eggs;
    • crackers or stale white bread;
    • rosehip tea, green tea, friable tea with milk;
    • sweet vegetables or fruits, homemade jelly, compotes, jam.

    Treatment of vasculitis of the lower extremities

    Since all types of vasculitis are associated with allergic processes and immune disorders, it is recommended that patients with hypoallergenic diet be observed throughout their lives. However, beyond the exacerbation, a set of permitted products can be expanded. It is recommended to introduce each new dish not earlier than 3 days after the previous one.

    3 Tips from the people

    Mix 80 g of sopor fruit, 100 g of bird humpback, 85 g of nettle leaves, 60 g of wood and 20 g of black elderberry flowers.3 itemslThe resulting collection brews 500 ml of boiling water and warm in a steam bath for about 20 minutes. After the time the infusion is cooled and filtered through several layers of gauze. The finished mixture is used in 100 ml in the morning and evening hours.

    For the strengthening of the walls of the blood vessels during the day, use the fruits of black-billed mountain ash, hips, currants, cranberries, brewed in the form of tea.

    3 lemons are ground with a blender or grater, add 5 tsp.clove, 0.5 kg of sugar - mix everything and pour a bottle of vodka. The mixture is removed in a dark place and infused for 2 weeks, occasionally shaking. The finished infusion is filtered, the cake is squeezed and thrown away. Take 20 ml before each main meal.

    Treatment of vasculitis of the lower extremities

    Skin ulcers with vasculitis can be treated with compresses from a broth made from 2 parts elder and horsetail and 1 part mint, a tree. The prepared collection is poured in water, placed on a stove and brought to a boil( per liter of fluid will require 6 pc. Of collection).When the mixture boils, it is removed from the fire, wrapped and insisted for 8-10 hours. After the time is filtered and used for compresses. Marl, soaked in a decoction, is kept in the affected areas for 15-25 minutes.

    A glass of birch buds is triturated in powder( if the kidneys are fresh, then in a slurry) and mixed with 500 g of nutrive fat. The resulting mass is converted into heat-resistant dishes and warmed up in the oven at a minimum temperature of 3 hours a day during the week. Ready-made means are filtered and poured into jars. Used as an ointment.

    It is possible to eliminate allergic manifestations in vasculitis with the help of a collection of violets, cranberries and turnips. It will take 3 items.leach component. Mixing the ingredients in a dry dish, select 2 tbsp.lcollect and pour 500 ml of boiling water. A container with a mixture is wrapped around a towel and lasts for about an hour. Adults take an infusion of 100 ml 4 times a day, for children the rate is reduced by half.

    Combines equal amounts of tansy, delusional, immortal and wormwood.2 itemslcollect in a thermo container and pour a liter of boiling water, insist for at least 2 hours, after which they are cooled and filtered. For half an hour before use, the infusion is diluted in equal parts with water. Drink in the morning and evening hours of 100 ml of

    To strengthen the blood vessels it is very useful to alternate the use of herbal infusions with green tea, which has a positive effect on the hematopoietic system and promotes restorative processes.

    These are the basic rules of treatment with the use of traditional methods, as well as with the use of traditional medicine.