Windows.old what's this folder

After upgrading and upgrading to the new version of Windows 10, the user notices on the system drive the directory Windows.old , it was unknown from where. In this case, the directory takes a lot of gigabytes of disk space, and the removal of it in the standard way is not possible. In

this article, I'll tell you what is the Windows.old folder, explain the reasons for its appearance, and describe in detail how to delete a folder from your disk.

Windows.old what

What is Windows.old

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  • 1 What is the directory Windows.old
  • 2 Returns to the previous version of
  • OS 3 How to recover files from Windows.old
  • 4 How to remove Windows Vista
  • 5 Conclusion

What is the Windows directory.old

Typically, the Windows-based folder is created by the Windows after-upgrade system to a newer version. In this folder, the system puts files and directories from an earlier version of Windows, and you can use them to return to the old version, if for some reason the new OS has fallen you do not like. In addition, if you are interested in a particular file in the old version of the OS, you can always go to this folder and find it there.

The Windows.old folder contains three directories:

  • Windows - system files of the previous version of the OS;
  • Documents and Settings - documents and settings;
  • Program Files - a folder with previously installed programs.

If you decide to search the file in this directory, do not delay the search for too long. Usually Windows 10 deletes the Windows.old folder literally a month, to free up disk space.

Windows.old what

The size of the Windows.old

folder Return to the previous version of the

OS For example, if you went to the tenth version of Windows and its interface or functionality did not fit you, you can use the files in the windows.old folder to return to the old version of the OS( 7, 8, 8.1).

  • Go to settings, select the update and security, and then click on "Recovery."
  • You will see a button to return to the previous version of the OS.
  • Click on one of these keys and Windows will restore the previous version of the operating system using files in Windows.old as the source.
  • How to recover files from Windows.old

    Just use a driver or other file manager, go to this directory, your personal files in Windows.oldUsers.

    Windows.old what

    Delete the folder Windows.old

    How to remove Windows Vista

    It is obvious that this Windows.old folder occupies a significant amount on the hard disk, its volume usually starts at 10 gigabytes or more, the size of the normal size is 20 or more gigabytes. Trying to delete this folder by default( via the Explorer) you will receive a system error message. Of course, you can try to bypass this message by changing the attributes of this directory and its attachments, but in any case this is not the right path.

  • Deleting the Windows.old folder will help us clean the system toolkit. In Windows 10, click on the Start button, find Disk Cleanup in the start menu, and then start the Disk Cleanup program.
  • You can also choose a different path by right-clicking on the disk, selecting properties, and then clicking on the "Disk Cleanup" button( this is also true for other versions of Windows).
  • In the menu, click on "Clean System Files."You will see the "Previous Windows Installations" item, indicating how much space they occupy. Select this item and delete the files from the previous OS version.
  • Usually this is enough to remove. If this directory for some reason did not go, run the console with administrative rights and type there: rd / s / q c: windows.old.
  • Visually, the removal process can be viewed on the video:


    As you can see, competently remove the Windows.old directory is easy, you just need to use the built-in Windows toolkit to clean the disk. At the same time, you do not need to try to delete this folder in the standard way or play with its attributes - it is better to choose a proven option recommended by experts.