Caring for ampelous geraniums at home

Any person wants his balcony decorated with beautiful plants, but not always the chosen flowers look appropriate. The lock is that there are special decorative flowers, in which the elongated flexible stem can perfectly decorate your balcony. This kind of

of ornamental plants is called impulsive. It has many varieties. In itself, the word "ampelny" is used to identify ornamental plants that have hanging down the branches and thanks to them in the house are created "hanging gardens". One of these varieties is ampelene geranium.

This variety is most unpretentious, because it needs a lot of sun, warm, and drought it is not terrible. Therefore, if you have to go for a long time on a business trip or on vacation, you do not have to worry about the plant, because in frequent watering it does not need.


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Description Ampelled Geranium

Like all ampelaceous plants, ampelene geraniums are characterized by long branches that are not able to be kept in the direct position and therefore hangdownThis property is the main thing, because it is through it that the house or apartment becomes cozy and, wherever you planted this variety, it can decorate any capacity. Apart from the fact that ampel geranium has a wide range of colors, such as, for example, red, lilac or white, it also has extraordinary leaves. If the pelargonium of the vertical shape has terry leaves, then the ampel geranium is inherent in smooth. Her hanging down the branches can reach a length of 90 cm. Ampelnye variety has inflorescence in the form of a brush or a pompone, which is located at the end of the stem.

Caring for ampelous geraniums at home

How to care for

Professional florists have been credited with over 70 types of aphid geraniums, but no one that was more or less prone to care was found among them. Naturally, for a plant certain intervals of fluctuations of the temperature regime, the level of illumination and the amount of moisture in the soil are established, under which the pelargonium is able to grow and develop normally. But as soon as the conditions of care are violated, the plant will immediately feel it and it will not bring good consequences.

Ampelene geranium requires a lot of light. To satisfy its need, you need to place it on the window sill, which extends to the southern side of the horizon. Also, the western window can be a corresponding, but not northern or eastern one. Because in this case there will be a lack of lighting in the plant and, as a result, the ampelled geranium will begin to lose leaves and bad bloom.

Despite the fact that the plush-type varieties of geranium were imported from Africa, it does not tolerate heat. Therefore, it is very important to observe the optimal temperature regime. In the summer, the temperature of the room, in which the aphid varieties of geranium grows, should vary in the range from 20 to 25 degrees and not more. In winter, the temperature should be in the range of 12 to 15 degrees and not less.

Caring for ampelous geraniums at home

It is necessary to treat watering carefully, since the soil must always be moist, but not so much that the water stagnates in the pot and mold is formed. To facilitate this procedure, the plant must choose such a drainage, which can quickly remove excessive moisture through the openings at the bottom of the pot. In winter, frequent watering should not be done, approximately every 10-14 days.

It is also very important to remember that ampelled geranium is not suitable for spraying anything, as the result of the contact of leaves of geranium with moisture can contribute to the emergence of fouling centers.

Feeding is an integral part of the care of an ampel geranium. This procedure is carried out every week during the flowering period of the plant, which begins in March and ends in August. Mineral fertilizers should be low concentrations. You can also use a mixture of milk with water. The ground for geraniums should be loamy, light, moderately fertile and contain a large amount of potassium and small - nitrogen. The substrate consists of two parts of soddy soil, lowland peat, leafy ground and one part of the sand.

Transforms the pelargonium into a pot more than once every two years. It should be such that the plant's roots rests in the wall intact.

Caring for ampelous geraniums at home


You can find seeds of ampelous geranium varieties in any specialized store. Seeds must be sprouted in soil that contains sand in the beginning of spring. Grow the seeds at a certain temperature of 19-20 degrees.

Reproduction is not the easiest exercise and it can not always bring the desired result, as even professional florists can not always be achieved. This procedure contains a lot of nuances, regardless of which, you will not be able to get the desired.

Propagation of geranium by cuttings will require some effort. In order for the cuttings to be rooted, it is necessary to pre-prepare the soil, which will consist of peat, sand and leaf area in the ratio 1: 1: 1, respectively. The prepared mixture must also be disinfected. This operation can be carried out in two ways: either to wash the soil with strong boiling water, or to keep it in a heavily heated oven for 15-20 minutes. Then the soil cools down to the temperature of the room.

Caring for ampelous geraniums at home

Cuttings are pre-dried so that the cut area is also dry. To do this, they can be arranged in the open air for 24 hours, and after this time cut the cuttings dipped in a coal powder. Then the stack must be stuck in the ground and strongly press the ground around the plant.

During one month, the rooting of the aphid aphid varieties of geraniums should take place. If this operation took place in the spring, in the summer the geranium will be able to blossom. If the harvest was carried out in the fall, then she will have to survive the winter, then it will be transplanted in the spring and only then he will have the opportunity to bloom later.

Video ¬ęPelargonium( Geranium)¬Ľ

A short clip about plants of the genus Geranium. Features of planting, breeding and care. Tips for cultivating geraniums in a country house.