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New Acer Jade Primo

New Acer Jade Primo

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    Features Acer Jade Primo

    Jade Primo from Acer is the world's first computer monitor. The device is based on

    the latest Windows 10 Mobile platform, which when connected to the monitor becomes a fully functional desktop operating system. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 six-core processor is designed to provide serious performance. The screen with a large 5.5-inch diagonal has the highest image quality, since the Super AMOLED matrix is ​​installed here, and the resolution is 1080 by 1920 pixels, that is, full HD Full HD.

    The rear 21-megapixel camera is equipped with a dual flash, as well as lightning-fast automatic focusing. Not far behind the front-facing 8-megapixel camera that can do chic self portraits. Matte back of the device not only looks beautiful, but also effectively fights with fingerprints. But the front part of the gadget covers a thick glass with elegant glossy finish.

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    Acer Jade Primo

    release date During the announcement of Jade Primo, Acer did not say anything about the release date of this promising mobile device. But now it began to appear that this computer is to be released sometime in mid-2016.It is worth noting that much of this issue will depend on Microsoft, because it is this corporation responsible for the development of Windows 10 Mobile. Just as Acer Jade Primo will be one of the first gadgets to come out with a new platform on board.

    New Acer Jade Primo

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    Latest News Acer Jade Primo

    With the unique Continuum technology, mobile Windows 10 is capable of turning into a stationary version for personal computers. That's what the Acer Jade Primo makes for a truly unique smartphone. The device itself operates on the basis of Windows 10 Mobile. But at the moment of connecting to the monitor or the TV, the operating system becomes full, and also used on desktops. Thus, Jade Primo can easily replace a cumbersome computer. Moreover, in the complete set with a smartphone will go both a computer mouse and a compact keyboard. Also, the user will find a docking station, which will be useful for work in the "desktop" form.

    Acer Jade Primo in many ways is a unique smartphone. It really brings together a mobile phone and a desktop PC.Thanks to the versatile Windows 10, this device is capable of fulfilling any concerns of its owner, becoming a true new generation transformer.

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    Photo Acer Jade Primo

    New Acer Jade Primo

    The first computer Acer Jade Primo

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    Video Acer Jade Primo

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