Breeding of rabbits by the method of Mikhailov: profit without unnecessary expense


  • Mini Farm for Rabbits - Profitable Animal Breeding
  • Principle of the Mechanized Farm
  • Pros and Cons of the Methodology Mikhailov

Breeding of rabbits by the method of Mikhailov: profit without unnecessary expense Breeding of rabbits is laborious and takes a lot of time to provide the animals with comfortable conditions. Many livelihoods are dreaming or the

is trying to create a mechanized principle for all stages of breeding to reduce their workload.

Therefore, the rabbits breeding by the Mikhailov method has earned a special demand. The essence of the methodology is discussed in our article.

Mini-farm for rabbits - favorable breeding of animals

Mikhailov approached the peculiarities of life of rabbits from the scientific side, knowing the habits and physiological characteristics of pupils. Rabbits are relatives of hares, who live all year round in natural conditions.

Both species have a specific peculiarity of the digestive system - products are poorly digested due to weak stomach muscles. The feed is quickly digested and thrown into the intestine for emptying. To provide yourself with food, the rabbit should constantly chew the food. With a standard breeding method, this is not always productive.

In natural circumstances, the hare does it constantly, looking for different meals. But the pet's pet should have such a diet. Therefore, one has to monitor the filling of feeders. And many breeders neglect this breeding feature, laying the food three times a day.

Breeding of rabbits by the method of Mikhailov: profit without unnecessary expense

Mikhailov's mini-farm allows you to reduce the amount of rabbits visiting during their massive breeding. Each mechanism is carefully thought out and works seamlessly. Come to animals only once a week.

Rare breeder meetings with their wards have a positive effect on the overall state of the past. Rabbits are intrusive by nature and any contact with a person causes them stress. Apparently, this is one species of animals that a man is planting at home, unable to be completely ported.

Therefore, the methodology of Academician Mikhailova also takes into account the specifics of rabbit breeding, so that the conditions of retention are similar to natural ones.

A rabbit house is installed on the street and does not require any individuals to be transplanted into warm caves even during the cold period. Being in conditions of breeding, as close as possible to natural, rabbits grow rapidly.

Mikhailov received unique specimens - rabbits accelerates. He did not deduce a special kind, but brought them out of ordinary breed.

Accelerates are the result of proper care and nutrition during breeding rabbits on the farm. If on the former farms, the breeders gave food three times, then the rabbit quickly ate everything, but did not have time to gain muscle mass. Food is not digested in the right amount. Now the rabbit could chew continuously up to 80 times. It influenced its growth and development within the framework of farmer breeding.

The principle of the mechanized farm

Breeding of rabbits by the method of Mikhailov: profit without unnecessary expense

The device of the rabbit farm does not have any tricks. Each cell is equipped with several systems:

  • feed as the devastation of the feeder;
  • beverage system with permanently clean water heated in the winter;
  • air system that allows airing of cells to keep no harmful vapor;
  • self-cleaning trays with emptyings;
  • heated seats for fringing and raising offspring.
  • All systems work mechanized, human participation is minimal. You need to visit your pets once a week:

    • to fill the feed bin;
    • fill in clean water;
    • to remove waste from the tank;
    • check the health of animals.

    In such conditions of breeding rabbits develop twice as fast and require less time to obtain meat and fur products. The farmer, using the Mikhailov's method, receives higher profits at lower feed and power costs.

    Pros and cons of Mikhailov's technique

    Breeding of rabbits by the method of Mikhailov: profit without unnecessary expense

    In developing comfortable conditions for breeding rabbits, Academician Mikhailov took into account the peculiarity of breeding animals.

    Reproduction is always active, but not all rabbits survive or gain the right weight. This was due to poor hygiene in the feeders and vapors from defecation under normal conditions of breeding that caused the disease.

    The short term of breastfeeding also did not yield good results with the standard method of breeding fluffy animals.

    Mikhailov drew attention to the fact that if they leave children young for up to three months, they will be much more durable and reduce mortality. This will save a healthy offspring that gains weight in the first four months of breeding without any added additives.

    Many will say that this method reduces the number of spills per year. Right. But at the same time, the number of animals is kept, which is more efficient and useful to the rabbit itself. Breeding of fur animals becomes less costly and successful.

    Mikhailov also took into account the climatic characteristics of the regions. The temperature is not everywhere the same, and for the accelerators to grow, certain degrees are needed. Peoples do not tolerate extreme heat, they reduce appetite and activity.

    Academician has developed a mini farm, which provides for the cooling of animals with water. This helps ease the stay of rabbits in hot climates.

    For cold regions, a heating system is developed that does not dry the air but maintains a comfortable temperature in the cage. This is especially important during the reproduction period, so that there is no anxiety in the wards and the cubs are well adapted.

    Uninterrupted water supply without human intervention also required a special approach to the method of breeding fur animals. In winter, water may freeze, and in the summer it will be too warm with bacteria multiplying. This is also anticipated by the academician:

    • in the winter period running water heating;
    • in the heat is always a fresh and cool liquid. Drinkers are closed from microbes penetration, they work only on request of the rabbit.

    A large number of farmers are interested in growing rabbits in the Mikhailovsky system. They realized that having made the costs one time, you can ensure the quality work of the farm for many years. The profit consists of:

    • in the rapid growth of accelerated rabbits, have sold in the trade of muscle mass and fur for half a year, and not a year later;
    • one hundred percent survival of the offspring, which reduces the cost of purchasing new animals;
    • saving on feeds, because there is no waste of them. Feed comes in the right amount, the rabbit quickly saturated;
    • labor costs and maintenance time - all manipulations for caring for one house need 30 minutes once a week. Therefore, for an average farms, aimed at massive breeding of animals, there may be two to three people, and not a permanent presence of a large staff of employees.

    Breeding of rabbits by the Mikhailov method has no disadvantages, because the system is thought out in detail and is constantly upgraded. Rabbits receive high-quality care without feeling hostage in the cage. The conditions of maintenance are as close as possible to the natural, with the exception of the fence.

    Those who choose for their farm a cozy house for rabbits, constantly increasing their income and expanding production. The products are of high quality, which has a good market demand.