Trustedinstaller what is it

When trying to remove any system file, the user may receive a message about the need to obtain permission to access the file from the Trustedinstaller .In this article, I'll tell you what it is Trustedinstaller, why Trasteint Staller does not remove the folder and how to fix it

, and why Trustedinstaller loads the processor.

Trustedinstaller what is it

What is Trustedinstaller


  • 1 What is it Trustedinstaller
  • 2 Why Trastedynstaller does not delete the folder
  • 3 How to get right on Trastedynstaller
  • 4 includes TrustedInstaller
  • 5 Why TrustedInstaller loads processor
  • 6 Conclusion

What is it Trustedinstaller

Trastedynstaller - This is a built-in account, which is used in modern versions of Windows( starting with Vista).This record includes the rights to many system files, including the basic Windows folder, the Program Files folder, and even the Windows.old directory, which contains the previous version of Windows. The account under consideration has a high level of privilege( higher than that of the administrator), so you need to take a series of consecutive steps, which are described below, to access the Trastedinstaller protected system file.

Why Trasteint Staller does not remove the

folder It's known that the Trustedinstaller main function is to monitor Windows updates and other service components, it can install, modify, and remove the specified components, in addition, its task is to provide security for system files, preventing them from accidentalor deliberate deletion. For inexperienced users, the latest Trasteteen-Stalker function plays a huge role, since it does not remove the system files required for normal operation of the operating system.

Trustedinstaller what is it

System message "ask permission trustedinstaller"

Therefore, those who decide to remove any system file will receive a system message about the need to obtain permission to remove this file from Trasteindstaler. This is why the fact that this Trustedinstaller file needs to be known to all Windows users.

How to get right from Trasteindstalerer

  • Select the file you want to delete or modify, right-click it, select Properties, then go to "Security", and then click "Advanced".
  • Then go to "Owner" and click the "Edit" button.

    Trustedinstaller what is it

    Change the rights to the folder

  • Choose another owner( for example, Administrators or your personal account and click "Ok."
  • If we change the permissions to a folder, check the box next to "Replace owner of subcontainers" and click "Ok."

    Trustedinstaller what is it

    Change the owner of the folder

  • Then again go to the properties of the file, then go to "Security", select "Administrators"( or your account) and press "Change", tick all the necessary permissions to the owner, press "OK" and confirm.
  • How to bypass the message asking for permission from Trustedinstaller visually you can look at the video:

    Include TrustedInstaller

    If you did not delete and modify a folder or a file then after modification it is recommended to return the rights to them Trasteindstalerer, otherwise the system may work unstable.

  • To do this againgo to the properties of the file( folders) - Security - More, click Owner, then choose Edit.
  • In the field for entering the name of the selected objects, enter NT SERVICETrustedInstaller and click "Ok."
  • Then, in the list that appears, select Trasteint Staller and click "Ok."
  • If this is a folder, be sure to check the box next to the subcontainer and object owner's replacement option.
  • Why TrustedInstaller loads the


    What is t rustedinstaller process. exe ? Trasteindstaler is used by Windows Module Installer, which is designed to install various system modules. In particular, the installation of these modules corresponds to the services of Windows Update and Automatic Updates, which will automatically scan your system for updates and fresh system patches. When the Windows Update activation time comes, the service scans, checks, and updates your operating system, which creates a significant load on the processor. In Task Manager statistics, you can see how the Trusdeinstaller process that upgrades the system essentially "loads" the processor and memory of your PC.

    Trustedinstaller what is it

    Process trustedinstaller.exe

    To restore normal operation of your computer, it's quite easy to wait until Trastedinstaller performs all the necessary operations. If the recovery is delayed for a long time( for more than several hours), then there is a probability that a virus that masks the process under consideration has settled in your system. Check your system with the powerful Dr. WebCureIt level antivirus!or Trojan Remover, which will help you detect and remove malware.

    You can also simply turn off the auto-update service that will remove the TrustedInstaller load on the processor during an upgrade. To do this, do the following:

    • go to the "Control Panel";
    • go to "System and Security";
    • select "Windsor Upgrade Center";
    • click on the "Configure Settings" on the top left;
    • select "Do not check for updates" and confirm by clicking "Ok" below.


    As we can see, the main purpose of the TrustedInstaller system tool considered by me is to provide the update of the operating system, as well as the protection of system files from accidental deletion. Therefore, before removing rights from Trustin Staller as described above, make sure that changing or removing a particular system file will not cause the operating system to malfunction. If you are not sure and do not have sufficient knowledge for a competent answer, then go to one of the main programmer's rules: "If it works, do not touch."