How to determine the chicken's age when young ladies start to wear?


  • What does chicken performance depend on?
  • Does the cock affect the bearing?
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  • carrier. How to correctly determine the age of the bearer?
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Bird Breeding Farmers,

will say it's a profitable business. Beginning businessmen prefer to buy already young bearers, so as not to waste time cultivating chickens, and immediately receive from them eggs and accordingly income. Only young chickens can give up to three hundred eggs a year, when the old people will only fit on the soup.

How to determine the chicken

Young chickens are able to give up to three hundred eggs a year in the

There are many ways to help approximately distinguish the young from old chickens, but each one gives an error and is relative. None of these characteristics gives an accurate answer to the age of the chicken.

What does chicken performance depend on?

Only young chickens in the first year of life are actively carriers of eggs, then this process goes down. If the bird does not use meat for soup, then it will live for more than 10 years, but already in half its livelihood, she completely ceases to carry eggs. When buying on the market young chicken, people often ask the sellers, from which age the chickens will start to carry eggs. The age of active fertility depends on a number of factors, such as:

  • breed of poultry;
  • conditions of their lives;
  • in which month they were born.

Young chickens of egg lines become mature in half a year, while chickens of meat and egg rocks begin to be borne only until the eighth month. If the bird is purchased specifically for egg collection, it is better to stop the choice on egg bird, which was deduced precisely for fast and protracted fertility.

How to determine the chicken

Productivity depends on the season and the keeping conditions of the poultry

An important moment to determine the month of the beginning of the carcass is the time of year when the chicken came to light, if in the beginning of spring, before the autumn, the young chick begins to carry eggs. In the case when the chickens are hatched in the summer, the process of their maturation will be delayed until the beginning of the next year due to the growth of young animals in a shorter day. In this case, it is possible to accelerate the growth of the bird, if you pay attention to the illumination of the henhouse, where the bird lives.

Note that both the lack of light and its excess determine the negative effects of reducing productivity. Even in the fierce winter chill with proper care, chickens can carry eggs every day, but to make it a reality, you need to take care of the bird( to warm the poultry house and feed well).Only seeking a stable carrying capacity.

In addition to all of the factors listed above, the chicken's age is the main thing, after 10 months after the laying of the egg laying hens are no longer worn. Meat breeds chickens stop the egg even before after half-year's performance. Good bearers in a year can carry more than three hundred eggs, so determine the quality of the bear. Sometimes it happens that chickens deliberately ignore nests and lay eggs in a variety of places that are not allocated to this process.

How to determine the chicken

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Performance In order to expel them from such a mess and push the nest into it, they put "pads".An egg substitute is made of gypsum, wood or alabaster. Hostesses can simply leave in the nest one egg, from which all the contents are removed beforehand and is filled with paraffin, clay, etc. The main thing is to ensure that the "substrate" does not weigh more than 60 g. You can use the usual boiled egg, pre-painted, in order not to be confused with freshly applied eggs.

Does the cock have a bearing?

If eggs are only going to eat their food, then the meaning of the cock in this is not absolutely necessary. It requires a bird flock only if the collected eggs are planned to be placed in the incubator for incubation of chickens. Otherwise, the cock simply decorates the chicken flock and adds an additional interest in her life.

Any farmer uses several triggers for his own purposes and meat during the year. In addition, when it comes to autumn, it is worthwhile conducting a serious survey of the entire bird population in order not to continue to feed the unproductive individuals. They are determined by such characteristics.

How to determine the chicken

If eggs are intended only for food, then the content of the cock is not necessarily

. We appreciate the signs of a good

carrier. The very first signs of a good bear can be determined by simply observing its behavior. A bird with a good productivity will never be sitting in one place, it is the first one coming out of the chicken coop and spend the whole day, plucking in the litter, imprinting the larvae of the beetles and other delicious things. The young chicken "talks" and at the end of the day is in no hurry to the chicken. Usually they are driven out among the latter with a full goat.

A weak lady is always looking for where to sit. Even in the afternoon, such a chicken may be in a chicken or somewhere near the shade of a tree. Further research methods are possible at a closer inspection of the bird.

How to correctly determine the age of the bearer?

Farmers who are just beginning their bird breeding business often can not correctly determine the age of chickens during their purchase. This is an important moment, because its productivity depends on the age of the bird, and for this purpose they are bought. Knowing only two factors: at what age the chickens start to bear and the actual age of the young, you can turn a profitable business.

How to determine the chicken

Good bearer can be determined by its behavior

Every farmer should know that the exact parameters to determine the age of the chicken do not. There are only a few recommendations that we will discuss below. Inexperienced farmers are often mistaken in determining age and good if this is a mistake per month, not six months. Therefore, if there is no confidence in their forces, it is better to go to the bazaar for buying bird to go with experienced people who can distinguish between young booty from old chickens. In case you have to choose your own, use the following tips.

Chicken Auburn

Feel the stomach of the stomach, if it is old, then the stomach will be firm. So determine that the bird has already become thick, so it does not guarantee a high carrying capacity. Keep in mind that the highest performance in the carrier will be in the first year, so we recommend that you refrain from buying a chicken with a solid stomach.


A bird is arranged so that its more productivity, that is, the more active it rushes, the brighter the color of its crest. That is, in a young carrier, the comb should have a bright red color and heat to the touch, when the old chicken comb is light pink and cold. Pay attention to the temperature of the comb, it must be warm. In old people, blood circulation is disturbed and therefore the comb is already cold.

How to determine the chicken

In a young carrier, the comb should be of a bright red color, and the beak of the yellow

beak and the feet of the

young chickens to the year distinguish the color of the beak. They have a deep yellow beak, while over time it begins to dim, and the old chickens get a gray tint. It is also worth paying attention to the legs of the carrier. The paws of a young chicken that can put eggs on a daily basis will be smooth with even scales, when the old chicken on the paws is already formed tattoos with cracks that can be distinguished with the naked eye.


The older the chicken becomes, the less active the way of life, it starts to lead. If the flock of birds throw food, then the youngsters in the first ranks will capture the best bits of food, and older individuals will be content with what remains.

How to determine the chicken

The older the chicken, the less active the way it lives

The weight of the

Weight is also an important factor in determining the age of the chicken. Young people can not weight much. When buying a farm for young chicks, it is possible to determine their age from the time when the horns begin to kink. This usually happens in the sixth month. There is a lot of methods and folk ways to determine the age of the bird.

Just remember that even the most experienced farmer will not be able to give accurate advice on age definition of the carrier. But it is not necessary to know, since at the farm chickens do not hold more than two years, after which they buy young, and the old ones are processed on the stomach. Chickens after a year begin to carry less often, so keeping them becomes completely unprofitable.