To which doctor to address a man with hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids do not know gender differences and are equally visited by men and women. However, the strong half is not very hurried to the doctor when the first symptoms of the disease. The psychological barrier, especially the masculine mentality in delicate issues, is affected.

Many people seek to help themselves with folk recipes and tools from the Internet. When the forces no longer remain, and the disease will reach the last stage, and maybe under the onslaught of relatives and acquaintances, begins to search, which doctor treats hemorrhoids in men? The answer is simple, the same as that of women - a proctologist.

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  • 1 As occurs and manifests itself
  • 2 Who treats hemorrhoid

As occurs and manifests

To which doctor to address a man with hemorrhoids The main causes of hemorrhoids in men and women are the same. The underlying hereditary features are weakness of the connective tissue, supports venous plexus, and reduced vein tone. Most men with hemorrhoids belong to families well-known for this disease or varicose

veins elsewhere.

The provocative factors influenced by pathological heredity are realized in the disease, have some sexual differences related to the peculiarities of nutrition, professional activity and lifestyle of men and women.

To which doctor to address a man with hemorrhoids For a strong half, the presence of such hemorrhoid provociers is more common:

  • is an inappropriate diet - fast food is fat, sharp food, a large amount of meat with seasonings and spices, lack of vegetables, sour-milk products, plain water;
  • sitting in the office( programmer, designer, bank officer) or in a car( driver, sales representative);
  • passive rest at home - hemorrhoids love those who are almost always sitting at the computer, in front of the TV;
  • heavy physical activity - power sports, work related to weight lifting;
  • abuse of alcohol and smoking( which of the men will not allow himself at least beer in the evening);
  • obesity( rarely who cures this problem);
  • inflammatory and tumorous diseases in a small pelvis - prostatitis, adenoma, prostate cancer;
  • chronic bronchopulmonary, cardiac pathology, cirrhosis of the liver.

Hemorrhoids in men and women have almost identical manifestations. The beginning is imperceptible in the form of gravity and a feeling of incomplete emptying of the rectum.

To which doctor to address a man with hemorrhoids If the doctor is not available and nobody heals this hemorrhoids, then the illness is gaining momentum and leads to the following symptoms:

  • pain of different intensity during bowel movements;
  • secretes blood from several drops to the flushing at the end of the bowel movement;
  • fallout of hemorrhoids, which can only be managed in the initial stages;
  • complications of hemorrhoids - bleeding, oppression, inflammation, thrombosis of hemorrhoids.

All these symptoms get a man very much, especially in the last stages - irritability, nervousness, headaches, insomnia, inability to perform work and to lead a habitual way of life. At this time, usually a doctor appears in a person's life.

Who treats hemorrhoids

This specialist is called a proctologist. He is involved in the examination, treatment and prevention of diseases and pathological conditions of the lower parts of the large intestine( direct and sigmoid colon), as well as the anal area.

Each proctologist has knowledge and skills of both therapeutic and surgical profile.

It means - it heals hemorrhoids in men and women not only by conservative methods, but also has radical or minimally invasive surgery, depending on specialization.

To which doctor to address a man with hemorrhoids

Only the proctologist will be able to correctly diagnose and prescribe effective treatment for

. Proctologist visits should not be delayed in the following situations:

  • if there are persistent constipation or persistent diarrhea;
  • pain in the rectum and the anus;
  • bleeding or feces with an admixture of blood, mucus or pus;
  • feeling of heaviness and insufficient emptying in the rectum;
  • fallout of hemorrhoids.

The presence of such complaints in a patient is an indication for a proctologic examination.

To which doctor to address a man with hemorrhoids The physician initially conducts an external review of the perineum, then performs an anoscopy( review in the mirrors of the rectum and the anus), if necessary, a deeper examination is carried out by rectoromanoscopy. If these studies are sufficient for the diagnosis, then the proctologist further treats the pathology detected by the method that is considered most optimal for this patient. In cases of suspected cancer, polyps or other diseases in the upper parts of the large intestine colonoscopy and irrigography are prescribed. What doctor in the absence of a proctologist treats the pathology of this intestinal tract? This is a general practice surgeon.

Contrary to popular belief, the proctologist's review is a safe, practically painless and informative procedure that needs to be addressed not only to patients with complaints but also to prevention for all men and women over 40 years of age.