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How to get rid of airballs after eating?

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Many people are thinking about how to get rid of banging. This is a controlled and sudden outflow of gases from the gastrointestinal tract through the oral cavity, often with

together with bits of food and gastric juice. Usually blister comes from the stomach and esophagus. At the same time, the discharge of gases has an unpleasant aroma. The causes of the phenomenon are different, so with its constant occurrence it is necessary to necessarily conduct a diagnosis.

Factors that lead to the development of bloating may include: problems with digestive organs, malnutrition, the use of carbonated beverages, air swallowing, etc. Now there are many methods that eliminate an unpleasant manifestation. Usually doctors recommend switching to diet. If necessary, medicines are prescribed. As add-ons are used recipes of folk medicine.


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If the bite is intense, you need to reconsider your diet: it concerns both the diet and the mode. To eat in small portions, but often. At the same time, you need to thoroughly chew the food, and not immediately swallow it. The process should go without a haste, thoughtfully - this is the best and easiest method to avoid the appearance of a burp. Small should be not only a portion - a spoon or a sip of a liquid, too, should have a small amount. Do not talk during meals. Otherwise, a large amount of air enters the stomach, which will then go out in the form of a wheezing.

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How to get rid of airballs after eating?

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It is imperative that you carry out an audit of all foods that are normally consumed by humans. It is recommended to exclude from the diet those that cause fermentation in the stomach. These are, for example, legumes, sweets, cuddly products, cabbage. In addition, nutritionists and gastroenterologists advise to abandon mineral water and carbonated drinks.

It is not recommended to drink food with a liquid: tea, etc. Usually you need to wait about 0.5-1 hours after breakfast, lunch or dinner. If water enters the stomach with food, then it will begin to dilute the concentration of gastric juice. Because of this, the food is worse digested.

It is necessary to refuse jam, sweets, pastries and other sweets. Sugar, getting into the stomach, causes fermentation. This provokes not only a burping, but also flatulence, increased gas formation. It is not necessary to eat sweet immediately after the main meal. If you want to have a dessert, it's best to do it half an hour before dinner or 1.5 hours after it.

Digestive tract dysfunction provokes fatty foods, especially when in the diet a lot of butter, fat, sausages, fatty fish and meat cheeses. It is allowed to use them, but only in very small quantities.

If the stomach feels heavy and there is a blister, then beer, coffee, carbonated drinks, chocolate, exotic fruits, cabbage, beans, peas, whole milk should be excluded from the diet.

Once a week, according to gastroenterologists, special nutrition is required. You need to drink 6-10 activated charcoal tablets. During the day you can eat only dairy cereals. It is allowed to drink a lot of clean water without gases, but only after a couple of hours after the end or 30 minutes before eating. Such a diet will help to normalize the digestive tract, resulting in the disappearance of symptoms of heaviness in the abdomen and belching.

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Many medicines are being developed to help eliminate bloating and its symptoms. You can also take medications that will prevent the phenomenon. If you suffer from stomach problems, you should use them strictly according to the instructions. Advice should be sought from a doctor. You can not engage in self-medication, as this can worsen the patient's well-being.

First, the doctor finds out the causes of bloating and only then selects medications. First you need to cure the primary disease that causes the blister. All questions are gastroenterologist. He assigns drugs, selects the optimal dose and duration of the course of therapy.

The following drugs are commonly used:

  • Omez;
  • Motillac;
  • Ranitidine;
  • Motilium;
  • Rennie;
  • Motonium;
  • Denol;
  • Immodium;
  • Passagex;
  • Festal;
  • Gastal;
  • Almagel.

How to get rid of airballs after eating?

They will help eliminate the symptoms of wheezing.

It is very useful to do special exercises on the back. Of course, the charge itself will not be able to cure erysipelas, but it is able to cope with an unpleasant symptom and improve the well-being of a person. Need to lie on your back and raise your feet 45 ° from the floor. Endings should be straightened. In this position you need to stay 3 minutes. Then slowly lower your feet to the floor. It is best to perform several approaches. Due to this load, the symptoms first increase, but then quickly stop.

To prevent the burping, you can use the following recommendations:

  • After eating, you need to walk a bit at a quiet pace. Sufficiently 0,5-1 hours.
  • If you have a desire to lie down, you need to rely on a high pillow. This will prevent the depletion of the contents of the stomach into the esophagus.
  • You do not need to wear narrow and tight clothing, different straps that pull the stomach firmly.
  • If the patient is engaged in sports and at the same time the symptoms of wheezing are intensified, it is necessary to exclude exercises that create a heavy load on the abdominal muscles.
  • It is recommended to get rid of bad habits as a sample of smoking and drinking.
  • If there are symptoms of wheezing with a smoky smell, then you should take activated charcoal.

    Dosage is calculated based on the patient's weight. It is best to grind and crush the pills and then dissolve them in water. This will improve absorbent properties. Liquids should be taken completely. You can chew all the pills and inquires with water. If the patient has an acute form of peptic ulcer in the stomach or intestine, activated charcoal is prohibited until it is taken. It is acceptable to take Smelet to eliminate the situation, but this is only a temporary solution.

    How to get rid of airballs after eating?

    3 Treatment of respiration by folk remedies


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    Folk Medicine offers many recipes that will help you to cure the unpleasant symptom:

  • Get rid of biting with goat's natural milk. It is necessary to take three times a day in 1 glass after breakfast, lunch or dinner. Usually such a course of therapy lasts about 2-3 months. During this time, problems with digestion pass.
  • Flaxseed is the best cure for wheezing. Cooking it is very simple, and the result of the admission will be noticeable immediately. Requires 1 pc. Pour the raw material into a glass of boiling water. When the remedy lasts for 30 minutes, you need a quarter of the volume to drink. Take the medication three times a day for half an hour before eating. The course lasts 2-3 weeks.
  • Aloe vera and cranberry. It is necessary to take 0.5 cups of juice of both components, mix thoroughly and add 1 tsp.honeyThen pour 1 cup of warm water. Such medicine should be taken in 1 item.lthree times a day, if there is a breath of air. The course lasts a week. Then you need to take a break for 2 weeks and repeat the reception again. All treatment takes half a year.
  • If the air is brittle, then you can prepare a herbage. It will take 30 grams of St. John's wort, 15 g of seeds of dill, leaves of pepper heel and inflorescences of the tree. Then you need to add another 2 hours to a trilateral watch.2 itemslgrass pour 2 cups boiling water. The tool is pressed for several hours. Then it needs to be strain and take 1 item.lSuch a medicine is very helpful if the patient has an increased level of acidity of the stomach, along with acidic tingling and constipation.
  • The root of aira needs to be ground to powder form. Then take 0.5 h.15 minutes before eating.
  • Based on the roots of deceit, you can make a decoction. It will take 2 items.lraw materials for 1 liter of water. Take the medication twice a day before eating. Single dose - 0.5 cups. The course lasts a week.
  • If you are bothered with air bubbles, mix the carrot and potato juice in equal proportions. The result should be 100 ml. Take 0.5 cups before eating three times a day.
  • If you constantly interfere with air rushing, then you must take carrot puree or fresh fresh carrots after eating. If it is not, then you can use an apple. Another very useful mashed pot of both products.
  • Normal clean water also rescues from burping. It is enough to drink a small amount of liquid before eating small sips. After eating, drinking water is not desirable.
  • Many people are thinking about how to get rid of air bursts. This unpleasant symptom delivers a lot of trouble if it manifests itself systematically. But you can get rid of it. When tormenting a blister, first of all you need to reconsider your diet. If the problem is related to various diseases, then you need to go to the hospital. The doctor will find the appropriate treatment.