Children-weather: how to handle one

Quite often, before the families who decide to start two children, the question arises as to which age gap for babies will be optimal. The ideal option is the birth of twin or twin children, then the family immediately acquires the required number of heirs and more similar

issues do not arise.

But this is not common, but it is unlikely that it will come out in advance of the appearance of the world. Then you should think about the birth of children-the weather. But here there are pitfalls. In the first case, the mother will be torn between the two crumbs and the affairs of the house, because such children of one age and needs are the same.

At birth, children are completely different. The development of such crust occurs in different ways, different needs and such children are not independent yet. But these are minor minuses, which can be easily managed if properly organized day and skillfully apply small tricks.

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1. How to have children with
children 2. What difficulties await parents with children

3. How to feed
children 4. How to bathe
children 5. How to make
6 children sleep. Visiting the clinic, state.institutions and other kids with the weather
7. Homework: how to make it all
8. Instead of finding

What a good baby children

A birthday twin will only positively affect her career. After all, during maternity leave it will be only 4 years, not 6 years. No additional expenses are needed for the purchase of clothes, diapers, baths, cribs and toys. Not forgotten newborn babysitting skills, accumulated enough luggage of knowledge.

Many mothers will agree that, remembering the first care of the infant, volunteering to dip into them again not all of them. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why two or more children can be rarely seen in families with normal abundance.

A little bit older, children begin to play with each other without distracting the parents' attention to the invention of occupations for each individually. The transition period is almost imperceptible for everyone. Such children often become better friends and easier to share their experiences with each other. Very often they go to one group in a kindergarten, and then in one class at school. They can share different circles and additional classes with common interests.

What difficulties are waiting for parents with child-friendly

Parents are often faced with some problems in the relationship between children in raising their children's holiday:

  • 's mutual aggression;
  • the appearance of jealousy towards the mother;
  • is a rivalry between children;
  • toy removal.

Correct parent behavior in case of such situations will greatly facilitate the process of education. It is very difficult to bring up and grow one child, but it is not surprising that it is easier to cope with the upbringing of children.

Children are good: how to handle one
Of course, it's worth saying that the mom's day should be carefully thought out and painted. Using the experience of many mothers who are fortunate enough to give birth to twins, one can distinguish several rules:

  • Think well and organize your day with children. Try to keep it as good as possible.
  • Try to sleep when your children sleep, or you can fall asleep or just relax. A good mood for mom is a guarantee of good mood and behavior of children.
  • Encourage the elderly child to become more independent: to go to the pot independently, to eat independently, to dress, etc.
  • Involve a child to help with baby care - ask for something to be brought or served.
  • Never make comparisons between children in disreputable form.
  • Develop a sense of partnership among children.
  • Do not do the little things for the kids, with which they can handle themselves to wash their hands, collect toys).
  • Involve kids in common developing games.

While training the weather, it is not necessary to transfer to the eldest child all the worries about the younger. But, accustoming him to independence, one can find an ally in him, which then will help teach the same younger brother or sister.

How to feed the children

Children-weather - children with an approximate difference in the age from 1 year to one and a half years. Certainly, the simultaneous reception of food, for them the best variant of feeding. Such a simple trick allows you to save a small amount of time that can be allocated to other classes and will not cause jealousy in the older child.
It is recommended to use the following rules and techniques for organizing the weathering process.

  • If both babies are breastfeeding, or both can not feed at the same time, then the first one should feed the younger one.
  • It will be much easier if the second child learns to sit on their own. The kid can be put on his hands, or a chair for feeding and alternately feed each one from a spoon.
  • The main condition for such feeding is the versatility of cooked dishes. After having cooked the broth for the whole family, pour part of it into a baby soup. For the elderly, give a portion of the usual soup, and let the younger taste it with a blender. You can also feed the puree with a cutlet, another mashed potatoes, only the more liquid consistency of
  • . In the menu, include only those foods that children eat with great pleasure. It is not necessary to forcibly force to eat what they do not want.

By teaching children to do everything together, Mom helps them to strengthen relationships from an early age. In addition, the feeding of two children at the same time frees up a bit of free time than feeding each child individually.

How to bathe children-weather

The question of bathing is solved quite simply: if you need to do everything quickly, dexterously and with time saving, then the best solution is sharing bathing. Babies can sit together in the bathroom for quite a long time.

Children are good: how to handle one

While batting the cartridges at the same time, remember that this procedure requires special care and due attention. Can be easily injured or slipped slipping. To take both children also should be simultaneous. You can not leave children unattended for a fraction of a second.

However, sharing bathing may not always be appropriate. The first 6-7 months since the birth of the second child, about bathing together can not be the language. For bathing the junior you can adapt a large small bathtub next to the large bath. If the size of the bathroom does not allow for such an idea, then the first one is to bathe the newborn. The elder will stand next to him and gladly observe the unlucky "bossing" of a baby, trying to swim.

How to make

baby sleep bedding The process of stacking babies for many parents is a very challenging task. It is especially difficult to have children, if the elder is too early to sleep, or he just does not sleep. If you use certain tricks, you can greatly simplify this procedure.

  • Putting a baby sleeping, shake it in your arms or put it on your chest. Elder at this time turn away your favorite toy, do not loudly turn on calm music or audio tale. You can put a baby next to him so that he can not reach the younger and disturb him.
  • Morning sleep baby try to combine with a stroll. In the fresh air children fall asleep faster and can sleep until the next feeding. While the baby is asleep, you can play with the elderly in developing mobile games, or sit next to the bench, to watch the communication of their child with their peers.
  • After dinner, put the two children together at the same time. While the children are sleeping, you can do homework or relax.
  • During the day, the baby can be put in bed in a carriage standing on the balcony. The balcony must be glazed, but not over the noisy street. At this time, the elder can play his favorite games, not afraid to wake younger.
  • Every once in a while go to bed all together. This practice allows you to rest all family members.
  • Gradually try to tailor the babies under a sleep schedule and a common day sleep.

Visit to the clinic, state.institutions and other with children-weather

Up to the youngest child of the rock, my mother has to show his doctor every month, and so the monthly trips to the clinic are needed. In some cases, such visits continue to be a rarity, since how not to steal, but small children often get sick.
In addition, the mother has to visit various state structures. There are no grandmothers and grandparents sideways, a man is usually busy at work, not all can use the services of a nanny, but not everyone can risk their neighbors to stay with little children. It is necessary for mothers of children-children to adapt to such situations on their own.

Children are good: how to handle one
The question about the transportation technique is simple enough to solve. There are a large number of carts for the season, different stroller adaptations for older children. The biggest problem in this case may be the process of collection itself( dressing).After all, dressing up two children at the same time is very difficult. However, if you organize the process properly, the meeting will not take much time.

  • It is very convenient to have baby clothes with zip or velcro.
  • Things have to be prepared from the evening.
  • Children should be fed before the meeting.
  • Both, or only senior, put on a pot.
  • Dress Up.
  • Prepare in advance, and if you do not live on the first floor, then take the carriage into the entrance.
  • The child should be dressed in a row: at first the underwear for the elder, then for the junior, the boots for the elder, after the junior, and so on. Dressing the kids at the same time, and in turn will not let them sweat, and both will be ready to go out into the street, almost at the same time.

Walk the best at specially adapted and fenced playgrounds. This will make the walks safer, the mom will not have to break between the two children and be afraid that some of them may be in danger. From trips to large supermarkets without helpers it is better to refuse. The first problem is the large area of ​​the store, where all products are accessible to babies, and there is a growing risk of smashing something, injuring children or losing. The second is the possible hysteria of the children about what they need to buy something for.
Shopping is done in the nearest shops and small markets located near the house. For large purchases, it's best to wait for a weekend at a husband or relatives and buy everything you need in advance. Yes, and without anyone's help to bring heavy bags with products or any other purchases to the house from the store itself, accompanied by small children is simply impossible.

Home Affairs: how to make it all

Being busy with the affairs of the mother of children, the weather does not have to do anything complicated. In the daily menu of the family you can safely include dishes made from semi-finished goods. Some homework can be postponed and performed much less often.

In order to maintain cleanliness and order in the house, it is necessary to correctly distribute apartment cleaning. Enough 20-30 minutes a day to give each room and in the house will always be clean. If possible, you should buy all household appliances, which saves time. The necessary purchases in our time, perhaps, are carried out through online stores. The ordered goods at a certain time deliver directly to the door of the apartment, which not only saves time, but also the power of the mother, who will be released in this way from a joint hike with the children to the store.

Instead of Conclusion

Children are good: how to handle one Thus, it is possible to bring up children of weather. And then, the difficulties only in the first 3-4 years. Time passes very quickly, children will go to kindergarten, then in school and complexity will become the same as in ordinary families with two children. But children-weather will always be friendly and best friends for each other.