Smoked fish: calorie, good and bad


  • 1 A couple of words about the dangers of smoke
  • 2 State standards and norms for smoked
  • 3 Calorie content and content of smoked fish
  • 4 Hot smoked - the best way to preserve vitamins

Crunchy crust and soft soft meat. Millions of gourmets around the world are not

imagine life without smoke. But, despite the charming taste of smoked fish, some skeptics are taken to assert that it is harmful and contains liquid smoke.

Perhaps this should be understood, because it would be silly to refuse a favorite food, based on someone's subjective opinion and trusting unconfirmed information.

So, what's the use of smoked fish? First of all, you need to know that fish itself is a very useful and rich in trace elements of the product. Healthy eating is not possible without regular use. Specialists recommend at least once a week to include fish dishes in your diet. Not an exception and smoked fish. If the method of its preparation was correct, then it is logical to assume that nothing harmful in its use is not. One way or another, it stores protein, which is an indispensable building material for our body. In addition, it helps accelerate the metabolism and produce the desired amino acids.

A couple of words about the dangers of smoking

And what can be seen on the reverse side of the medal?

First of all, it's important to remember that this fish is raw, means that there is not one hundred percent guarantee of the destruction of all parasites in it.

Sounds awful, but there were cases when the parasites were visible even with an unarmed gaze. Another important caveat is that smoked fish can not be used by pregnant women.

So, looking into the eyes of the truth, you can draw a logical conclusion that smoking is not always in perfect sanitary condition. For the quick sale of products, some unscrupulous manufacturers go for different tricks. It can be anything from the wrong expiration date to dyes that can tint unfinished fish.

Smoked fish: calorie, good and bad

If you decide to chop the fish not hot, but some other way in which it is longer, it is important to study in detail the conditions for proper storage of fish already cooked. For example, it is necessary to avoid wet places for drying fish, as there is a danger that there will appear a dirty-gray or greenish-black plaque.

But this does not at all relate to the thin white plaque that is most often formed in fish, even when properly stored. This is not a sign of corruption, but a quite normal phenomenon that does not represent absolutely no harm to health. This plaque can be easily removed by soft, clean, slightly soaked in sunflower oil, with a cloth.

So, having read the necessary information and getting valuable instructions, you can smoke and store fish at home more efficiently. And, as you know, home-made products are not harmful!