Disease Of The Skin

The honey is poisonous, possible ways of transmission

One of the causes of purulent inflammation of apocrine glands - hydadenitis, is bacteria: staphylococci, streptococci, proteins. Therefore, the following questions arise: if inflammation is caused by infectious agents, can this disease be transmitted from person to person, dangerous purulent

foci for the patient, the infection can move from one skin to another?


  • 1 Causes of the disease
  • 2 Hydradenitis, infectious or not
  • 3 How to prevent

infection Causes of

A bundle of whips is contagious, possible ways of transmission

disease Excessive sweating may be the cause of hydrodenitis.

For the development of the disease there is not enough only one presence of the representatives of the pathological microflora on the skin. In order to understand the problem, it is necessary to mention all possible causes of its development. This disease is strongly influenced by the presence of several factors at once:

  • excessive sweating;
  • endocrine disorders;
  • metabolic diseases;
  • low resistance to the body;
  • features of the structure and functioning of apocrine sweat glands;
  • improper depilation and too frequent use of antiperspirants;
  • lack of normal body hygiene.

Important! Most specialists tend to believe that the disease is associated with an overly pronounced inflammatory reaction of the skin to interact with toxic bacteria and their livelihoods.

Hydradenitis, infectious or not

A bundle of whips is contagious, possible ways of transmission

Hydradenitis is not transmitted from humans to humans.

In different people, the bundle of udder develops in different ways. Someone did not touch him at all. Someone has already happened to cure this disease once. And in other purulent inflamed nodules appear on the skin in large quantities and quite often. Such observation helps to conclude that hydradenitis is not contagious and is not transmitted by humans in any way. Although it is believed that the disease can be transmitted from a sick person to a healthy by means of depilation. But in order for a completely healthy person to develop purulent hydradenitis, there is a need for a combination of many factors, which is practically impossible.

It is believed that it is possible to transfer the infection to the body by first treating the affected armpit, then healthy, or taking the bath when the inflamed purulent node hydradenitis is on the body. This assumption is close to the truth, since this person has already had inflammation of the sweat gland, which means that there are all the conditions for it to be repeated and manifested in another section of the skin.

Another fact that confirms that the bite is contagious for the patient itself is numerous cases when the disease is manifested by multiple inflamed purulent nodes. At first, they usually have one painful area( most often under the armpit), then it breaks and there is an infection of several neighbors, they can be separated or merge. After some time the sweat glands are inflamed in the distant areas( in the groin, genitals, nipples, near the anus).

How to prevent

infection To prevent hydradenitis from spreading through the body and not capturing new areas, people need to follow preventive measures for patients and people affected by the disease. These include:

  • using sterile shaving accessories to handle different depilation areas;
  • during the illness does not bathe in the bathroom, limited to the acceptance of the soul;
  • hazardous areas should be treated with salicylic or boric acid daily;
  • from the use of antiperspirants in general, it is better to refuse, as they clog the skin pores and ducts of the sweat glands;
  • must properly select skin care and hygiene products;
  • in no case can be engaged in self-medication, especially dangerous independently, without the knowledge of the doctor, to apply antibiotics;
  • body weight control;
  • fight against increased sweating by natural means;
  • body hygiene;
  • timely treatment of various diseases.
  • Care of your health should be literate, and the desire to stay fresh all day must be carried out in ways that are safe for you. If you follow all the necessary measures of prevention, then the disease can be controlled, and new purulent cones hydrodenitis you are not afraid.