Smoky hot smoked: what you can smoke and how to smoke


  • 1 device and operation
  • 2 What to cook
  • 3 Varieties koptylen
    • 3.1 A simple homemade smokehouse
    • 3.2 Stationary smokehouse
    • 3.3 Portable model
    • 3.4 Great smokehouse
    • 3.5 Electric smokehouse
    • 3.6 Coal and Gas Smoking
    • 3.7 Home smokehouse

Smokedfish, meat and even fruits - an excellent delicacy that comes out in special conditions. For realization of this task smoke of hot smoking is used, it allows to instantly soak meat, which will become a delicious dish. The amount of finished products can be adjusted: different types of smoked meat have different sizes. The effect of smoke has a beneficial effect on the preservation of the product, obtains canned properties, which enriches its design.

Device and Functioning

A metal box with a tight lid adjacent to one lattice( or several), a capacity for collecting fats with the presence of a bottom zone. If you use terms, then the design includes:

  • smoking chamber;
  • pallet;
  • lattice;
  • combustion chamber of wood material.

Smoky hot smoked: what you can smoke and how to smoke

The principle principle of smoky hot smoking

The arrangement of elements has the following principle: the smoke generator is placed on the bottom - wood chips, on the lattices - the products. The device itself is placed on the fire, which provokes the formation of smoke when heated to the bottom surface. Experts advise to use sawdust of alder, have a good ability to smoke. The whole process of canning is carried out under a closed lid, so that certain conditions are created inside. The main difference from the hot type of smoking is the rapid process of converting raw materials( fish, meat) into a finished product. While the cold type requires a lot of temporary expenses - up to several days, on the contrary, with the help of hot canning, you can cook a meal after 2-3 hours or even earlier.

What you can cook

Any cheese meat products - beef and pork, poultry and offal, sausages and sausages - acquire a pleasant smoke flavor during cooking. You can even cook a whole chicken, but you have to boil it beforehand. It is not forbidden to smoke and fatty foods, such as fat( pallets collect excess fat).Pre-marinated seafood, such as shrimp and mussels, are often used to get a golden crust and an unparalleled taste. Smoky hot smoked: what you can smoke and how to smoke Smoky hot smoked: what you can smoke and how to smoke

Smoked seafood is especially delicious

Vegetables are exposed to smoke for further cooking, often take tomatoes, sweet peppers, zucchini, eggplants. Softness and aroma are superior to other cooking methods, attracting connoisseurs of delicious food. Pears, apples, plums - a gourmet delicious dish that knows the delicious meal.

Varieties of Smoke

The consumer can choose different types of smoke-driven equipment, guided by their needs.

The Simplest Homemade Smokehouse

A barrel with a lid in which the meat is placed is an example of a widespread version made by one's own hands. The principle of delivery of smoke: near the barrel is a source of fire, smoke from which is transmitted through a metal pipe. However, the lack of knowledge and practice in most amateurs leads to a result when the process of smoking is at a low level. Smoky hot smoked: what you can smoke and how to smoke Smoky hot smoked: what you can smoke and how to smoke

Easy Smoke Smoke from a Metal Barrel

Stationary Smokehouse

Has a non-removable structure placed on a brick foundation on which there is a provision for activating the ignition process. Such decisions can be found in courtyards of country houses, often fenced with roof, and in some recreation complexes in the nature. A stationary solution is often needed in the presence of increased need for smoking, so it is equipped with a large firebox. Many smokers are created with their own hands or with the help of specialists. Smoky hot smoked: what you can smoke and how to smoke Smoky hot smoked: what you can smoke and how to smoke

A brick chimney will decorate your area

Portable Model

Practical and mobile version - inexpensive and compact removable design. Such smoke is a rectangular metal mini-box, in which there is a process of hot smoking. The most commonly found compact smoke has the dimensions( in centimeters): width - 50, length - 40 and height - 30. Similar variants differ in ease and the opportunity to take them with you in a trip to the country, you can also travel. Suffice it to place a smoke in a grill or fire to start the heat treatment process. Smoky hot smoked: what you can smoke and how to smoke Smoky hot smoked: what you can smoke and how to smoke

Such a smoke can always be hunted and fishing for

. It is possible to use these models at home: they can be placed directly on a gas stove in an apartment with a hose outlet in the window for removing flue gases and vapors. It is important that in the model there was a water seal, which excludes the smell in the room. Smoky hot smoked: what you can smoke and how to smoke Smoky hot smoked: what you can smoke and how to smoke

The source of fire may be gas or electric

The home installation is able to satiate small bits that can be cooked in less than 1 hour. It is often sold in large hypermarkets and specialized stores.

Large Smokehouse

People who are actively engaged in fishing, and companies that sell smoked products, can not do without dimensional devices. The increased capacity allows fast cooking of a large quantity of raw product, reducing the time costs. In an enlarged bunker, you can easily put a catfish, lamb or pork leg. For a day such a smoke can give more than 50 kilograms of products. Given the high productivity, manufacturers of some models are equipped with their exhaust umbrellas, simplify the use of equipment in enclosed spaces.

Smoke by type of boot. The construction may have a vertical load( increased height) and a horizontal( increasing width).The first kind of smoking is convenient to use in rooms with high ceilings, and the second - with low.

Electric Smokehouse

The absence of the need to breed fire is the main advantage of this solution. Having access to a power source, the smoke just connects to the outlet, and the rest of the process starts automatically. Users of such systems release a large amount of time that would be needed to fire the fire and stove .Particular advantage is the ability to regulate heating to regulate the work.

All smoke electrical types are divided into devices with closed and open shades. The large surface of the heating is provided with options with closed shades, they can be called more functional. Some models can be connected to an automatic battery.

Coal and gas smoke

Modern ready-made solutions are presented by closed cooking systems, which include a door for adding briquettes, branches and sawdust. Devices are distinguished by increased convenience and economy. Taking into account the relatively low cost of gas in Russia, gas alternatives are also of interest, the principle of which is based solely on the combustion of this natural raw material. The propane bottle is all you need to get a delicious smoked dish. Gas and coal models are convenient to use in almost regions with frequent power outages. The peculiarity of the gas solution is a more frequent look at the device.


This group includes both portable and electrical options that can function at home. Sometimes home appliances also understand the cooking of all devices that are used exclusively for individual households.

Tip: When choosing a smoking room, consider the size of the room, the volume of the processed product, the conditions of supply and the purpose of using the device to buy the optimal option.