About introduction of lactation of children till the year of breastfeeding, tables, menu.

About introduction of lactation of children till the year of breastfeeding, tables, menu. Every parent is worried about the child being sita. And for this reason, many people are in a hurry to introduce infant feeding. Moreover, often here as grandmothers, are ready to tell that earlier children began to feed almost from a month. However, today does not recommend the early introduction of supplements.

It has been established that up to 5-6 months, the baby's enzyme system is not able to cope with any kind of food except breast milk or an adapted mixture. In this case, even a teaspoon of a new product can cause significant damage to the body, provoke cysts in the work of the intestine, disturbances in the work of the pancreas.

And for this reason, the introduction of supplements should begin with the e than before 6 months of baby's life. Breast milk contains a sufficient amount of nutrients and nutrients for a healthy life and development of the baby.

The general rules of infant feeding

About introduction of lactation of children till the year of breastfeeding, tables, menu. The child must be ready for to enter the feed. You can determine this by the following


  • ability to sit, or active attempts to learn this skill;
  • cleansing of teeth, the presence of at least one tooth( the body gives a signal of readiness for a new type of food);
  • is a food interest( the kid watches with interest the food of adults, shows the desire to try, to taste food);
  • absence of pushover movement by a tongue when the spoon is raised to the mouth;
  • feeling hungry after full breastfeeding.

Fodder should be introduced smoothly and gradually .It is best to give new products in the first half of the day to control the baby's response. Also, new dishes are better to enter no more than once every three days .After feeding the baby is obliged to give the breast - meals with new products should end with the usual mother's milk.

It is best for a baby to have a special feeding chest and own dishes - a plain dish, a silicone spoon and a drinker.

A model for baby breastfeeding

About introduction of lactation of children till the year of breastfeeding, tables, menu. For a baby receiving breast milk, the optimum is the first admixture of vegetables, mashed in puree. It is better to prefer courgettes, potatoes, cauliflower. They are introduced in the first place. Later, pumpkin and carrots are added. Vegetable mashed potatoes can be made on their own. Vegetables are washed, cooked in a saucepan or steamed, passed through a blender. It is extremely important to cook fresh mashed potatoes every day.

After the stage of the introduction of vegetables has passed, you can begin to give porridge. They should be without milk and gluten .If the child does not like the taste of porridge, you can add a little breast milk to her. Ideal porridge for feeding the child up to the year - corn, buckwheat, rice.

You can buy ready-made porridge, or cook yourself yourself, then grind the finished dish in a blender, or pre-grinding the cereal in a coffee grinder.

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A bit later, meat, yolks are added to the diet. The first meat puree must be from rabbit or turkey. Later, when the baby is adapting, you can add beef, chicken. Meat must be combined with vegetables.

Yolk is better to give quail, but you can chicken in the absence of allergic reactions. Closer to 9 months in a diet of a child it is possible to add sour-milk products, such as kefir and cheese. And only then you can connect various fruits, cookies.

Table of lactation for infants up to the year of breastfeeding

5-6 months
Vegetables: courgettes, broccoli, carrots, pumpkin. Starting with 5 grams, bring up to 150 grams.

6-7 months
Milk and gluten-free porridges. Contain up to 100 grams of

for 7-8 months
Low-fat meat, potatoes( bring to 100 g), yolks( twice a week)

8-9 months
Sour-milk products( starting from 30 grams, bring up to 100 grams)

10 months
Desserts: fruit( pear, apple, plum), dried fruit compote. Bring to 150 grams gradually.

What can not be given to a child up to a year?

Despite the advice of grandparents, babies should give fruit juices .Earlier they were given from three months, now juices are extremely undesirable in baby food for infants. Acids contained in juices irritate the gastric mucosa.

There are also other products that are often mistaken for infants:

  • Manna porridge. Contrary to the established stereotype of its benefits, it is not necessary to give this product a baby. The same applies to other cereals, contains gluten. Porridges cooked from these cereals can provoke serious disturbances in the intestines and even celiac disease( allergic pathology of the intestines).
  • Fresh vegetables, sweets, tropical fruits. Do not give their babies because they cause a strong gas formation, a breakdown in the work of the stomach and intestines.
  • Whole milk from cow and goat). Too seem strange, but it is also banned. The body of a child to a year is not able to absorb any milk other than maternal. You can only make dairy products.

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Mom can prepare mashed potatoes for herself, but if you wish, you can feed the baby and feed the food. It is important to study the composition - there should be no sugar, salt, foreign additives. It is also important to follow the guidelines for storing purée jar.

Alternative to the usual diet of

About introduction of lactation of children till the year of breastfeeding, tables, menu. Today, many breastfeeding mothers refuse feeding on the scheme, replacing it with the pedagogical supplements. The meaning of it is that the child is given ordinary food from the parents table, but in microdoses - literally the size of the matchhead. Of course, you can not allow your child to overeat heavy products that contain flavor enhancers and other harmful ingredients.

Regardless of the choice of livelihood, one must keep in mind the moderation in everything, graduality. And the introduction of supplements should not serve as the beginning of the abandonment of breastfeeding.