Liquid smoke: Harmful or not - destroy myths


  • 1 Methods of preparation, composition
    • 1.1 Composition of liquid synthetic ash of asd
  • 2 The use of liquid smoke
  • 3 Possible and real damage to
  • 4 Product-substitutes for the liquids for smoking

I want to pamper myself with home-cooked delicacies, but the time for their

cookingnot at all? One of the options for getting smoked fish and meat in the short term is the addition of liquid smoke, whose manufacturers on the label of the packaging promise a delicious taste of the dish, a pleasant flavor and a golden color. However, buying a cherished bottle with the words "liquid smoke", the buyer spontaneously ponders how safe the mixture is inside. Some even study the composition, assessing the potential benefits and harm. It turns out not to be in vain, because there really is an excuse to worry about.

Liquid smoke is a flavor, sold as a concentrated mixture that allows you to simulate the natural smoke of fish, meat, sausages, cheeses, as well as give the specific taste of soups, baked and other dishes. Occurs synthetic and natural origin.

Liquid smoke: Harmful or not - destroy myths

Methods of Preparation, composition of

Before talking about whether it is harmful or not liquid smoke, it is worth mentioning ways of obtaining this substance.

A smoky liquid of natural origin was known to people in the 19th century when the Russian chemist VS.N. Karazin first tested the method of cooking products to maintain their freshness. The technology of obtaining liquid smoke in a natural way is based on the dissolution in water of elements released during the decay of wood. Tears of deciduous trees( cherry, beech, apple, alder) are burned at a certain temperature, while smoke is passed through a container filled with water. The formed condensate passes several stages of purification: first insoluble particles - ash, tar, are removed, after removing harmful chemical compounds - carcinogens. As a result, there are only two components of the future fluid - condensate of smoke and resin. They are obtained using technologies such as distillation, concentration, absorption at the membrane level, and then the resulting mixture is stored in the containers until "matured", filtered and packaged in the container.

Thus, given the composition of liquid smoke of natural origin, we can say that the product is not as harmful as its analogue, made from chemicals.

Composition of liquid smoke of synthetic origin

Often, doctors warn the population that the benefits of smoke are minimal, and a product made with the use of chemical additives, harmful and even dangerous to the body. Thus, liquid artificial smoke is nothing but a mixture of water and chemical compounds contained in different proportions. These may be:

  • acids( from 3 to 10%);
  • carbonyl compounds - aldehydes, ketones( from 2.5 to 4.6%);
  • phenols( up to 2.9%).

Water in such fluids ranges from 11 to 92%.Also some manufacturers add to the spice.

It is harmful to the body of liquid smoke of synthetic origin - doctors can not say clearly. Laboratory study of mixtures for smoking is still ongoing.

The benefits of using liquid smoke

The main criterion that the mistress is guessing when buying smoke mixtures is saving time, since there is no need to soak meat or fish in the marinade for a few hours, burn the sawdust, wait for the dish to be ready.

One more reason to replace natural smoke with liquid smoke is the desire not to harm the health, as with the use of a product made on the spill chip, dangerous carcinogens, tar( if you believe the producers of the substance) do not enter the body.

Positive effect of the use of smoky liquid on the taste and aroma of the dish. Meat and fish soaked in a mixture of "liquid smoke", to taste, practically do not differ from the products processed by the method of natural smoking. They also acquire a specific smoky aroma and an appetizing golden or brownish tint.

In addition, the benefit is to destroy parasites that may be in raw meat, fish. In the event that the smoked liquid is added before or after cooking, the heat treatment prevents human infection with helminths, salmonella and other microorganisms.

Possible and actual damage to

Nutritionists and nutritionists are convinced that the benefits of smoking liquids are exaggerated, and in most cases, without the participation of producers who need to sell their products, misleading the consumer. The trouble with all this is more tangible.

The first thing doctors pay attention to, warning consumers of liquid smoke - the emergence of allergic reactions of varying degrees of severity. Someone has an allergy immediately after a single use of dishes prepared using chemical additives, while others complain about symptoms after regular eating of smoked foods. Therefore, many doctors call for the abandonment of the purchase of liquid smoke, as well as selectively approach the selection of smoked items presented on store shelves. It is not unnecessary to study the composition of the "liquid smoke" as well as the smoked product.

Meat and fish, treated with a smoky liquid, also damage the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, leading to peptic ulcer disease, gastritis, and other pathologies. Worth whether or not to use such products to people who already suffer from such diseases, it is not necessary to speak, because the answer is obvious.

Do not forget about the smoked items that are sold in the finished form. No one excludes that the buyer will get spoiled fish or meat, the smoky smell of which was "killed" by liquid smoke.

In some countries, the authorities went to emergency measures, banning the implementation of the most liquid smoke, recognizing it as a strong carcinogen and products that were soaked with it. The ban affected the liquid, produced in natural way, and synthetic( chemical).In a number of other states, there are rules that strictly regulate the content of chemical compounds and the concentration of liquid for smoking. That is, the government itself, based on medical tests, recognizes the harm of the substance for health.

Alert to liquid smoke is the European Food Safety Authority, which annually monitors sales on samples. However, there is no accurate data on how the mixture is smelled on the body of the body, doctors can not tell about the consequences of the use of products in the preparation of which was used liquid smoke.

And some researchers argue that the substance leads to the formation of cancerous tumors. So, Scott Kearn of Johns Hopkins University found that pirogallol, contained in liquid smoke, causes damage to the DNA of cells.

Products-substitutes for smoking liquids

To give a golden shade, replace the liquid smoke harmful by husk bulb, tea brewing. A smoky smell is obtained with some varieties of whiskey or soy sauce. Also, use a mixture of mayonnaise, spices "Curry", grated garlic and soy sauce. In a soup instead of a smoky liquid it is better to add smoked ribs or meat, in them the concentration of substance is much less, and the aroma of the finished dish will be no worse.

Since the controversy about whether the smoke produces harm to the smoke does not subsist, it is better not to eat dishes prepared with its addition, but to prefer products made in the traditional way - smoked on cod or sawdust.