Burning of the skin of the face - so innocently, as it seems?

A burning skin of the face can be caused by many reasons: poor care, too frequent and wrong cleaning, wrong selection of cosmetic products. Sometimes skin problems can appear as a sign of disturbance in the work of any organs. Sometimes the burning of the skin of the face

can be caused by an unhealthy way of life, a violation of hormonal status and a general stress state.

Burning skin of face so innocently, as it seems?


Facial burning of the skin can also provoke cooperosis, a serious disease that causes blood circulation problems in the skin. Often, couperoz occurs when sensitive skin, which is characterized by a special susceptibility, and then there is a feeling of burning, tingling, itching, sometimes on the skin redness and even inflammation of different localization - on the cheeks, on the nose, forehead and chin.

At the beginning of the disease, redness and burning sensation appear from time to time, but gradually there is an expansion of vessels and loss of elasticity. Redness becomes a permanent phenomenon, and it turns out to be more intense. As a rule, such negative changes in appearance cause not only physical but also psychological discomfort.

The emergence of a vascular mesh on the face is more common in women's blonde nature.

In addition to temperature fluctuations, couperozes can be provoked by any factors that cause vasodilatation. Appearance of redness can be caused by too sharp or too hot food and alcohol. The risk factors include the smoking and excess of ultraviolet irradiation, not only natural, but also artificial, in the solarium. Hormonal disorders and frequent stress only increase the process.

Treatment of Aperture

First and foremost, proper skin care is necessary. You can not wash with cold water, the more you rub your face with ice. It is also not necessary to steam the skin. All care products should be free of alcohol, eucalyptus, anise, clove and dill oils, menthol, aloe, honey and other stimuli. Fruit acids are also not used. After washing do not rub the face with a towel, let the skin dry up on its own. Courses take vitamin complexes.

Buy and use a special cream from the cupper and practice medical masks. All creams that mask and tinting agents should be applied only with the tips of your fingers, so as not to damage the skin with brush or other devices. In the form of purchased cosmetics or home recipes, there should be extracts of ginkgo biloba, kalgan and olives, inglyts, sophora, horse chestnut and turmeric, wild mint, cypress and blueberries, mimosa, buy, green tea or magnolia. Instead of ordinary water, it is better to use for infusion of infusions and decoctions of camomile, calendula, horse chestnut, field horsetail or wood. These infusions can be used as lotions.

Burning skin of face so innocently, as it seems?

Popular recipes

  • To remove burns of skin at home, you can use one of the recipes of folk medicine. In equal parts, take the flowers of chamomile, lavender flowers, leaves of sage and Icelandic moss, how to shred and stir.2 itemsspoons of the mixture pour 300 ml of boiling water and boil for 5 minutes. Then insert in the thermos for 2 hours, withdraw the strain. This broth needs to be washed face 2-3 times a day.
  • Three tablespoons of dried chamomile pour a glass of boiling water. The frozen infusion strain, moisten it with cotton napkins and apply to the areas of redness. It's enough 10 minutes of compress for a day.
  • Prepare a decoction of 2 teaspoons of chamomile flowers and 0.5 l of water. Cool and strain. Pour 2 pills of ascorutin into a powder, add to a broth and mix. A therapeutic tonic has been released, which you can rub your face every day.
  • Fresh potatoes to be washed and peeled, finely chopped and applied on the face of the skin as a mask. After 10 minutes, wash off all infusion of calendula or chamomile.

In case of couperoz it is necessary to protect the skin especially from frost and wind. In the winter, an hour before getting out of the cold, make a 15-minute mask. Add a teaspoon of peach, linen or olive oil to the same amount of lanolin, add a little starch or talc. Distribute the mixture to the desired areas, and rinse with the infusion of chamomile.


Chronic skin disease - rosacea - can also cause burning of the face skin. This disease is characterized by the appearance of erythema, bright papules and acne, the person always looks swollen and has a steady redness of the central area. At later stages, redness begins to thicken, and the vascular mesh manifests itself. Rosacea is found mainly in light-skinned people, in women more often than in men. Rosacea can also cause eye damage. To this disease there is a genetic predisposition, it often appears in people who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. When rosacea it is not necessary to engage in self-treatment, it is better to immediately contact the specialists, in particular, to the endocrinologist and dermatologist.

Burning skin of face so innocently, as it seems?

Treatment of Rosacea

Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply granny recipes with this disease. Only an experienced and qualified physician can recommend some herbal infusions as a rinse. Because even such remedies can exacerbate the situation and cause an allergic reaction. The same applies to various imported non-certified medicines. Do not do anything without consulting your doctor.

Prescribed ointments and creams with antiseptics have antimicrobial effect, and cold compresses are based on decoctions of some medicinal plants, remove inflammation and reduce reddening. Sometimes prescribe antibiotics.

Nowadays, more and more applications are electrocoagulation, cryodestruction, dermabrasion. Some types of peeling are often practiced successfully.

The entire list for cypress is included in the restrictions and prohibitions of rosacea.

Be attentive to yourself, do not let the complications, then you can cure these unpleasant and complex diseases.