Hemorrhoid Treatment

Internal hemorrhoids - symptoms and treatment

Internal hemorrhoids symptoms and treatment Speaking about hemorrhoids, many associate this disease with discomfort during sitting, walking, bleeding when visiting the toilet, feeling itching and pain. These common symptoms are characteristic of several types of the disease. About external hemorrhoids, we told

in the previous article, and now consider the main causes of the formation of internal hemorrhoids, symptoms and ways of its treatment.

Causes of Internal Hemorrhoids

  • One of the main causes is low physical activity. If a person's work involves prolonged sitting in the workplace or prolonged standing, this can provoke the development of the disease.
  • Another extreme - hard physical work, heavy exercise classes can also be one of the causes of signs of internal hemorrhoids. The fact is that the small pelvis increases the flow of blood, it overflows the veins of the rectum and begins the development of the disease.
  • Problems with intestinal motility. For his normal work, vegetables, fruits must be consumed daily. Drink at least 1-2 liters of liquid during the day. It is recommended to limit in your diet half-finished foods, fast foods, protein foods, some baked goods, greasy and roasted food sold in the store.
  • Smoking, drinking alcohol. This is due to the fact that the abuse of various alcoholic beverages leads to vasodilatation, which greatly enhances blood flow.
  • Internal hemorrhoids appear in cases where a person has long been tormented by diarrhea or constipation. Vascular plexus, located in a small pelvis, with constipation is subject to increased pressure, there is a stagnation of blood. A prolonged seat on the toilet or a strong tension to accelerate bowel movements in most cases is the cause of the inflammation of hemorrhoids.
  • Often developing hemorrhoids during pregnancy and as a result of the generic activity of the body of a woman. During this period there is an increase in pressure on the pelvic veins, they become overcrowded. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the causes and signs of hemorrhoids in women in more detail.
  • Heredity and genetic predisposition. If the walls of the vessels are weak, it suffices to appear above the above factors, and the risk of developing the disease increases repeatedly.

Internal hemorrhoids, symptoms of pathology

Symptoms of the disease are in direct dependence on the stage of its development, the size of enlarged hemorrhoids and other pathologies of the rectum.

In the initial stages of development of internal hemorrhoids, symptoms are usually either absent or so insignificant that a person does not give them any meaning. The provocative factors can cause light discomfort in the anus, or a feeling of a foreign subject in it.

Internal hemorrhoids symptoms and treatment The existence of nodes can not be guessed as long as they do not start falling out, which happens later. Blood may appear during defecation, but in very small quantities.

With the further development of internal hemorrhoids there is an increase in nodes, the gut lumen is significantly narrowing. Discomfort is aggravated when the feces go through pain, there are more significant traces of blood. When defecation increased nodes may drop, but then independently turn back. Around the hemorrhoidal nodes there is inflammation of the gut surface of the mucous membrane, which is accompanied by the release of fluid. There is anger and burning sensation in the anus.

In the following stages there is an increase in the above symptoms, the fallen nodes often have to be manually handled. Their fallout occurs not only when visiting the toilet, but also when lifting heavy objects. With severe bleeding anemia can develop. It is important to remember that hemorrhoid is dangerous to its complications. In addition to anemia, there may be stiffening and thrombosis of the hemorrhoidal node, and when spreading inflammation to the paracrine cellulose - pararectal fistula and purulent paraproctitis. Chronic internal hemorrhoids bother the person only during exacerbations. When remission of the listed symptoms may not be.

Treatment of internal hemorrhoids

As a rule, the choice of the method of treatment depends on the timeliness of the treatment of the patient for medical assistance.

At an early stage, conservative therapy with the use of pharmaceuticals and traditional medicine recipes will suffice. Conservative treatment is based on the use of ointments and candles from internal hemorrhoids, which reduce the swelling of inflamed nodules, eliminate pain, repair damaged tissue.

Folk remedies - candles containing honey, propolis, aloe, potatoes. The use of mildew with decoction of herbs( chamomile, calendula, sage) is quite effective, with oil of sea buckthorn, potato juice, propolis, etc.

If the treatment of internal hemorrhoids by folk remedies and drugs did not lead to a significant improvement in the patient's condition, the next stage of treatment becomes useminimally invasive techniques. They are based on deprivation from the nodes due to the effect on them of high temperatures, bandages, etc.

The last way - the treatment of internal hemorrhoids by surgery. They resort to extreme cases. This usually occurs at the last stages of the disease, when various complications arise that threaten the life of a person.

For the effective treatment it is first of all to eliminate the causes causing the exacerbation of the disease. To do this, you must abandon bad habits, radically revise the diet, start a healthy lifestyle with sufficient motor activity. If you follow these rules, internal hemorrhoids will disturb you much less.