The left side of the head is affected: causes, symptoms and treatment

Headache may have its own specific features. Sometimes the attacks begin on the entire surface, and then the pain begins to be felt only in the temples or the frontal part. Each attack may differ from the previous one. But there are cases when the pain extends only to the

on the left side of the head.

The left side of the head is affected: causes, symptoms and treatment

For the correct approach to the treatment of such a headache, you must necessarily visit a doctor and undergo a survey. Pain sensations can be expressed as burning, throbbing or pressure. Cases when a pain attack is felt only from the left side of the head, occur quite often.


  • Why is the left side of the head ached?
  • Occupational Expenditures
  • Wrong Dental Care
  • Treatment and Prevention

Because of which is the left side of the head?

Causes may be, as always, several, due to which the left side of the head is sore. Let's dwell on the most common:

- migraine attacks, with pain in the left eye, temple, forehead and upper jaw on the left side. If migraine with aura, then it will begin to show distinctive features: before the eyes there will be black dots or asterisks, nausea, excessive sweating, strong irritability can be felt. Even hallucinations associated with the scent may appear. Such an attack lasts for several hours, after which there is a feeling of fatigue;

- cause pain in the left side of the head capable of osteochondrosis. In this case, the accumulation of salts in the spine occurs and because of this the cervical artery is pressed and blood circulation is disturbed. Therefore, there is a lack of oxygen and there are painful vertigo attacks. The feelings are usually manifested in the form of achievers and drag pain or throbbing in the temples;

- Increased sensitivity to weather and climate change. In this case, pain will be in the left temple, the ears, parts of the forehead and the neck. Such a phenomenon occurs some time before the beginning of rain or snow. Blood pressure may not have time to change after the atmospheric. It can also begin to sore teeth, scratching the neck. The pain is not very strong, but it lasts a long time and is painful;

- the initial stage of infection development can cause pulling and shooting pain in the left side of the head. For example, a diseased tooth on the left side or cold muscles of the neck, shoulder, lower jaw. Such processes are exacerbated by movements and physical activity;

- various injuries of the spine and head, congenital malformations of the musculoskeletal system;

- heavy load on the muscles, tendons and ligaments;

- Severe pains can cause tumors, especially if they are formed on the left side of the head, in which case the pain will be felt in this place. This can lead to loss of hearing and vision, memory and sleep disturbances, loss of appetite, and impaired coordination of movements;

- if the cause of the pain in the left side of the head is a stroke - a mandatory hospitalization and professional treatment are required.

Occupational Expenditures

The left side of the head is affected: causes, symptoms and treatment All occupations that involve working with people may be the cause of headache attacks on the left side. This is due to the fact that the possibility of creating stressful situations and disorders of the nervous system increases at times.

Very often the pain on the left side of the head is related to a certain area of ​​activity, but in any case everything depends on the individual characteristics of your body.

First of all such phenomena can be observed in people whose work is associated with high muscle tension and connective tissue. For example, if you work on a conveyor and do very small parts, the muscles are in constant stress and after several hours of work an attack may start.

When sitting, especially if it is related to computer work, headache on the left side of your head may become chronic and prevent you from doing your job. Pay attention to the value of your desktop. If there is a drag on the left side, it can directly affect headaches.

Any colds can be the cause of this. If your work is carried out in the open air you must always adhere to certain rules of conduct. Avoid overcooling, try not to let a strong wind in your face, wear a headgear. Because pain can cause periosteum and otitis and get rid of it will only be possible after the treatment of these diseases.

Frequently, such problems also arise in professional athletes, especially if weight lifting and heavy muscle loads are anticipated. In this case, you must gradually increase the load, do massage.

In the event of headache attacks on the left side, be sure to contact your doctor, then go on to self-medication. Such pain may indicate the development of a complex disease and the earlier it will be detected, the sooner will be the course of treatment and complete rehabilitation.

When choosing a profession, be sure to study the possible chronic diseases and methods of prevention - this will help you to save health and avoid different experiences and stresses.

Inappropriate Toothbrushes

The left side of the head is affected: causes, symptoms and treatment All of us from childhood are known for oral care. But do we always adhere to them. Be sure to:

- brush your teeth in the morning and evening;
- visit the dentist twice a year;
- rinse your mouth after eating;
- if you have gum inflammation, take the necessary procedures and rinse your mouth with a decoction of herbs;
- change the toothbrush once every three months;
- Choosing a toothpaste is right.

By following all these rules, you can prevent the development of an infection in the mouth and reduce the possibility of beginning of headache attacks. The fact is that the development of any infection can provoke the onset of such phenomena, due to the fact that all organs and systems work in a certain order and are closely interrelated.

Any infection in the oral cavity can enter the brain or the entire body. On this basis, the possibility of developing the inflammatory process in any organ increases, and as you have noticed that any inflammatory processes can cause migraine attacks and headaches.

It is very important to choose a toothpaste for toothbrushes correctly. Do not use abrasives to achieve teeth whitening. This leads to premature erosion of the enamel and may even lead to a nerve injury and the tooth will become very fragile. Tooth decay for several reasons:

  • Improper care.
  • Very brittleness.
  • The emergence of a caries.

From headache attacks caused by dental illness, you can get rid of only after a complete oral sanitation. If necessary, you need to remove all diseased teeth, which, according to a specialist, are not subject to treatment.

If there is evidence of a prosthetic, this should be done so that when chewing, you can injure the nerve endings that are found in the jaw and in this connection may begin to attack the headache.

Treatment and prevention of

To choose the course of treatment, it is necessary to diagnose the cause of their occurrence. Usually use a set of activities. To relieve a very severe pain, medicines are used from the group of analgesics or antispasmodics. Good enough relieves headache "Paracetamol" and all the drugs that contain it.

But usually the reason lies in another disease and the administration of analgesics will not be enough. Therefore, it is necessary to visit a doctor so that he prescribes a medical course of treatment.

In addition, folk remedies and medicinal herbs are often used to relieve an attack when the left side of the head is sore. Its beneficial properties are known - mint, lemon, rosemary, mother-of-pear, chamomile. From these plants you can brew tea and drink it.

There are many recipes for decoctions and tinctures that can relieve headaches or at least reduce their number.

A good prophylactic means self-massage heads, so easy to learn. You take a comfortable position and massage your head with your fingertips. Start from the place where the pain is strongest, and then move around the entire area of ​​the head.

Relief will come in twenty minutes. To enhance the effect, you can use aromatic oil. Take lemon, peppermint, eucalyptus oil and rub it in whiskey or just sniff it.

With a massage you need to be careful if you have a head injury or brain tumor. In such a situation, be sure to consult a doctor, it may happen that your massage is contraindicated.

A contrast shower or a warm bath helps to improve overall well-being and blood flow. The shower is better to take in the morning, and the bathroom in the evening.

A good way to prevent any disease is to have a healthier lifestyle. If it becomes your habit you can very rarely experience headache attacks. Requires:

  • abandon alcohol and nicotine;
  • to engage in physical education and sports;
  • prefer healthy eating;
  • adhere to day mode;
  • take outdoor walks.

Painful attacks on the left side of the head have their causes and may indicate the onset of a serious illness. On this basis, in repeated cases of such manifestations, always consult a doctor and, if necessary, complete the examination.

Diagnosis can greatly help your records, feelings during an attack. This is necessary in order for the doctor to be able to imagine the whole picture of the course of the attack, each nuance of which may be a sign of another cause of occurrence. The treatment of headache attacks is a must-see and, at the same time, use preventive measures.