Master Shape: 1 tool for creating perfect eyebrows

Correctly designed eyebrows will emphasize the beauty of the face and make the makeup complete. Natural contours can be brought to the ideal state with the help of modern makeup. The maybelline master shape pencil with a brush will help make the look more expressive, emphasize your image and the

's individuality.

Master Shape: 1 tool for creating perfect eyebrows

Eyebrow Pencils Maybelline Master Shape


  • Why choose Maybelline master shape
  • How to choose your shade
  • Eyelash brush pencil with brush
  • Develop myths

Why choose a Maybelline master shape

Maybelline looks like a regular eyebrow pencil, but forthose who want to have a beautiful and lasting make-up all day long, a real find. Its cord is made on the basis of wax - a safe material, which has the property of light application and astonishing stability. When applied correctly, the contour covers only the hairs of the color and fixes them in a given position.

The maybelline Master Shape pencil is equipped with a brush.

Master Shape: 1 tool for creating perfect eyebrows

Pencil is equipped with a convenient brush with brush

It is convenient: there is no need to buy a separate brush, one item includes the color and the means for laying.

Please note: using this wax pencil, you will not be able to handle the missing lines and hairs. A means can only emphasize the existing form and fix it.

How to choose your shade

The eyebrow pencil is presented in three shades:

  • Dark Blond;
  • Light brown;
  • Dark Brown.
  • Master Shape: 1 tool for creating perfect eyebrows

    Available colors have shades of dark blond, light brown and dark brown

    . The color of the slate may seem too bright, but it's a misleading impression: apply a line on the wrist and you will see that the bar is translucent, this is enough to emphasize the eyebrow shade andgiving them saturation.

    To determine the color of the contour, focus on the shade of hair - the eyebrows should be 1-2 t darker, otherwise, the person will seem dim and dull.

    Blondes are the perfect blend of dark blond shades. Owners of blond hair should pay attention to the light brown pencil maybelline Master Shape.

    Master Shape: 1 tool for creating perfect eyebrows

    An example of hair extensions to give them the desired shade

    Shadows and brunettes choose Dark brown color of wax.

    Brush pencil brush makeup

    Eyebrow pencils should be in the cosmetics bag of every self-respecting fashionista. For day-to-day make-up, especially in the summer, you can apply only mascara and give a rich color to the eyebrows.

    • Use the eyebrow pencil from the meibelin to emphasize the shape and saturation of the color: make the strokes in the direction from the pores to the temples, guiding the stamp to the top. So stacking will look natural.

    Master Shape: 1 tool for creating perfect eyebrows

    Formula with natural wax and delicate coloring pigments

    Please note: when you move the pencil parallel to the line of the eye, you risk the gluing of the hairs, the effect of their lack may be.

    • Use eyebrow shades to add saturation and volume to the eyebrows. With their help, you can cope with missing fragments.

    That's all, eyebrow makeup is ready. The eyebrow pencil-colored eyebolt has a unique formula that allows the device to stay all day long. Makeup will remain impeccable until the evening.

    Develop myths for

    Some girls point out that the maybelline master shape is not bright enough, poorly sharpened to an acute state, has a "melted" texture and attributes these properties to disadvantages. This idea is subjective and not always true: the line for toning the eyebrow line should not be firm: soft does not injure the skin, it is easier to distribute. Acuity is also not needed, because the drawing of each hair - it's a rather troublesome and irrational thing.