How to build a pebble with your own hands?

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  • Materials for the construction of the rabbit
  • cell cage
  • rabbits For rabbits

Rabbits are very sensitive to drafts, dampness and exposure to sunlight, so it is very important to build a creamer with your own hands. There are several ways to keep rabbits in the

: half-wolf, squadron and cellular. The cellular system is most effective, it allows you to properly work on breeding rabbits, to prevent disease and to apply rational feeding.

How to build a pebble with your own hands?

Cream should first of all be handy for rabbits.

Materials for the construction of the rabbit

Rabbits live in a confined space, so it is necessary to make the cells clean, protected from frost and drafts. To build a pebble with your own hands, you will need:

How to build a pebble with your own hands?

Scheme of the device of the rabbit.

  • thick plywood or slatted boards for wall and floor covering;
  • roof or roofing roof;
  • wooden frame for frame;
  • mesh with small doors for doors;
  • sheets of tin for upholstery of wooden parts;
  • metal corners;
  • loops for doors and latch.

In addition, nails, hammer, saw, metal scissors, roulette and pencil will be needed. It is very convenient to fasten parts of a cell using screws and screwdrivers.

Before proceeding directly to the construction of the crevice, make a drawing. The simplest design scheme is two-sectional with light and dark compartments. The average size of such a cell is 1.2 m x 0.65 m x 0.75 m. At the same time, the back wall should be less than the front of 0.5 cm.

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Cell assembly

How to build a pebble with your own hands?

Rabbit plan.

The base of the rabbit is made of wooden bars. Measure them according to the size of your drawing. Secure the bars with screws or nails. Secure the joints with metal corners. Fully cover the back of the sheet with plywood or boards. Sew one part of the cell with the boards, leaving a hole in the partition for moving the rabbits.

Make a frame from the bars for the door and sew it with a metal grid. Also cover the floor in the cage with a grid and fasten it. Cover the top with a piece of plywood, which can be removed from the rabbit as needed and washed. This way will greatly simplify the cleaning of the cage. Attach the door to the frame using the hinged loops and make a latch.

Cover the cage with boards on top of which you can enclose sheets of roofing material( you can use a soft roof).It is not recommended to cover the crust with metal sheets, as in hot weather they are heated, which gives discomfort to rabbits.

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Feeders for rabbits

How to build a pebble with your own hands?

Types of feeders for rabbits.

The rabbit feeder unit must meet several requirements. It should be sufficiently large enough to feed all animals and they could approach it freely.

If the cage contains 1 or 2 rabbits, you can put a deep bowl, but such a feeder is not very reliable, the animal can flip over and trickle the food. Self-tapping billets can be made bunker type. It is made of a tin can or a polypropylene pipe for sewage of 110 mm diameter

To make a tin rack, you need to take a large jar and cut off the front wall with scissors on the iron, not reaching 5 cm to the bottom. Treat the sharpened edges so that the rabbits can not hurt. Align the cut off portion of the jar, attach it to the cut edges and bend over. Fix this part with screws and attach the jar to the wall of the cage.

In the upper part it is convenient to pour feed, as the devastation of the feeder can be filled with food.

From a polypropylene pipe for sewage can make an excellent feeder, which is very convenient to wash. For its manufacture it will take a section of the pipe of the required length and lead( connecting element, bent at an angle of 90 °).In the pipe, cut 1/2 part, work with sandpaper edge, so that they are smooth. Insert the item you received. The feeder is ready. In the cell wall cut a round hole, the diameter of which is equal to the diameter of the pipe, and insert a feeder into it.

You also need to make a separate container for hay or green feed. This may be a box of metal mesh with large holes. Attach it to the wall of the cage and fill with hay as necessary. Some farmers arrange them between 2 cells, so there can be several rabbits from this feeder, and the supply of hay and green feed is greatly simplified.


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Drinkers for rabbits

Water in rabbits should be kept constant, the acute lack of moisture badly affects the health of rabbits, so drinking animals should be taken seriously as well as feeding. In a rabbit you can arrange a semi-automatic watering system, so that the animals have water.

For the manufacture of a drinking bowl you need:

  • polyethylene bottle with a capacity of 1 liter;
  • tin can( for example, from under sprats or sardines);
  • wire.


Fill the polyethylene bottle with water and place it vertically in a tin can. It will be filled with water to a certain level. As the animal will drink water, the jar will be filled. To make it easy to add fresh water to the design, you can cut the bottom of the bottle. Attach the design to the outside of the door using a thick wire, and place the jar on the floor.