500 Internal Server Error which is an error

Error "500 Internal Server Error " is one of the most common mistakes related to server problems, and the server often does not provide detailed information about the causes of the problem. In this article, I will describe that it is an error 500 internal server error, list

the cause of the problem, and tell about different ways to fix it.

500 Internal Server Error which is an error

What Is This 500 Internal Server Error

Table of Contents

  • 1 What Is This 500 Internal Server Error
  • 2 Causes of Error 500 and How to Resolve
  • 3 Fix Bug 500( Tips to User)
  • 4 Conclusion

What Is This 500 Internal Server Error

500 Internal Server Error is one of the most common HTTP status codes that signals some problems with the website server. Usually this error manifests itself in the form of lines with messages "500 Internal Server Error", "Temporary Error( 500)", "HTTP 500 Internal Server Error", "Internal Server Error", "500 Error" and others, and "to see"It can be found on any browser and operating system, including mobile devices.

500 Internal Server Error which is an error

Illustration of error 500 in

browser Usually this error 500 Internal Server Error speaks of some kind of software errors in working with a website, and directly affects the specifics of webmaster work. Also, when working on the Internet may occur error 651, the decision on the link.

Causes of an error 500 and how to resolve them

Usually, for the specific reasons causing error 500 you can read the errors in the beam that are located in the control panel of hosting DirectAdmin( Site statistics - General Statistics - Logs).

I would name the following main reasons for this error: 500 Internal Server Error:

  • Error Access. In most cases, the Internal Server Error problem is related to incorrect access to various files or folders( for example, with incorrect access for PHP and CGI scripts).To resolve this issue, you need to fix access rights for the required files or directories;
  • PHP Timeout . If your script is related to external resources and these resources terminate their work, then this error occurs. Take into account the time and rules of the work of external resources, this will help to avoid mistakes;
  • Damaged . htaccess file. Be sure that the htaccess file of your site is structured properly so that it has a properly built syntax and there are no unsupported directives. In addition, the. htaccess file could be corrupted as a result of installing a new plugin or any changes to your WordPress site. Problem 500 Internal Server Error is solved quite simply, all you need is to create a new. htaccess file.

    500 Internal Server Error which is an error

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    Damaged. htaccess file

  • Your server's PHP limit is exceeded. Usually, this situation occurs due to an incorrect plug-in, or your site uses too many plug-ins. Usually, in order to resolve this error, you need to increase your PHP memory limit in WordPress and update your site to verify that your server exceeds the limit of PHP memory. You can also advise to deactivate some of the plug-ins to determine which one can trigger an error considered by me.

You can also try to identify the source of the problem of debugging your site, and also download the latest wp-content and wp-include folder for your resource.

Troubleshoot error 500( tips for user)

With 500 Server Internal Server Error, there may be a webmaster, but also an average user when working on the Internet.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Reboot the page by pressing F5 or the restart button of your browser page), since the problem may be accidental;
  • Clear your browser cache;
  • Items are described to correct a similar error ERR EMPTY RESPONSE.
  • Delete your browser cookies;
  • Locate the network and perform troubleshooting steps # 504( some servers provide error 500 instead of more suitable for this error case 504);
  • Write a site administration letter for this problem may be an option that they just do not know about the dysfunction of their resource.


I hope you understand that this is an error 500 Internal Server Error and how to fix it. As you can see, usually a 500 Internal Server Error error on your site may be due to incorrectly specified rights to certain folders and files, as well as damage to the. htaccess file. To resolve this, you must set the correct permissions for the files you use, and re-create the. htaccess file.

For ordinary users, I encountered an error of 500 when surfing the network, I would recommend using the tips above for the ordinary user, which are usually easy to solve the problem with the occurrence of the 500 error.