Hot smoking: technology at home

Table of contents:

  • 1 Smith with his own hands
    • 1.1
  • 2 Smoke production procedure
  • 2 Smoke technology
    • 2.1 Hot smoker temperature
  • 3 Hot cooking with own hands
    • 3.1 Examples of cooking dishes
      • 3.1.1 Hot smoked pork
      • 3.1.2Hot smoked salmon with your own hands
  • Hot smoker - a process of processing the product with hot smoke. The temperature at which the product is maintained is about 90 ° C.The benefits of this smoking technology are that it is available at home. Dishes are cooked quickly, and simple recipes for cooking with your own hands.

    Disadvantages of hot smoked compared to cold:

    • short shelf life;
    • in the smoke contains carcinogens that come in food.

    Coptic is available in a variety of products: fish of various varieties, poultry, meat, as well as seafood. Why do you smoke at home when the shelves are full of such good?

    Hot smoking: technology at home

    Smoke Smoke from a Bucket

    A large number of smoking smoke instructions for hot smokers in this section!

    Smoke Technology

    If you are going to do smoking for the first time, strictly follow technology to get a good result. Subsequently you will have their own branded recipes and the secrets of their cooking. But now adhere to the following rules:

  • Smack better in dry, not too windy weather;
  • Try to open the smoke cover as little as possible;
  • Use wood that does not contain resin. The best fit is fir and alder. If there is no way to get them, oak, hazel, yarrow, maple, cherry, pear, plum, birch( without bark) will fit. Wood must be crushed to 40-60 mm;
  • Gill, sawdust is placed on the bottom of a smoky smooth layer. When the bottom is hot, the wood will start to burn;
  • Depending on whether you can sustain the fires long and evenly in a burning state, the quality of the dish will depend on.
  • Hot smoker temperature

    As mentioned above, hot smoked - smoke treatment, the temperature of which reaches 90 ° C.How to determine if there is enough hot processing? With water. Bounce a bit on the smoke: at 90 ° C the water will quickly evaporate, but do not spit.

    If your smoke is high, then the temperature in it is different. Think in the place where the products are located. It's not terrible if the heat fluctuates within 10 ° С.

    Hot cooking hot dishes The whole process of hot smoking is as follows:

  • Before smoking at home, meat or fish salts, marinated for 2-3 hours, then washed, dried and placed on a grid so that the productsdid not touch each other;
  • The fish is cooked for about 40 minutes, and the meat is at least 1 hour;
  • After taking the products out of smoke, keep them in a cool place for at least 24 hours. During this time there is bitterness from the finished products, hot smoked foods become tastier;
  • Examples of cooking dishes

    Hot smoked pork

    • 1 kg of pork ham salt, pepper.
    • We make marinade: 200 ml of vinegar, ground pepper, 2-3 leaves of bay leaves, "umbrella" of dill.
    • Prepare the smoke. On the bottom grid we put a tray with a marinade.
    • We put meat on the upper grid.
    • First, we make a fire for the preparation of pork, and when the cod in the bucket will crack, we reduce it.
    • After an hour, the meat can be smeared with garlic sauce, and add water to the pallet.
    • In an hour, pork will be ready.

    The salty of hot smoked hands

    The salty must be fresh, not frozen. For 4 kg of product take 0,5 kg of salt, 2 tablespoons.lblack pepper, crushed dill, a few cloves of garlic.

    • We cut the greasy strips to 5 cm.
    • Garlic peeled with salt, mix other spices.
    • Rub the resulting mixture of fat, including hides.
    • At the bottom of the cardboard box, pour a layer of a mixture of spices, and place on it pieces of lard.
    • Top with a piece of cardboard and leave in a cellar for 3 days.
    • After that time, we remove and remove fat. We put pieces for drying day by day.
    • To keep fat dull, you need to soak it as soon as possible. For this we use small sawdust.
    • Be sure to place the tray in the smokehouse, because it will drain a lot of fat. The product is ready for use in 2 days.

    As you can see, it is very easy to soak meat or fish with your own hands. Recipes can be different, but the principle is the same. Maybe soon you will create your own specialty dish, which you will be happy with friends and relatives.