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Epilation and depilation of the groin in the home

Today, all beautiful women and girls tend to have a delicate and absolutely smooth skin, leaving no chance of excessive hair follicles on the body, and epilation and depilation of the groin at home has become an integral part of every lady's ritual. Many ways have been devised for its

conduction and each year they are refined, becoming less painful and more effective.

Normal Razor and Cream - Depilator

Elimination of excess hair growing in razor blades is the easiest and most accessible method for all. The shaving machine quickly cope with the task, but not always painless. At the end of the procedure, discomfort or pain may be irritated.

To avoid this, you can use a "female" razor applied to a moisturizing gel. Rinse the waste water with cold water, which removes irritation from the skin.

The effect of this method of hair removal is very fast, and when using a cream created to remove hair, a hateful bristle can be forgotten for a couple of weeks. To eliminate hair has been successfully adhere to some of the rules listed on the package

Epilation and depilation of the groin in the home


Deprivation of hair in the area of ​​the armpit epilator - a very painful procedure, which can decide only the girl who has a high pain threshold. After such hair removal epilation can be forgotten for two to three weeks. If you spend it constantly, the amount of hairs is reduced. Perhaps this is all the benefits of this method. The minuses include pain, severe irritation and ingrown hairs.

Epilation and depilation of the groin in the home

Wax epilation

Removing hairs with special wax is no less painful than using an epilator, but the effect lasts up to one month. For the area of ​​the armpit, it is better to use warm wax knit strips, as they are more suitable for equal parts of the body( legs, hands, bikini zone).It is convenient to do epilation with them, but there is the risk of removing all hairs.

Epilation and depilation of the groin in the home

Before you start waxing your hair, you need to take a few good rules:

  • The skin should be clean and dry;
  • Cream-peeling is obligatory to remove dead skin. With this procedure you protect yourself from greasy hairs;
  • Wax should be heated only to the desired temperature;
  • It is necessary to apply it only for growth of hairs, after which to press a napkin to it and quickly remove it with a sharp movement on itself;
  • It is necessary to remove the residue with a damp cloth and grease it with a soothing remedy.
  • Step-by-step video instruction for removing hair under the armpits

    For such a procedure there is a contraindication - it is a damage to the skin of any nature, even insignificant.


    This method is very similar to the previous, with one difference: instead of wax, a special sugar-based composition is used. It can be purchased or cooked by yourself. To do this, mix 10 dessert spoons of sugar, 2 dessert spoons of lemon juice and 1 dessert spoon of water.

    Epilation and depilation of the groin in the home

    • Heat the mixture on the heat for two minutes stirring constantly;
    • Cover the pan with a lid and leave it at low heat for about 10 minutes, allow the mixture to cool slightly;
    • Then take it a little, remember in your hands, apply against the growth of hair and tear off with a sharp movement.

    After such procedure, be sure to grease the skin with a soothing lotion. To make hair grow more slowly apply a cosmetic product to the skin to slow down hair growth.

    Salon Depilation

    Above were the home remedies for hair removal. If you want to get rid of hair in the area of ​​your armpits forever, then you better use salon laser or photo-epilation. Special rays painfully destroys hair follicles. The effect can last up to seven years. This method is not suitable for home use. As it requires professional consultation and constant observation by a beautician.


    Of all the above methods, there are enough painful and painless variants that will suit you-you decide for yourself, because the main thing is to remain smooth and beautiful!