Knitting water violet: the benefits of the method

Proper care of indoor plants is very important if you want them to be happy with beautiful blooms and not be prone to various diseases. Unfortunately, senspolya is one of the most vivid colors that can die very quickly due to fungal diseases, if not

to keep track of the first signs of an illness in time. But without it, they grow poorly and bloom when care for them is not perfect. Knot watering prevents from overdrying and rotting due to overflow. It will be discussed further.


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Description of the

method The special watering of the knives is the use of a jet( cord) through which the water enters the potwith a soil mixture of capacitance in accordance with the capillary properties of the cord, and the moisture is kept in the pot( substrate) at a level that corresponds to the change in the external conditions of the content of the sensory. That is, the temperature differences and changes in the values ​​of humidity in this room affect the change in humidity in a pot with flowers. Also, the income for water wick changes correspondingly with the growth of the plant. Knot watering is a convenient and economical method.

Advantages of

The method of wicker irrigation, of course, has its advantages. It significantly alleviates the labor costs of the owner, since it is not necessary to monitor the regime of individual watering. In addition, in the absence of people in the apartment for a long time do not have to ask neighbors to water the flowers. Watering the violets will occur on their own. Knitting water violet: the benefits of the method

Other benefits of the method:

  • Blushing of violets becomes loose, begins earlier, holds longer;
  • There is no danger of excess water or soil overdryers;
  • The soil is moisturized in the upper layer, rising from the bottom with moisture, if the top layer dries - that is, the plant can be poured and root rot is prevented;
  • Uses smaller pots and less fertilizer and soil;
  • Significant improvement in the growth of violets-mini( in tiny pots);
  • Flowers of Denpoli - larger, the leaves grow smaller, giving flowers to gain strength - the plant becomes much more beautiful.

In principle, the number of benefits of wicker watering violets leaves no doubt, is it good whether the choice will still provide it to their pet plants. Watering takes a lot of time with the usual approach, and so the owner is released from this load. Knitting water violet: the benefits of the method


Considering the enthusiasm of the spray nozzles, the given violet watering - clay - is virtually ideal for them. But there are certain disadvantages. For example, if the cord is very wide( in diameter), the substrate will be over-humidified, and because of this, the root of the sapphire will begin to rot, and the plant will perish.

Another drawback is that in the cold season the water will quickly cool down while standing on the window sill, and too low the water temperature will have a bad effect on the livelihoods of the roots of these plants. And if several violets are on the shelves, then you must consider the capacity of the container, and be sure to leave the distance between the plants. Knitting water violet: the benefits of the method

If you can call it a disadvantage, plants on this kind of watering begin to grow more violently and take up a lot of space. There may not be enough room for breeding several varieties of spas.

How to do: instruction

The main thing when such watering - to pick up the correct composition of the substrate. It should be very loose, so you need to add rummers( vermiculite, perlite, and others).On 1 liter of the land mix - about 1 cup of vermiculite, and another 1 cup, for example, moss sphagnum.

Bazudin add a knife to the tip. Approximately 0.5 cups of manure. After that start to prepare the cord. A rope or an artificial filament cord will fit. Diameter - 0.5 mm. For mini-snap-on - 0,2 mm. Length - about 25 centimeters( more or less - depending on the height of the pots).

This wick must be pulled out into the drainage hole, lowered 12 centimeters( approx.), And the upper end is held at the top of the pot.

Knitting water violet: the benefits of the method

Next, pour a little substrate. From above put a whirl around, along the walls. Sprinkle again with the mixture, the roots of the panpoli to place and so on. A water tank is a glass or bowl, for example, with a net under the pot.

It is necessary to wash the capacity in a month, and wash it every month, further, with soapy water or a solution of soda, to remove all contamination and algae.

The knitting method is the way to care for violets, in which a beautiful bloom is provided without much labor. If you keep track of the signs of disease and purity, as well as the temperature of the water( it should be approximately roomy, not warm and not icy), then most likely, the plants will live long and will not have to throw and destroy them.

Video "Intelligent Violet Watering Technique"

On the recording, a woman is sharing experience with the use of spinach septic tank saplings at home.

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