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Renault Duster 2018 model year in the new body: photo, complete set and prices

Recall: Renault-Nissan sells the same crossover under different names. In Russia it goes under the brand name Renault, in Europe it's like Dacia. And in Asia, Duster's twin is universally considered to be the Nissan Terrano. .. Starting from the fact that the upgraded "stuffing", which is stuffed with the new Daster, feels in the

a freshly baked body with improved aerodynamics.

A little window above the window has been made, the format of the rear lights and the design of the radiator grille have been updated, and the size of the air intake, which has "come in" in the front bumper, has increased. Thus, the car became more streamlined, although brand stylistics and main features of Renault - relatively flat roof, large doors, wide doors and rails, as well as reinforced racks - it is preserved. In general, "well trimmed, but tightly stitched."

Renault Duster 2018 model year in the new body: photo, complete set and prices Concept of the updated Renault Duster, whose output is scheduled for 2018

Partially body configuration is depicted from the "brother" of Renault - muscular Duster Orochi. And if the crossover of the previous generation looked somewhat desperate and cramped, now it has become more robust. A peculiar benefit of the SUV will take place at the Frankfurt International Fair, which is traditionally organized in September 2017.

"Dust Collector" in the new body

Daster in the minds of a European is associated, first of all, with a device for a safe ride in dusty terrain. No wonder the word "dust" in English means "dust".Unfortunately, many of our compatriots are not very well versed in English, so in their understanding the car is presented as a vehicle not afraid of dirt. However, both are true both, because in cross-borderness it sometimes reminds buggy.

So, Daster will continue to collect on a modified platform Nissan B0 with an advanced probe system. The European motor line will remain unchanged - the petrol turret is 1.2 TCe( 130 hp), the benzoatmospheric 1.6( 115 hp), and the turbo diesel 1.5 dCi( 90/110 hp).Now on a model with a power plant the total volume of cylinders is 1600 cm3, although it is optional, but will start to install the variator. Until now, the variator has been seen only on two-liter engines, usually in the upgraded Duster range.

Renault Duster 2018 model year in the new body: photo, complete set and prices Spy photo Renault Duster in 2018 in

camouflage Finally, there are rumors that creators of power units are preparing a surprise in the form of some kind of mythical superdivision with the capacity of about 200 "horses"!But let's live - let's see. Engines will become more environmentally friendly, plus "diesel" will be equipped with a SCR system to neutralize exhaust urea.

Inside the cabin will not be bored. ..

It seems that designers have long been speculating over the interior to make it optimally balanced. They very carefully took one or another decision about rearrangement of the cabin. Somehow something was seen and creatively altered, and something had to be completely redone.

Since Daster literally translates as an "amp", many efforts have been spent by developers-designers on improving the effectiveness of the dust protection system in particular and isolation in general. I had to sit on ergonomics, taking into account the complaints and wishes of the model's admirers. In any case, many experts have previously recognized the changes affecting the cabin, quite successful, relevant and timely.

Some of the moments on which the Daster interior is built are borrowed from the same Orochi. In particular, the instrumental command console. It is worth noting how the good elements of the decoration, which are moving from the pickup to the crossover, are harmoniously combined among themselves. The multimedia system, according to some data, will be improved. So, the reproducing function of acoustic equipment, besides sensors, supposedly will respond to a driver's voice.

Renault Duster 2018 model year in the new body: photo, complete set and prices One of the interior design options developed for Renault Dusters

A crown of creativity of engineer-experimental ideas is a fundamentally different technology for the design of seats. What is its chip, while it remains secret in seven seals. The key to its solution, most likely, will be bringing a representative auto-forum in Frankfurt am Main. However, he will shed light on many other today's obscurities, which French experts intrigued us literally.

Improvement of Renault Duster 2018

Insiders are joking that, given the unbelievable popularity of the car in Russia, the current update of the model despite the sanctions is made specifically for the Russians. Rather, under the domestic auto assembly( "Avtoframos", Moscow) and the Russian car market, on which it is approximately "illuminated" not earlier than 2018, it should take at least 5 months after the presentation).Is there in this part of the truth - we do not judge, although it sounds, of course, nice. Probably only know that the novelty is going to be released in 2 variants with different platforms.

Platforms will be "thinned" separately for Western countries and for "third world", including for Russia, Brazil, India. Moreover, Dacia Duster-2 will appear in official European dealers in the beginning of January 2018.From the Renault Duster-2, this specification will differ in the characteristics of the chassis and model range of engines. Whatever the case, the main differences from the previous versions are quite significant and are that here:

  • Comfortable seats.
  • A spacious interior because of a specially elongated body.
  • Added luggage racks due to a successful redistribution of interior space.
  • Technological energy-saving diesel.
  • Proven to the perfect state of the mirror, resulting in an improved rear view.
  • Digital Dashboard.
  • A more modern look.
  • Extended range of functions in the base version.
  • French automotive geniuses also announced the launch of the 7-seat Renault Grand Duster option. Its length will reach 4700 mm. Thus, it will become as much as 200 mm longer than the normal body, including by rear weighing. In addition, this non-standard sample will provide an enlarged luggage compartment with a volume of 650 l( if you fold the sofa).

    Price issue

    Not a mystery and price for the Duster 2018 model year. Based on the completeness of the equipment, it will fluctuate within 1-1.5 million rubles without taking into account the inflation rate at the time of the future purchase.

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