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What is useful onion bulb?

What is useful onion bulb? Still, in nature, a large number of different useful plants for humans. Here is the bulb on this category and applies. What is useful in the bow? Yes, almost everything! This is its roots and cream, and even husk, not to mention the very head of the onion. So how is

so useful and in which areas it can be useful to us, let's understand.

Onbill Useful properties

And its useful properties, it is really very rich. Moreover, they apply not only to health but also to some recipes that will help you maintain your beauty. Also, summer cottages are widely used in various areas. This is the fight against pests( which are always enough) and plant nutrition and other useful wisdom in this area.

How useful are onions for the health of our organism?

Onions are really a product in many ways healing. Yes, he can perfectly fight warts. To get rid of them with onion, we will need its husk, from which we will prepare a simple ointment. It will need to be finely chopped and mixed with the internal greased bean fat. This is done 1: 3.Beef fat, of course, can not be found by anyone, but it is not the only remedy in this recipe. If you can not get it, then for this purpose fats are more affordable, that is, pork or sheep. If you already have problems with these fats, then take Vaseline or any suitable cream for it, but it is necessarily oily. At the same time, all proportions that were voiced remain unchanged. But still, with such a replacement in the recipe, the benefits also diminish. This ointment, like many others, will need to be stored only in the refrigerator. Wart her she needs to lubricate every day and the best time for this, this time before bedtime.

  • For an onion, the onion is useful for its wide variety of different vitamins. Huffing will help you with the restoration of strength and will also fill the energy in your tired body. It is also good to use it with avitaminosis or if you have been ill for a long time.
  • The overall tone of your body will also help maintain the onion. From it prepares a simple broth in all respects. A glass of such husk is simply poured with ordinary water( one liter will be needed).Next, all this will take 20 minutes to knock on a faint light. This broth, made by you from husk, is even very useful if you take it 3 times or 4 per day for 3 tablespoons.

What is useful onion bulb?

  • If you have a certain decline in strength, then the same husk( 2 tablespoons) will help, but in combination with some berries with healing properties. Hump ​​is not much to grind. And berries we need hips, and plus they also mountain ash. Take both those and others by the table spoon. All this onion-berry variety is in a saucepan and poured in boiling water( we take two cups).Then this pill will need to properly wrap an hour by 2, with some dense towel( better terry).The broth stays, then it is filtered and drink 5 tablespoons also 3 times a day.
  • Onions will help you to keep your feet in good shape. It will not allow the development of varicose veins if you will make a bath again using the husk from the onion. She will need to take at least several times a month. A broth made from peanuts will require a liter of 3 or 4, and a bath. Perhaps signs of varicose veins already exist on your legs, then you will need an infusion on the basis of onion.20 drops of such tincture, necessarily 3 times a day and 2 weeks from the time of admission will help you in the fight against varicose veins. It is cooked quite simply: again from husk onion( one part) and from plain water( 7 parts).Before you use this tincture, let it stay for 10 days in any cool place in your home.

Useful properties of onions for beauty

From the health, we smoothly move on to maintaining beauty. Here onion will help you too. Let's start with the hair. If they are weak and rather dull, then they will substantially heal them again the same onion. From it again it will be necessary to cook infusion. Hump ​​for him take 2 cups, and fill it with ordinary boiling water( the same amount).Let it all stand for 6 hours. It is possible and more, but 6 hours is the minimum. What you get from husk and applied to the roots of weak hair. Withstands this hair composition for 30 or 40 minutes, and then it is simply washed off without a shampoo, and simple with warm water. If you do this 2 times a week and do not forget this schedule for 2 months, then your hair will be restored, which is called literally in your eyes.

But, you should know that such a decoction using husk, your light hair can "reward" with a golden tint, since husk itself is also a natural dye( remember Easter, and egg coloring with husk).It may just be this dye you need, only from the color you want to get not easy, but more saturated. Then you will need to use not an infusion, but a real extract from husk onions. To do this, you just evaporate the decoction to half its volume.

What is useful onion bulb?

Smooth a lot of wrinkles will help again onions, or rather compresses from its constituent parts. Such compresses should only be in the complex. Typically, there are 10 procedures that are performed not in a row, but a small break is maintained, as a rule, this is the day 2. After that, we only do them once a week. This is only to further support the effect we have already created. For such compresses, we will squeeze juice from the onion( 3rd part of the glass).In it the gauze is then leaked( not single, but layer 2 or 3).Next, this gauze with fresh onion juice is ready for use. It stacked on the face, as well as on the neckline. All gentle areas of the skin should be avoided when applying this compress. It takes 20 minutes or even 60 minutes to stand it. If you smoke it will be very strong enough, then at least "stomp" for 5 or 10 minutes. Then, with time, the irritability of your skin to such compresses will decrease. It took time, then all the places on which such an onion compress was to be sure to rinse with warm water, and then even grease the skin with a piece of some citrus. This way you can remove completely unnecessary onion smell. After the citrus, take also a tampon. With its help, any vegetable oil is applied to the areas of compression, so that the skin can completely calm down. Also, do a light massage, and then get wet with your face using a napkin for this.

Onions use for summer dwellers

Onions can be used practically non-waste. Its husk is simply perfect for filling compost pits. As a very high quality fertilizer, it may well be used and that pepper of onion or its husk, which was once you used in the same decoction or infusion.

  • Pests can also be defeated with the bow. The kidney mite or spider, as well as the aphids, the annoying larvae of the tweezers and floweroid, and all the other unpleasant guests of your garden, do not bear the onion. It should also be used simply for the usual prevention of various dangerous diseases of fungal nature. All these goals will help you to reach an infusion made from husk onions. Collect such husk 100 g and pour it with boiling water( volume 5 liters).Let the infusion stand at 8 or 10 hours. After that, he will be ready to fight against pests in your garden. Three one-time treatment with such an infusion for a day with a 5-day break will help you to bring your garden in order. The
  • Colorado Beetle, too, can not stand the scent of onions. That is why your potatoes will not suffer from it if you pour husk onions directly into the hole when you plant it. The same can be done for tomatoes, as well as for cabbage. Huffing will not allow you to approach your vegetables not an insidious wireman, nor another pest - a bear. You can simply surround your vegetable beds with a kind of broccoli from onion, in addition to the protection, it will give you another rich crop.

What more useful onion and a lot of interesting things about it will tell you here in this video. Look, very interesting.

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