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Vaccunds for cats: reviews, instructions for use, contraindications - Morkothe ​​about cats and cats

Do you know what a dangerous scrub in cats?

No, it does not bear the direct danger of life, but cosmetic damage is incredible.


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Is there a remedy for this


Yes, of course! This is a vaccine for the prevention and treatment of dermatophytosis in animals.

Instructions for using Vakderm for cats

Vaccine Vakderm for cats is made from weakened mushroom forms, the very ones that cause numerous dermatophytes. The vaccine is quite new, the manufacturer claims that it is not dangerous at all, but is it? We will find for you reviews of those who already have Vakderm circles and know in practice how this will happen.

Vaccunds for cats: reviews, instructions for use, contraindications - Morkothe ​​about cats and cats

Veterinarians recommend vaccine for treatment and prevention:

  • Microsporia;
  • Trichophytosis( the same petiole).



Vaccination is carried out only after the homeworld deworming is completed 10 days prior to the introduction of the Vakderm.

The injection site should be treated with 70% alcohol.

Ampoule is recommended to warm up to body temperature.

Before use, the ampoule or bottle with the vaccine is heated to the body temperature.

Kittens up to 3 months of age vaccine a dose of 0.5 cm3, and those who are older - 1.0 cm3.

The first injection is done in the inner side of one hip, the second( after 10-14 days) - in another hip.

The two-fold vaccination should be repeated once a year.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Vodka for Cats

Since the product has been developed relatively recently, we can not guarantee that it will definitely protect your pet.

Those who already have Vakderm circles note his pain and high value.


As with any vaccination, the administration of Wakderm is not recommended if the animal:

  • is hurting;
  • Weakened;
  • Fever;
  • Pregnant.

Side effects

May damage the liver.

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Reviews about the use of the drug Vakderm for cats

Jeanne: "I have the worst feedback about Vakdrome. We had an adult cat and we settled another vagrant. A week later they were noticed by vagrants in the area of ​​the mustache lichen. The doctor appointed Vakderm, who was doing the prick in the clinic. As a result, the adult cat died, and we saved the vagrant for several months. Leash hit her very much - wool and claws. I blame myself for what happened. "

Myroslava: "I had a ringworm in my childhood, picked up from a yard kitten. Few pleasant memories. Understand now why I am vaccine for depriving all my animals? I like the vodka - it's not expensive and easy to buy. I stabbed both my cats and dogs( we live in the private sector).All carry well, no stuff, dysas is also not enough. "

Ivan: "My neighbor slipped a kitten after he did not treat him with other means, on the basis of Wackederm prescribed. The kitten was bad at all, the carcass captured him completely. And since the summer the neighbor gave his grandson, she did not see another way out for herself. And a poor woman suffered, and about a living being and speaking nothing. Be careful with this drug! "

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Releases Vakderm Russian company "Vetsvercenter" http: //vetzverocenter.ru/.

1 ampoule of funds is in Kiev 46 hryvnia, and in Moscow 90 rubles.


  • Microderm;
  • Watercolor.