Instructions for reproduction of geraniums: choice of the method

The favorite of many gardeners who are not indifferent to the colors is the pelargonium or, as is still commonly known as the people, geranium. This flower delights the owners of the eyes with colorful flowers, and a delicate, unobtrusive fragrance that delivers leaves. In this case, geranium is still not foolproof in the care of

.When one flower already becomes small, the question arises: "How to multiply geranium?" Many fear this action, fearing to hurt the flower. In fact, reproduction takes place very quickly and does not require much effort.

So, you can reproduce geranium in the following ways: using seeds, split the bush or crop. The best time to breed geranium is mid-spring, when the plant wakes up after wintering. For a better understanding of how geraniums multiply, read this information.


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This is the most affordable and does not require special skills in the way to reproduce flowers at home. To do this you need to cut the dweller and before planting in a new pot to dry it a bit. Watering is extremely rare, and spray it is not necessary at all. The hawk always grows fast enough and without any problems. An appendix can be obtained by cutting unnecessary, as well as sufficiently long shoots, when you shape the desired flower shape for you. Shoots you cut are divided into small cuttings. Also, do not forget that the upper section should be over the kidney, and the bottom beneath it. If you break this rule, it can lead to incorrect growth of the plant, and in some cases to death. Many experts advise to make the upper incision horizontally, and the bottom - at a small angle.

Instructions for reproduction of geraniums: choice of the method

When you have prepared the appendix, place it in an opaque pot filled with water( the roots best feel in the dark).And leave for 2-3 weeks.

To make the rooting process faster, you need to prepare a flower from which you will be able to harvest the cuttings for propagation in advance. Point the stack that you want to take, and make 2-3 ring-shaped incisions on it. They must be located at the bottom of the kidney. Approximately 1-2 weeks later, at the place where you made the cuts, the root tubers will begin to form, from which the roots will appear. Note that the cuts should not be deep. If you do everything right, the rooting process takes less time. As soon as you notice that the cuttings started to let roots, immediately place the flower in a small pot. Adhering to this condition, the flower will recover and will soon please you.

Instructions for reproduction of geraniums: choice of the method

Seed propagation

Propagation of geranium seeds is difficult enough, and this does not always produce a positive result. It is best to sow seeds in the middle of spring, when there is enough sunlight. Before sowing, you need to prepare a shallow container, having previously made a pair of holes on the bottom, so that the water can drain. Before sowing seeds, the soil must be well disinfected to avoid various diseases. In the prepared container, pour a small layer of ground, and sow the seeds from the top and squeeze them a bit. This method requires special care. To make the seeds feel comfortable, cover the pot with a transparent film, put in a warm place, but so that there is no direct sunlight. When you notice the first sprouts, the film should be removed. When the leaves appear, the flower is ready for transplantation in a full pot. When you grow geranium from seeds, there is a high probability that the flower may fall ill. Therefore, very carefully approach the choice of seeds and buy only in specialized checked areas.

Instructions for reproduction of geraniums: choice of the method

So that the grain does not start rotting, it is necessary to closely monitor the state of the soil very carefully. Geranium loves moisture, however, do not let sprouts stay permanently in percolated soil. But do not let the soil dry up.

Approximately one month after sowing, when a second, third sheet appears on the stalk, it can be transplanted into a constant pot. It is very important not to miss the right moment for the transplant, as the roots will begin to intertwine with each other, which is not desirable.

After 10-15 days, when the plant is strengthened in a new pot, it is necessary to start adding various mineral additives to water for irrigation. A flower pot should be placed in a well lit place, otherwise the leaves will turn yellow. The flowers will begin to appear approximately 4 months after sowing.

This mode of reproduction is considered to be the most time-consuming and requires careful care.

Instructions for reproduction of geraniums: choice of the method

Shrub Shroud

This method is appropriate if the main flower is large and you want to split it into several. This method of reproduction is considered to be the least complicated. In one day before the planned transplant plentifully pour geranium, then carefully grasp the plant and split the shoots rooted in the required number of parts. Try not to damage the roots. Then place the flower part in a pre-prepared pot.

Pay particular attention to the soil in which you put the geranium. It should be nutritious. Ideal for a mixture of sand, garden lands and peat. Do not forget about good drainage, because of its reduced risk of rotting roots. From time to time, the soil in the pot should be loosened to ensure that sufficient amounts of air are fed to the roots.

Homemade Herbal Spread on the right is simple, and if you follow all the rules and conditions, very soon you will admire wonderful flowers with a wonderful smell.

Video «Pelargonium: breeding with cuttings»

This video shows one of the most popular and simple ways to replenish geraniums - cuttings.