Knot watering for violets. Photos and Recommendations

Knot watering for violets. Photos and Recommendations

Often in a flower garden there is such a concept as "knot watering".Although the name is somewhat wise, but there is nothing tricky in this method of watering. On the contrary, if you intend to leave for some time from home, thanks to this method you can not worry about watering plants.

Especially the method is indispensable if you own a fairly large collection of plants. It is worth only a little effort to implement the conceived wicker irrigation of your favorite plants.

Knot watering is not applicable to all plants. The following method of irrigation is available for violets, gluten and, more rarely, streptocarpus. Sometimes the method is applied to other plants and only to those who like puffiness and light soil. If your plants have the same soil, then you can apply the method. Another condition for the use of a wicker watering method is that the plant roots fill the entire volume of the pot and get to its bottom. The perfect plant, for the use of a wicker watering method in your absence, is a violet.

Knot watering violet( spray nozzle)

Only synthetic material is selected for the manufacture of the oppression itself. If the wick will be made of natural material, it will decay quickly in the ground and watering the plants will break. A piece of synthetic rope or any other synthetic rags, for example, a twisted trim of old pantyhoses, will fit a fittie. The coil should not be too thick, but represent a similar thin, 1.5-2 mm thick, rope.

You can use any pots to put on violet oppression. The most comfortable plastic pots with a diameter of 9 cm, the so-called violet size. They seem to be specially adapted for wicker watering violets. In these pots there is a drain hole, through which it is convenient to miss the oppression. Drainage with this method of watering is used only if the plant in this way is watered for a certain time, for example, at your excommunication on vacation, and at other times, in the plans, violet watering is traditionally. Drainage can be made from different drainage material, for example, claydite or special drainage balls. The drainage is scattered to the bottom of the dish by a thin layer.

Knot watering for violets. Photos and Recommendations

The pot, which is passed through the drain hole of the drone, is ready, drainage is laid. After that you can pour a special ground for violets. For wicker irrigation the soil needs to be modernized. To give it lightness and more moisture, it is necessary to dilute the soil a bit with perlite or peat. The pot is filled with soil in half, and a violet with a rump is placed on it. That is, the transshipment of the plant takes place. If there is no root coma, the soil pours on the bottom of the pot by 1.5-2 cm, and then the plant simply crosses. The pot in both cases is filled with soil to the top. The wick must be placed in a pot in an upright position and completely soaked with soil.

Next, you need to build a water tank. You can apply any appropriate capacities. But care should be taken that the water from the container does not evaporate. It can provide a plastic container with a lid. To do this in a closed container with water, a hole for a wick is made. The only drawback of this design is that after this the container is not suitable for further use. Ideal for a pot of 9 cm diameter disposable plastic cups with a capacity of 0.5 liters. If you put a pot in it, then the glass closes it tightly, and the moisture does not evaporate.

A pot in a glass should be installed so that the bottom of the pot is over water about 0,5 cm. The jacket is lowered into water. Such knot watering is capable of providing a damp plant for two weeks. During this time you will have a great rest and you will not be in for the fact that your favorite plant is drowning due to lack of moisture.

This method of watering can be applied not only for violets, but for glocins, and for streptocarpus. Until the latter, knot watering can only be applied if the plant has a developed root system.

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