Why dry the leaves of dracaena: we eliminate the causes

What can turn ordinary housing into a small paradise? Houseplants. They not only add comfort, but also fill the air with oxygen. Therefore, in apartments and offices, in which many indoor plants, breathe so easily. Another thing is that any plants require "welfare", for

they need care - with love and attention. Many fans of indoor plants are upset if "green beauties" have something wrong. Do not get upset, just need to find out: that does not suit one or another plant. For example, many ask the question: why dry leaves of dracaena? Let's try to figure it out.


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Why dry leaves

The most common question of amateur florists - why dry the tips of leaves dracaena? Basically, the roots of problems with home plants lie in the wrong care. The reasons for the fact that drafts dry and fall leaves can be several. The main reason is insufficient air humidity. The best indicator is 60-70%.To fill the lack of moisture in the atmosphere of the house, more often spray dracaena from a fine disperse sprayer. Or buy a humidifier - so you will do a good service not only for the colors, but for yourself, for your health. It is useful to add "Epin" to water for spraying - so the plant's immunity will recover faster.

Why dry the leaves of dracaena: we eliminate the causes

A few words about lighting. If you notice that the tips of leaves in the dracena are dry, then it may be in the place of direct sunlight on it. In this case, it should be rearranged to those windows that go west or east. Ideally, decoration will fit scattered lighting. A lot of lighting needs those varieties that have variegated leaves( for example, Godzepic dracena).But the dark green "beauties" need a small amount of light.

Succinate dracaena and because it is rarely watered. She likes the war, and prefers when watering abundantly. How to determine: it's time to water a plant, or not? It is best to look at the surface layer of the ground in a vase: if it is 3 centimeters deep in the already completely dry, then it is worth to polish. However, admiring watering should not be. Experts advise: it is better not to add water, than to "overdo it" with watering. And then many florists are watering excessively, and then they are surprised: "Why does the dracena dry?".Remember the saying - that too, then not healthy.

It will be very useful for it to make a kind of "shower": spray every leaf, as well as the trunk, apex, leaves of the leaves with a little warm water. In winter, water is rarer: once every three to four days. But if the flower is located near the heating system, it should be watered more often, as in the summer season.

Why dry the leaves of dracaena: we eliminate the causes

In dracaena, leaves are dried when it is struck by a shield - a pest that parasitizes on the stems and leaves of the plant. Leaves yellow and, again, begin to dry. The best way to get rid of pests is to dilute the soap solution, mix it with vodka or alcohol and then rinse them with each sheet.

Why the leaf tips blacken

Some florists love the fact that the tips of the leaves are blackening dramatically. The main reason for this phenomenon is excessive accumulation of salts in the tissues of the plant. This happens, as a rule, because of two mistakes in the care - excessive watering with rigid water and excessive feeding. Use only water that is filtered or, in the extreme case, boiling water. Water should not be watered from the crane, since it contains chlorine and salts in large quantities, which accumulate over time in the plant. Fertilizers, too, should not be admired. They are advised to add only during the period of active growth( spring-early summer).It will be enough twice a week. In the cold season, it is not worthwhile to fertilize, so then do not ask the question "why the dragnet dries the ends.

Also leaves can be blacked out if you keep the dracaena in a cold condition. Make sure that it stays in a place protected from air currents. This applies not only to natural drafts, but also to air conditioners.

Why dry the leaves of dracaena: we eliminate the causes

Cool the trunk - what to do

In the dragonfly, dry leaves are a fairly widespread phenomenon. But it happens and such - in the drama dries the barrel itself. If you cut such a trunk, most likely it will be empty inside. These signs are rotten. Rot spreads from the roots up the trunk through the leading canals and "eats" the plant from the inside. The danger is that it becomes noticeable even when the plant has practically died.

If the situation is not very critical and the trunk is not high, you can try to save the "patient".Keep watering, do not let the drainage overcool, in no case put it over. Transfer the pot to a warm place with soft light.

One more solution to the problem is to transplant the plant. As a new container it is better to take a pot of natural clay - its walls are porous, they "breathe", so to the roots, and through them to the barrel is well received oxygen, not allowing the trunk to dry. Carefully inspect the roots, and if there are rotten shoots, trim them. In the new pot do not forget to put a drainage. If the circulation of liquid and air in the soil is good, the question "why the dracaena does not dry up" should not arise.

Why dry the leaves of dracaena: we eliminate the causes

If there is no point in resorting to the above measures( the trunk is almost completely dry), you can cut the tip and plant it - in this case there is a chance to get a new healthy plant.

As you can see, there may be several answers to the question "What to do if dracena dries?"This plant is unpretentious, but demanding. Dracena dries if at least one of the rules of care is violated, so be careful about the conditions of the content of your green beauty.

Video "Dracena. Soo the leaves. "

The video deals with the main reasons for drying leaves in dracena and gives advice on how to fix this problem.