Eat ostriches at will and at home

It's no secret that large African birds today are breeding on special farms and live in private households. If you also want to keep these recorders running or you just wonder what ostriches are eating, then do not lose any seconds of time.


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What birds feed?

Before we look at the diet of ostriches, let's find out what they eat at all in nature. At once, we want to note that these birds are unique and have a special structure of the digestive system. By the way, she differs from those that owns domestic birds. First, the ostriches do not have a goiter, and therefore, the more crude feed they are more likely to digest.

It provides a powerful stomach. Also, for their digestive tract is characterized by an elongated back of the intestine. This allows the bird to receive the maximum amount of fiber and to cleanse the microflora well from coarse vegetable fibers.

Eat ostriches at will and at home

Most experts call ostriches herbivores, although in fact they can easily be classified as omnivorous creatures. They eat well plant and animal food. With a large amount of green fodder, the basis of nutrition is grass, leaves of bushes, seeds and roots of some plants. Also, do not mind taking African pets with small insects and even reptiles.

In the natural habitat of the

If you have already read our previous publications, you probably already know that ostriches live in African savannahs. There, on long plains, they graze together with other herbivores with fresh herbs, and also collect young shoots. Basically, in natural conditions, these birds feed on grass, that is, grass.

As ostriches can live without water for a long time, they often choose semi-arid deserts to nest. There they find food different seeds, roots and branches of shrubs. In the absence of abundant green birds also hunt for small insects, reptiles and even rodents. In the course of the day, an adult in nature saves about 4 kilos of food. That's the number they need for long running and high energy consumption.

Eat ostriches at will and at home

At Home

Basically, at home, ostriches are fed to everyone the same as in nature. True, in such cases, they eat less, since they do not require such a large amount of energy. The basis of their diet is greenery: grass and leaves. In winter they are also given hay, various concentrated feeds and cereals. Today in the diet at home, ostrichs include leaves of cabbage, beets, give root crops, for example, beets and carrots, eat apples and zucchini well eaten. Often, they are also given waste from the table.

The diet of ostriches

At the breeding of ostriches at home, their nutrition pays great attention. For example, in normal fodder, young animals grow well and develop, females increase their productivity. Alfalfa is the best food for African birds throughout the year. In winter it is given in the form of hay, in the summer - fresh with the addition of feed. Give 1.5 kilograms per adult.

Eat ostriches at will and at home

Allocate an intensive, semi-intensive, normalized and extensive feeding system. Alfalfa, grass and fodder form the basis of the last type of feeding. In the case of intensive or semi-intensive greenery, grains, legumes, minerals and vitamins feed. Their number depends on the productivity of the poultry.

It is worth noting that these ostrich feeding programs are still highly controversial and developed on the principle of analogy with other poultry. But, as practice shows, its existence exists. However, it is imperative to take into account the place of residence of the African feather, its conditions of life, use, age and weight.

In the summer, most ostriches should be spent on pasture, on the stern. Once a day they are given 1.5 kg of mixed feed in special feeders. If a bird needs proteins, it is given lupine, soybeans, broth and cake. For their better assimilation add amino acids. In order to grow the young, it is necessary to add minerals in addition to the feed. This, for example, is chalk, bone meal, egg shell, and turtle snake. You can also produce bran.

Eat ostriches at will and at home

As a vitamin supplement especially in winter, ostriches are recommended to give herbal flour, alfalfa hay, as well as silage. Consider all feeds once more in more detail:

  • greens - grass, leaves, vegetables;
  • cereals - oats, barley, soybeans, corn;
  • protein feeds - cake, corn, bone meal, baker's yeast;
  • hay-alfalfa, herbs, soya, silage;

It is important to feed the birds in the correct feed. For example, the corn should be given in the form of dart, proteins - in the form of flour, vegetables and roots thoroughly crushed. In separate shelters you should pour small oak pebbles or gravel. For the sturgeon, there is another diet, they do not even immediately begin to feed, but only 6-8 days after hatching. But read about this in our next publications.

Video "Ostriches in the Farming"

In this video you will learn not only how to feed the ostriches, but also the general rules for keeping these birds. What they eat and who has a diet, one of the private breeders will tell.