Sore head skin: causes and treatment

Many people have to deal with a completely unconscious sensation - a scalp ache. Such a feeling can be in men and women. Visually no changes in the form of rashes, cracks, and pain occurs with a certain periodicity. The hair looks great, but the painful

sensation begins at the hair roots.

Sore head skin: causes and treatment

It is imperative to find out why this is happening and what it can provoke. The pain begins when you comb your hair or just spend your head on your hands? Doctors claim that there may be several reasons and they are very individual.


  • The main causes of skin pain on the head
  • Skin( symptoms) of skin
  • Treatment with drugs
  • Treatment at home

The main causes of skin pain on the head

Sore head skin: causes and treatment Painful feelings can be caused by very thick and heavy hair. Especially if you are used to wearing a hairstyle using pins or pins.

Collected hair in a braid or tucked in the tail all day can pull off the scalp and painful sensations appear on the hair follicles. When hair is dissolved, the pain usually does not come on.

Must be very careful about hair care products. Different shampoos, balms, conditioners can cause an allergic reaction. Allergies have different manifestations, the scalp can start to itch, peel off, crack.

Very often the cause of pain is a malfunction in the vessels. This will have very bad blood circulation and may cause pain on the roots of the hair. These effects can also be caused by cramping that occurs in the vessels. For what reasons spasm may occur:

  • VSD( vegetative-vascular dystonia);
  • is a temperature difference or a very low temperature in which the head is located;
  • diseases associated with central nervous system;
  • frequent stress and strain.

If you do not have any of these reasons you can say with certainty that the scalp is hurt because of a nervous overload, against which the irritability and irritability are very high.

This period can be very long, and at some point there will be apogee and the body will show all its weaknesses.

In such a situation can not do without the help of a specialist. It is necessary to contact the psychotherapist, to clarify the situation and find out the true cause of what is happening.

Side effects in such manifestations can be expressed in numbness of the fingers on the arms or legs, or may just give the impression that you have your hands cut off.

Be sure to pay attention to the condition of the hair and skin on the head, maybe everything happens due to dermatological illness and, after healing it, the pain will pass.

Skin( symptoms) of skin pain

Feeling the pain of the scalp can be different. Everything will depend on its cause.

Most often feel:

  • burning or tingling;
  • itching;
  • pain sensation when combing;
  • pain in the roots of the hair, constant and not very sharp.

The desire to constantly scratch head, the sense of itching comes from non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene or poor quality of the tools you used. Such manifestations may appear after staining or chemical wiring. This is due to an allergic reaction or chemical burn of the scalp.

It is very harmful to the scalp to often make curls or dye your hair, especially if you clear them before. It is also possible to damage the skin as a result of the use of equipment for drying hair.

In this case there may be a thermal burn of the scalp. Therefore, watch the temperature in hair dryers and using a hair dryer. Depending on the reasons, you can contact a dermatologist or trichologist.

Ill head skin can and due to inflammation and thus reveal external signs in the form of wounds, bubbles, purulent formations. Such signs may indicate the presence of dermatitis, fungal disease or infection. At the same time, a mandatory visit to a specialist and the use of drugs that will be able to cure this disease.

If the scalp is hurt by the roots and external signs of its irritation and damage, we can talk about the change of work within the body itself. This can be affected by changes in the hormonal background, pregnancy, menopause.

In this case, excessive hair loss or, conversely, rapid growth can also be observed. This process can be affected by normal stress or depletion of the body. Hair can drop when you comb and wash your head, while the pain will be dull and aching. To treat these symptoms you should contact a neuropathologist.

There can, of course, be individual causes:

  • allergy to any product;
  • allergy to the drug;
  • sunburn.

For any reason, consult a physician, may need to be tested and examined. A specialist will help you choose the right treatment. Drug use is not recommended on its own.

Drug Treatment

Sore head skin: causes and treatment The choice will be uniquely determined by the diagnosis. Often, various ointments and nipples are used, for external use. In this case, it is possible to use medication in the form of tablets and injections.

You can take any anesthetic to relieve an attack. But such measures can not be used often, so as not to harm the body.

During pregnancy, taking pills is generally not desirable, use them only as a last resort. In dermatological diseases the appointment should be made by a trichologist or a dermatologist. The dermatologist will choose the most effective method of treatment and medicines.

If the cause is in violation of the metabolism or the change in the hormonal background. Usually prescribe drugs that can normalize this process and maintain it at the right level. In this case, it is necessary to receive minerals and vitamins. Dosage will depend on the age and individual characteristics of the patient.

A serious course of treatment will be required if the cause of the pain is a violation of the vascular system. In this case, it is necessary to conduct a course of treatment therapy and to take medications that contribute to the stable operation of blood vessels.

It is very important to get rid of spasms of vessels in such a situation. To do this, normalize blood flow and blood flow to the brain. To give concrete recommendations in this case is very difficult.

Because, when choosing a dasg, the physician should take into account the general health, the results of the tests, the tolerance of the body of the drug and the age of the patient.

It is strictly prohibited to engage in self-treatment. In the complex with the medical therapy apply massage, physiotherapy .

There are cases of headache pain in a certain period of the year, most often it can occur in the winter. Therefore, it is necessary to wear a headgear, do not overcook. Then the drugs will act more qualitatively and effectively.

Treatment at Home

If you know the exact cause of aching head skin, you can resort to a non-medicated method of treatment.

is a salt-based mask for the skin of the head. To do this, after washing, rub the salt in the scalp and wash it in ten or fifteen minutes. How often do you do this - must be determined by yourself;

- mustard mask can have the same effect. It should be applied on pure skin of the head, the duration of taking up to an hour. After washing off with warm water;

- master the relaxation - it will help you to rest after a hard day, to relieve stress. To do this, you need to take a comfortable position, turn off the bright light and take a moment to distract from reality. This method can help you to save your nervous system in a good condition and learn to defend yourself from stress;

massage and self massage. For self-massage you will need your own hands and head. Sitting in a comfortable chair with fingertips, massage the whole surface of the head, neck, forehead, whiskey. Self-massage can be done after taking anesthetic in this case, the effect will come sooner.

- You can apply aromatherapy. To your liking, choose a pleasant smell - chamomile, marjoram, sage, lavender. It is better to dilute the butter so that the smell is soft and pleasant. Rub a few droplets in the whiskey and after ten fifteen minutes there will be relief.

Skin of the head requires some care:

  • prefer wooden comb;
  • restrict the use of hair styling tools;
  • to apply selectively to any means of hair and scalp care;
  • if the scalp is very sensitive to wear short haircuts;
  • in the cold season, be sure to wear a hat;
  • learn to deal with stressful situations;
  • periodically take vitamins, preferably in the complex;
  • lead a healthy lifestyle;
  • adhere to the proper nutrition;
  • do charge every day;
  • use home masks and hair care products( burdock root, egg mask).

You can have skin on your head for various reasons. But it must be remembered that in any case such a phenomenon can not be ignored.

There are a lot of treatments starting with medicines - ointments, shampoos, pills and injections. In this case, it is possible to use folk remedies. The choice will depend on what was the reason for that.

In such manifestations, a healthy lifestyle and nutrition can have a positive effect. The state of hair and head skin, as well as the general state of health, can be called the main features by which the cause of the pain can be assumed.