How to breed dracena: three ways

Dracena is a very popular domestic plant. It attracts the attention of florists to the diversity of species, as well as the unpretentiousness of the care. Many florists, she likes, as, growing up, reaches a height of 1 meter. However, there are such species that remain small

shrubs. To keep the plant just as beautiful and attractive from the moment of its purchase, you need to properly care for it. Proper care is not only in regular watering, feeding, temperature, but also in the transplantation and reproduction of the flower. In the care of dracaena, reproduction plays an important role, because through this process it revives and acquires a healthy and well-groomed look.

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Reproduction Tips

It is best to start plant reproduction in the spring. The optimal months are March or April. At this time in the dragnet the rest period is over and it is ready for transplantation and reproduction. In spring, life processes are activated in plants, and, most importantly, the process of growth is intensified.

How to breed dracena: three ways

If there is a need or just an irrepressible desire to plant the dracena at another time of the year - in the summer, in the fall, or even in the winter - then it is quite possible to do it. Only at this time the process of rooting will be significantly delayed. Also, it will be necessary to provide a special temperature regime for the sprout. So that the oysters quickly rooted, you can use special means that help the plant to rooting. In the flower shop you can buy Zircon or EcoGel. In the water where the stove will stand, it is necessary to put activated charcoal, thanks to it the water will remain fresh and fit for a long time. In the room where the oystoles are located, it is important to maintain the correct temperature regime;optimum temperature from +20 to +25 degrees. If necessary, a greenhouse should be built over the process.

For some types of fights reproduction at home is especially necessary. The following species are best breed: dracaena is fermented, fragrant and Deremskaya. Let's consider how dracena multiplies, and how can it be branched out.

Methods of

Dracena can be replicated in four main ways. The first two are reproduction of dragonflies with cuttings( apical and stem).These two methods are very popular and simple. And the following two ways of multiplying dracena are with seeds and air ducts. The following article focuses on the features and benefits of two of them. The first is seed propagation, the second is airborne. Following the above-mentioned non-complex recommendations, both novice and professional, will be able to learn the practice of breeding drazen.

How to breed dracena: three ways

Seed propagation is one of the most difficult and rare ways, since this plant does not bloom at home often. The first flowering can occur at the age of 8-10 years, and sometimes in 25-30 years. Not all types of these plants bloom. The most common types of dracaena are fragrant, Draco, Godcef. Derma bloom is extremely rare. If the home plant does not bloom, seeds can be purchased at a flower shop, although they are rare.

Another way of multiplying dracena with cuttings is by using air vents. This method is not complicated and even suitable for a newcomer. It is best to plant a plant in this way during the warm season, during the growth of shoots. This method allows you to grow the roots of a new plant on an already formed trunk. So, you can achieve two goals. The first one is to reduce the height of the dracaena, the second one to get the dracaena from the top of the flower. Once the process has started the roots, it will need to be cut and planted in the ground.

How to breed dracena: three ways

Rooting of cuttings by air ducts


Propagate dracaena with seeds, required in February or March. Before planting seeds in the soil, they must be soaked in a special growth-stimulant solution. After wetting, remove the seeds from the fetal remnants. Soil can be prepared by yourself, or purchased in a flower shop. The ideal soil is peat or light ground soil with the addition of sand. So that the seeds are well taken, it is important to take care of the comfortable air temperature. Optimum temperature - from +25 to +27 degrees.

To get the seeds you need to take small pots or plastic cups. At the bottom of the container, you must drain. As a drainage, you can use small pebbles, brick shavings, or something else. Drainage is necessary for the soil to breathe and not pril. Or it is possible to make drainage holes in a container, so that the soil will "breathe".Pour the soil into a container. Prepared seeds are laid out in the soil. It is necessary to make a deepening or dimple in the depth of a depth of 0,5-1 centimeters. A small amount of water pours the soil and put the capacity in a warm place. The top can be covered with a film to create a greenhouse effect for the best similarity of the seeds.

How to breed dracena: three ways

When the seed comes off( usually in a month), the film needs to be removed. Shoots should be regularly watered and fertilized once a month. Young shoots are afraid of direct sunlight, as well as a large amount of water and drying the soil. Seeds will germinate at different speeds, some will come down earlier, some later. Usually the germination process is delayed from 30 to 180 days. When the sprouts reached 5 centimeters, they need to be transplanted into more pots.

Planted young shoots need in pots of the same soil, the bottom of the pot necessarily must be drainage.

Use the following method to get seeds sprouted faster and get one hundred percent germination result. To begin, the seeds are wrapped in a damp cloth, done this way: moisten the cloth with warm water, put on a plate, spread the seed on top, and cover it again with a damp cloth. Taillow with wrapped seed is placed in a warm place, such as a battery. And now it is an important moment, a rag should be regularly wet with water and prevent drying. Once you see that the seed began to sprout, it can be planted in the prepared soil. This method is win-win, as you can observe the germination process in person.

How to breed dracena: three ways

Reproduction by air. The method is not easy, but with all the recommendations, you can achieve the desired result.

First you need to decide on the height of the future plant. And depending on this, choose the stem of the desired length on the plant. At the selected place, it is necessary to make a cut and put a small piece of plastic or another object in it, which will prevent the overgrowth of the cut. Now around the incision you need to fix the package in which to pour the ground. The package with the ground should fit tightly to the barrel. It is possible to secure it all with the help of a wire or a strong thread. To keep the soil moist, it can be irrigated with a syringe with a needle. Now it's time to watch the rooting process. When the package has enough roots, the cut stem should be cut and transplanted into a separate pot.

Video "Growing Dracaena from Seeds"

The roller gives you detailed tips for growing dracaena seeds;recommendations for seed preparation before planting.