2017 Year

New Year's contests for the whole family until 2017 New Year. How to have fun in the new year in the family circle?

New Year

The New Year 2017 is already on the doorstep of our homes. Well, of course, such a holiday should not do without fun games and contests. That is why it is now worth thinking about how to have fun in the New Year in the family. After all, such New Year's events not only lead to

fun, but also allow you to unite.

New Year's contests for the whole family until 2017 New Year can be the most diverse. It can be games, contests for wit, entertainment for agility and wit. It's also worth remembering about adult contests.

In order to celebrate the New Year of 2017 remembered all the next year, its program should necessarily include some funny contests.

It is imperative to do some photos in the game so that in a few years it would be possible to recall with laughter the fun of the New Year's 2017 meeting.

New Year

Funny New Year competitions for the whole family.

"Christmas tree fishing".
For this entertainment you need Christmas toys made of cotton wool, as well as some kind of stick in the form of a fishing hook. It can be made on its own from ordinary wire. Everyone taking part in the competition must first hang a ball on a fir tree with a fishing rod, and then remove it. The winner is the one who cope with the task faster than others. Therefore, it is worth using the stopwatch.

"Funny Pictures".
You need to take a large piece of cardboard and make two round holes in it, through which a hand can spill through. The cardboard should be so large as to cover the face of the players. Thus, they will not be able to see what is happening to them. Next, you need to attach a sheet of watman to the wall. Players move their hands through cardboard and draw on a sheet of Batman's Father's Frost or Snow Maiden. The winner is the one whose drawing turned out to be very successful.

"Frosty breath".
To begin with, you need to cut some snowflakes from plain paper. They must be distributed before each contestant. The snowball should be at least 40 cm in diameter. Each player should blow the snowflake out of the table. The game ends when all the snowflakes are on the floor. And the winner is the player who spent more time on this task. After all, he had a snowflake misty to the table because of his frosty breath.

New Year

"Food of the Year".
For the beginning, girls have to cook dishes from those products that are on the festive table. The winner and the participant who most likely will feed his meal to the husband. The fun is that all the contestants need to tie their eyes. Good mood and laugh are guaranteed!

"Festive Melody".
Before each contestant, put one glass bottle and a couple of spoons. Each of them has to perform any New Year or Christmas melody. The winner is the one whose melody turned out to be very similar to the original.

This list of New Year's contests is not limited. Enough to have only good imagination, good mood and the sea of ​​laughter will be guaranteed.

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