Why do not bloom geranium room?

Geranium is a very common domestic plant. In each woman, this flower occupies an honorable place in the apartment. This flower is valuable for the unpretentiousness of the care and its beauty and variety. Geranium has a lot of variations in color and size of flowers. They are both white and

delicate pink. Many of the hostesses, to further enhance the eye, planted geranium of different species in one pot and eventually get a chic colorful bouquet. But with all its unpretentiousness, there are some rules of care for this plant. If you do not observe them, very soon you will begin to ask the question: "Why do not you blossom room geraniums?".Below are the reasons and tips for taking care of this beautiful flower. By following them, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of geranium all year round.


  • 1 Possible causes of
  • 2 Tips for making blooming geranium
    • 2.1 Flower planting rules
    • 2.2 Irrigation rules
    • 2.3 Care in different seasons of the year
    • 2.4 Selection of soil
    • 2.5 Pruning plant
    • 2.6 Proper selection of fertilizers
    • 2.7 Temperature mode
    • 2.8 Video"Stimulation of the flowering of houseplants"

Possible causes of

The reasons why geranium refuses to bloom are the following:

  • is inappropriate flower pot;
  • irregular watering;
  • improper care in different seasons;
  • is inappropriate soil;
  • regular flower trim;
  • lack of nutrition;
  • is an inappropriate temperature.

Why do not bloom geranium room?

So, having dealt with the possible reasons, now it is necessary to find out how to contain geranium, so that it felt comfortable and pleased us with beautiful flowers.

Tips for making geraniums bloom

Flower planting rules

In the case of this plant, the principle that the larger the pot is the better is not working. It will not bloom until the roots completely fill the pot, so it is advisable for this flower to select small containers. Even better, if you put several species of this plant in one pot. Then you can not even worry about the fact that the roots can start rotting due to excessive irrigation, and the plant itself will please your eye with colorful flowers.

Irrigation Rules

For geraniums, not so damaging drought, as excessive watering, due to which rotting of the roots begins. But too, it is impossible to dry the soil too much, otherwise the flower will disappear. You need to find the "golden mean".The flower needs to be watered only when the top layer of the ground is dry. Strangely enough, but these plants are calmly watered with rigid water, that is directly from the tap. But nevertheless, experts advise not to admire this kind of watering, as on the ground may form a raid, which will only cause damage to your plant. Sprinkle with water is not worth the flower, since it does not like moisture.

Why do not bloom geranium room?

Care at different seasons of the year

Depending on the time of the year, it is necessary to change your care for geranium. In the period from March to August in water with watering it is necessary to add fertilizer with high percentage of phosphorus, and this will lead to good flowering. In warm weather, it is advisable to put the plant on fresh air for the whole day. Geranium loves temperature variations and it contributes to its flowering. To keep you happy with your flowers in the summer, keep it right in the winter. The plant is suitable for cold wintering( but the temperature should not fall below 12 degrees).It is necessary to remove it away from the heating devices. Coagulation in this period is not required, and watering is reduced to once in 10 days. If the wintering was successful and all the rules were followed, from the spring until the autumn, the geranium will please you with flowers and a pleasant aroma.

Selection of soil

Normal ground for geraniums is not entirely suitable. It is best to use a special ground, bought in a specialized store. Is it possible to form the substrate itself. To prepare such a substrate, it is necessary to mix the turf and sheet soil with large river sand. And do not forget to put a drain on the bottom of the pot, for example, expanded clay.

Why do not bloom geranium room?

Pruning plant

If your goal is healthy and blooming geranium, then you can not do without regular pruning. Otherwise, flowers will be smaller and smaller, and eventually disappear completely. The best pruning to hold in the fall. All stems need to be cut by about half, leaving shoots with 2-3 sticks. If you notice that new shoots grow not from the root, but from the leafy sinuses - remove them. If you want to plant a few more colors, then you can grow back to these escapades and then transfer them into a separate pot.
Pruning helps give your plant a beautiful look, but instead it will please you with even more plentiful flowering. But keep in mind that the clipping slightly pushes the start of flowering.

Proper selection of fertilizers

Never forget about the fertilization of your plant. It is worth every week to water the geranium phosphorus-potassium fertilizer, which will lead to intense flowering. It is also recommended to water with different biostimulants, such as glucose solution and heteroauxin. A couple of times a month in water for irrigation you can add aspirin. Also, iodine water( 1 drop of iodine per 1 liter of water) is considered a good feeding. After such fertilizer, geranium blooms very intensively and continuously.

Why do not bloom geranium room?

The temperature range of the

Geranium is very stable to the temperature and feels as good as it is on hot days, and in coolness. But still, more cool weather suits her( no lower than 12 degrees).At such a temperature it is most comfortable. At the first frost, geranium should be brought into the house and kept in a cool place until spring.

Flower is best suited for good lighting. In direct sunlight, geranium leaves sometimes get a pink tinge, it's not worth scaring, it's a normal reaction of the flower in the sun. When the geraniums are blooming, a very pleasant smell turns out from it, which does not emit flowers, namely leaves. Therefore, these plants are able to please their masters all year round.

Video "Stimulation of flowering indoor plants"

In this video, there are secrets and ways to speed up the flowering process of indoor plants, including geraniums.