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Seal of Rottweiler and Shepherd, Alabai and Rotweiler( photo)

Seal of Rottweiler and Shepherd, Alabai and Rotweiler( photo)

In Germany, a rattweiler and a shepherd dog are called malkhover. Crossing two breeds, German breeders pursued certain goals and achieved good results. What they have achieved and what can be expected from crossing Rottweiler with other breeds of dogs, you will learn

from this article.

Table of contents

  • A manger or purebred dog?
  • Selection vs. simple bundle
  • Healthy dog ​​with unpredictable character
  • Dog - a great responsibility

A yoke or purebred dog?

Mixed breed, semicircle, mesti - all these terms refer to a dog, obtained from the crossing of two purebred breeds with a clear set of certain qualities. The controversy about whether there is a mestiz of the yard, is still ongoing.

A monster or, as a lot of jokes, "nobleman", comes out through random multiple pairing of several generations of different breeds. In the process, both thoroughbred dogs and the same mongrels can take part. As a result, a dog emerges, in the appearance of which it is virtually impossible to identify the breeds that took part in its creation.

Seal of Rottweiler and Shepherd, Alabai and Rotweiler( photo)

Most of the yogurts resemble the first dogs that humans dwelt many centuries ago. They have common features:

  • standing ears;
  • muscular paws;
  • alertness in sight;
  • is long, twists in a ring, a tail.

Metiss is considered to be the results of the first crossbreeding of two breeding dogs. It can be both random and planned, in order to obtain unusual puppies. Unlike yorkyazhok, whose gene pool is extremely diverse, to assume, which will be a mestiz, it is possible with greater probability.

In principle, random mestizo also can be called yorkyazhok. That is why they can not participate in all kinds of exhibitions and contests. Despite this, such dogs can become loyal and loving companions.

Seal of Rottweiler and Shepherd, Alabai and Rotweiler( photo)

Selection against the simple bundle of

In the root it is incorrect to consider the same breeding work to create a new breed and random or "curiosity" of the bundle. Breeders carry out huge work to bring out a new breed. Their purpose is to consolidate the necessary mental qualities and physical characteristics in the breed by long and rigorous selection.

This is exactly the task pursued by breeders from the former GDR, crossing the Rottweiler and the German Shepherd Dog. They wanted to bring out a harmoniously composed, endurance and mentally balanced dog that they did in them. The breed was called Malchover, but she never received official recognition.

Nevertheless, fans of the Rottweiler hybrid and German Shepherd still exist. After all, such universal dogs perfectly deal with the protective, guard, search and security services. But, despite loyalty, activity and obedience, taken from the shepherd, metiss have stubbornness, aggression and dominance of the rottweilers. Therefore, in order to keep the dog under control, the owner must have leadership qualities.

Seal of Rottweiler and Shepherd, Alabai and Rotweiler( photo)

Healthy dog ​​with an unpredictable character

It is believed that mestizas are best taken from parents and this idea is not unfounded. Hybrids often have good health, since they do not inherit from the ancestors of genetic diseases. But this does not mean that the mesti will never get sick, because poor conditions of detention can undermine any dog's immunity.

The nature of the hybrids may not be as beautiful as health. The chances of fifty to fifty - crossing two different breeds can both balance the negative traits, and strengthen them.

Take, for example, the rattweiler and the Caucasian shepherd. Both breeds have a dominant character and can show aggression. There are two options: either absolute calm( of course, when the host and his family are safe), or a double desire to be a leader and sudden outbreaks of anger to strangers. In any case, such a mix requires a solid hand of the host and constant training.

Seal of Rottweiler and Shepherd, Alabai and Rotweiler( photo)

But if you cross a rottweiler with an American bulldog, then there is the risk of getting a raging mixture of activity and malice. And although the breeders managed to reduce as much as possible Bulldogs of aggression and the persecution instinct, they remained at the genetic level. However, the dog may be just as lazy as a rottweiler.

Do not forget about the size. Nobody will give one hundred percent guarantee that a tiny puppy will not turn into a huge bear. Mets rottweiler and Central Asian Shepherd( Alabai) can grow to rottweiler sizes and weigh about 50 kilograms. And can reach all 70-100 kilograms, because Alabai is one of the largest dogs in the world.

The same results can be expected when crossing a rottweiler with a Tibetan mastiff, a St. Bernard or other large breeds. The size of the paws of the puppy may indicate the future size of the dog, but this is not an exact parameter.

Seal of Rottweiler and Shepherd, Alabai and Rotweiler( photo)

Among the fans of hybridization, it is believed that the participation of Rottweiler in cross-breeding may bring mestizo, similar to the American pit bullterrier. That is, a dog may have a good nature, loyalty to the environment, stubbornness, endurance, desire to reach the end, activity controlled by aggression.

Dog - Great Responsibility to

Before you buy a hybrid puppy, you need to look at his behavior while he is still small. So, you can roughly imagine what kind of character it will have in the future.

If there is no experience, there is no confidence in their strength, it is better not to take on such a responsible business as the purchase of mestizas. After all, not every owner can become a good mentor and leader. Without an education and proper training from a funny fluffy lump, an unmanaged leader aggressor may grow.

Seal of Rottweiler and Shepherd, Alabai and Rotweiler( photo)

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