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Choose the best monitor for your computer

Most people spend on the computer screen for several hours a day. The health of the monitor depends on the quality of the monitor, namely the person's vision. Therefore, it should be chosen with special care. Save the sight and remove eye fatigue will help small charge. It takes half an hour for the

to break away from the monitor and a couple of minutes to watch the window. If properly taken care of, then he will serve the user at least 7 years. This part of the personal computer itself is durable. LCD screens have long replaced their predecessors, working on an electron beam tube. All because of the advantages of LEDs, LCD monitors are obvious.

We choose the best monitor for the computer

What should attention first of all

What characteristics need to pay attention when buying a monitor?

Diagonal - Screen Size

This is the point at which the buyer pays attention first. Measured screen size diagonally in inches. The average varies from 19 to 30 inches. It's clear that the screen is too awkward, just like a very small one. Of course, it can open more windows, but it takes too much space. Also, the large diagonal consumes a lot of electricity and is demanding on the graphics card. At the same time, not every computer desk will place a huge screen on itself.

The optimal option will be 22 - 23 inches!

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of the screen is often confused with the diagonal. But the diagonal at the monitor is the same, and the aspect ratio is different. Distinguish widescreen and classic. The first ones have a rectangular shape and a ratio of 16: 9 or 16:10.The second ones look like squares with a ratio of 5: 4 or 4: 3.Below is a graphic representation of monitors. The first one is widescreen, the second one is classic. Classic models have practically disappeared from store shelves. They were replaced by widescreen, which began to appear about seven years ago. Then there were virtually no games and programs for rectangular screens, but now the situation has changed. This display has more information and windows, and is suitable for any purpose.

We choose the best monitor for the computer

Aspect Ratio Options

What kind of monitor resolution to choose?

We choose the best monitor for the computer

The number of dots vertically and horizontally is called resolution. You can make a smaller figure by changing the settings, but you can not increase the resolution. The higher the metric, the more information you can place on the screen. The size of the permission depends on the size of the diagonal. For example, the 15-inch screen has a resolution of 1024x768, 17 and 19-inch screen with a resolution of 1280x1024, with a 20-inch diagonal resolution of 1600x1200. A 16 × 9 starts with 1366 × 768 and up to Full HD, which is 1980x1020 pixels, with exactly that extension you need to buy a monitor for gaming.

Which matrix to choose for a monitor?

We choose the best monitor for the computer

This looks like the matrix of the

monitor. There are several technologies for manufacturing the matrix for the monitor - TN, PLS and IPS.All of them have their disadvantages and advantages. TN-matrix is ​​thought up earlier and has a lower cost. Also, the screen with such a matrix has a low response time. The disadvantages are a bit - bad color transfer and a small viewing angle. But manufacturers have come up with solutions to one of the problems, namely, increased the viewing angle with a peculiar film. The IPS matrix has become available to ordinary users just recently. Previously, a screen with such a matrix could afford very wealthy people. Varieties of this matrix are many: S-IPS, H-IPS, UH-IPS, P-IPS and others. There is also a more expensive matrix - it's MVA / PVA.Manufacturers are trying to produce improved matrices. Basically, they lower the price, but the quality of the image suffers. My advice is simple - IPS is the best matrix for 2014!

Response time

The higher this indicator, the worse. Response time is the time it takes to switch the pixel from white to black and vice versa. If the switching lasts a long time, the picture stretches with a noticeable loop. Modern monitors have a response time of 2 to 18 milliseconds.

The optimal option is 5-8 ms.


With a darkened image, the monitor is better off with high contrast. The best value for contrast is 1000, but 250 is also considered a normal level.


Indicator measured in candles per square meter. Brightness shows how intense the glow of the screen will be. High brightness is required in rooms with light lighting, because otherwise the image will be poorly visible.

Surface of the screen

We choose the best monitor for the computer

The surface is glossy and matte. Glossy is more dirty and glowing from the light, but the image is transmitted perfectly. Matte surface has opposite indicators.

We choose the best monitor for the computer

connectors Now monitors with DVI, HDMI and VGA connectors are available. Best is considered the last option. Select the connector required under the parameters of the system unit. These are the main characteristics. Additional are presented below:

  • Presence of video camera;
  • Presence of speakers;
  • The stand must be metal and movable;
  • Three-dimensional image;
  • Touch buttons.

Before you buy a monitor, you need to decide on its purpose. Basically, you need to focus on the location and type of work to be done.


We choose the best monitor for the computer

Its optimal size - from 19 inches, the resolution is high. It is desirable to have a HDMI jack, Full HD support, and a TN matrix.


We choose the best monitor for the computer

The main indicator is compactness and price.19 inches diagonal, TN matrix, VGA connector.


We choose the best monitor for the computer

Pay attention to the IPS matrix in the first place.


We choose the best monitor for the computer

Here are the best scores from 22-inch screens, less response time, dynamic contrast, digital connectors.

Best Monitors

When buying a monitor, you need to focus on the popularity of the models. It would not hurt to see the rating of the best monitors 2014-2015 to identify the most sold. The list of the best models will help you navigate in a variety of choices that will fit the price-quality, both for office, home and games. Immediately before buying, you need to carefully check the screen for bit pixels, although with new technologies they happen very and very rarely. To do this, you need to directly insert it in the store so that it shows one color. Unemployed pixels are not suitable for warranty service, so you need to carefully check them before buying, only more than 3 stores can be changed to another.

We choose the best monitor for the computer

best monitor 22 inches

We choose the best monitor for the computer

Asus VS229HV

  • Asus VS229HV
  • Asus VH228D
  • LG 22EA53S-P
  • LG 22MP55HQ-P
  • Dell S2240L
  • BenQ GW2265HM
  • Asus VW22ATL
  • Philips E-line 227E4QSD / 01
  • Samsung SM S22C300B

Top of the best monitors on23 inch

We choose the best monitor for the computer

Dell UltraSharp U2312HM

  • Dell UltraSharp U2312HM Black - the choice of professionals!
  • LG 23MP65HQ-P
  • Asus VS239HV
  • Philips E-line 237E4QHSD / 01
  • Asus VX239H
  • Samsung LS23B350TS
  • ViewSonic VX2370Smh-LED
  • Dell S2340L
  • Asus MX239H
  • LG 23MP55A-P - the best budget monitor with 23 inches!

Top 24-inch

We choose the best monitor for the computer

Ratings Dell UltraSharp U2412M Black

  • Samsung S24C650P( LS24C65UPCX) Black - price-quality
  • Dell UltraSharp U2412M Black( 860-10161) - choice of professionals
  • LG 24MP76HM-S
  • BenQ GL2450HM Black
  • Asus VN248H

Bestmonitor 27 inch

We choose the best monitor for the computer

Samsung S27C570H

  • LG 27MP65HQ-P
  • Asus VE278Q
  • BenQ EW2740L
  • Dell S2740L
  • Samsung S27C570H( LS27C570HS) - the best value for money!

3D monitors for gaming

  • BenQ XL2420T - Best Buy
  • Philips 238G4DHSD / 00 Black
  • BenQ XL2720T
  • AOC d2367Ph
  • Asus VG27AH
  • BenQ XL2411T
  • Asus VG248QE
  • Philips 278G4DHSD / 00
  • Asus VG278HR
  • Asus VG278HE

We choose the best monitor for the computer

BenQ XL2420T

How to choose a monitorfor computer video instruction


Here is our article came to an end, sure you learned a lot of interesting, if you need personal assistance write in the comments or mail [email protected] Good shopping!