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Behavior and character of Thai cats - blue-eyed wonder

Beautiful long-legged, chocolate-creamy beige tail, with refined lines of the back and slightly elongated body;The long tail does not prevent her from enjoying all the hobbies of life. Thai breed of cats is probably one of the most graceful in the world. The sky-blue eyes of the

will not leave anyone indifferent. It is only worth a glance at a small lump once, as if it is a drooping muzzle, ears, a tail and chopsticks, and you can no longer look away from them - so beautiful Thais. Moreover, the love of the owners of the Thai cat deserved a wonderful character.
Behavior and character of the Thai cat blue-haired miracle

Details of the nature of the

As there are no two identical fingerprints or retina, and there are no two identical Thais. Despite the many similarities, each cat is different in character and temperament. Thai cats are the most prominent representative of the expression "a cat that walks by itself".If she does not enjoy communication or play, she will never be in contact with this person or immerse her game forever. But, just like anyone else, the loneliness is simply contraindicated!

Thais fearless, their curiosity knows no boundaries. With such pets you need to have a grid in the windows to avoid hiking a vet with falling or, worse, fractures. A flying bird can become a great lure for a pet, so it's not desirable to leave open windows when the owner leaves the house. Their curiosity is much stronger than their fears. These valiant knights after the first acquaintance with the vacuum cleaner try to attack him, and after 3-4 meetings are absolutely calm to him. The secret is to definitely feel, smell, and even taste everything that falls under the arm, that is, the paw, be it a vacuum cleaner, or a carpet.

Behavior and character of the Thai cat blue-haired miracle

It is impossible to calculate how many times Thai cats tried to fly, to estimate a burning candle on a tooth or smell a pair of spout from a boiling kettle. The high degree of sociability of Thai cats is something like the nature of dogs. Despite all the benevolence to the person's surroundings, the secret is selective when he chooses the object of communication. Thai cats easily and quickly get along with other animals, find a common language with dogs. By communicating with other tailing inhabitants of the house, the Thais, however, easily distinguish "their" from "strangers".

The taiks belong to the so-called "expressive cats", with meowanking, they clearly model the sound of their voice, which perfectly expresses the attitude of a favorite to one or another situation. Moreover, the Thai breed is very well developed mimicry. The ease of character and good-natured attitude to all allow the Thais to easily carry walks with a plow or leash.

Representatives of the Thai breed, like the Burmese, are bound not to the house but to the person. The secrets are fairly sociable, they require a lot of attention, and if they miss it, they begin to wander or miss.

Behavior and character of the Thai cat blue-haired miracle

On a blue-eyed face, you can read almost all the emotions of Thai cats. Interests, pacification, joy, sadness or sadness - it's very easy to see the expression of the face and eyes. Thais owners often have the impression that they are able to read the thoughts of their beloved.

Cats can not be forced to sit on the spot, and the secret is a visual confirmation. To sit in one place, she can 2-3 hours, and then, all this time slept peacefully. Her curiosity also manifests itself in the fact that Thais always have to be aware of all the events in the hut;she must know what, where and who she does. Taika is simply obliged to control the process of moving some of the objects in the house, even if the owner thinks otherwise. The main thing - the cat wants so, so it will be. By their duty, Thai cats consider checking how the bed is filled up, how to clean, sew, or repair. For a man it is a normal life process, and for a secret - an interesting fascinating game.

Thais care about their offspring, but still more careful it behaves like children. Careful attitude towards the children of their masters made secret a great nanny. If the parents, busy with their affairs will not hear the cry of a little, the Thai beauty will immediately run over to them and very angry expressing everything she thinks about this attitude towards the children. Such attitude and attention will be a secret to their children.

About the odd smells or running away from the slab of milk, the secret will also tell your master. All Thais are considered to be long-livers. Some cats can live up to 25-28 years old.