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OGES-2018 from English( Grade 9): preparation, demo variants( download FIPI training tasks)

OLE of a foreign language - one of the selective tests for nine-year-olds. Many graduates of high school are choosing an examination on this subject, because the prospect of getting into the profile linguistic class is quite attractive. Well, the future associated with

using a foreign language as a professional tool gives you a chance to ensure good earnings and a decent standard of living.

Among all the foreign languages ​​taught by modern students, English keeps the palm of the championship. There is nothing surprising in that, since it is a recognized international language for business and diplomatic communication. Practice shows that it is not so easy to pass the OGE on this subject - it is important to have a good assessment of the basic rules and linguistic norms.

In addition to writing a written exam, in 2018 students will demonstrate their listening skills, as well as the ability to speak English. In addition to self-training and working with a tutor, you should also study the features and structure of the ticket, understand how the points will be displayed, as well as find out what innovations can await you in the KIMA 2018!

OGU 2018 from English( Grade 9): preparation, demo options( download training tasks from FIPI)

Demonstration version of OGES-2018

  • English version of the OGES demo( written part)
  • English version of the OGE( oral version)
  • Demo version of the listening task( audio file)
  • Requirement code

Written OGE in EnglishThe language of

Rosobornadzor has already announced the approximate timetable of the OGE for 2018.Schoolchildren will take a foreign language( including English) at the following dates:

  • on April 28( Saturday) appointed an early delivery of a foreign language. Reserve Day will be April 30, 2018( Tuesday);
  • main OSE will be held on May 25( Friday).The reserve day for the main OGE will be June 20, 2018( Wednesday);
  • is an additional day for the delivery of a foreign language on September 14( Friday).As reserve was made on September 21, 2018( friday).

Changes in the English Language OSE

In 2018, English language tickets were not subject to changes in terms of structure and content. The subject committee reports that the only innovation was the change in the criteria for which the task number 33( writing a letter of personal nature) will be evaluated.

What is the OEM CEM in English?

The main purpose of the exam is to test the ability of nine-year-olds to communicate in English. The commission will check your skills in the spoken word, ability to speak, read and write in English. It is the OGE who will determine whether the student is ready for upper-class education, as well as identify students who may be recommended in grades 10-11 with a linguistic bias. The structure of the ticket can be divided into two parts: the

  • written part - sections of the ticket from the first to the fourth. Students will demonstrate their ability to listen to the language( listening), as well as demonstrate English language skills, ability to write and use lexical and grammatical skills. The maximum points that can be scored for this part of Kim is 55;
  • oral part - consists of one section, which includes tasks from the part of speaking. The maximum available for an oral part of the ticket is 15 balls.

Correct execution of all Kim's tasks gives you the opportunity to get 70 points.

OGU 2018 from English( Grade 9): preparation, demo options( download training tasks from FIPI) Speech requires not only knowledge of the rules but also the ability to support the

dialogue. In most tasks( namely thirty two), the student will be able to give a short answer to the question, setting the matching for the sets, choosing the correct answer from the list, filling in the spaces in the textor transforming the words into the correct lexical form. The task with the detailed answer is writing a personal letter, reading aloud passages of popular science text, conducting a dialogue with a teacher and a monologue on a given topic. The entire ticket can be structurally divided into the following parts:

  • Listening - Includes tasks based on phrases that are used in everyday communication, informational texts and announcements. Each piece sounds for about one and a half or two minutes and plays twice. The complexity of tasks is identical to the language level A2;
  • reading - tasks based on texts pragmatic, popular science, journalistic and artistic. The volume of the fragment is from 220 to 600 words. The complexity of tasks corresponds to the language level A2;
  • grammar and vocabulary - tasks that will check the depth of understanding of school material and its ability to operate;
  • personal letter - writing a text of at least 100-120 words. Letters in which less than 90 words are not evaluated by other criteria - the student will immediately receive 0 points for all tasks. No less dangerous to write too large a letter - if it contains more than 132 words, the commission will check only the first 120 words in the work, and everything else will be ignored;
  • speaking is a task that involves the use of several types of vocabulary. Be prepared for the fact that you will have to apply social and everyday vocabulary( to talk about leisure, relationships with friends, hobbies, prominent cultural or scientific figures, environmental issues, etc.), as well as vocabulary from the educational and labor sphere( possible dialogue about the choice of the future professionor the role of a foreign language in various spheres of our lives).

Rules and Examination Features of the

The task of the first four sections of the student will have to be completed in 120 minutes. In this case, the profile committee recommends distributing time as follows:

  • 30 minutes - for listening( section 1);
  • 30 minutes - for tasks that test reading skills( section 2);
  • 30 minutes - to identify skills in grammar and vocabulary( section 3);
  • 30 minutes - to write a personal letter and check other writing skills( section 4).

There will be 15 minutes for speaking.

OGU 2018 from English( Grade 9): preparation, demo options( download training tasks from FIPI) Any textbooks and reference materials will have to be handed over before the start of the ASE

. Students are not allowed to bring additional materials and items that are not related to the exam at the OGES.You can only take a pen with you. All other materials and equipment are provided by Rosobornadzor - the audiences will be equipped with technical means for the reproduction of audio recordings, and the classes for speaking will be equipped with computer equipment, sound recording programs and microphones necessary to record the student's answers.

How are the primary points translated into grades?

Points for examination work will be translated into the usual school rating system. The scale of the translation is as follows:

  • from 0 to 28 points - score "unsatisfactory";
  • from 29 to 45 points are rated "satisfactorily" and will allow you to get a certificate;
  • from 46 to 58 points means that the student will get "good";
  • from 59 to 70 points is identical to the "excellent" rating.

When pupils are divided into profile linguistic classes or admissions to specialized lyceums, pupils who score 56 points or higher have the advantage.

Preparation for English as an OGE Remember: None of the foreign languages, including English, can not be outspoken! Only a prolonged and competent preparation for the OGE will give a chance to successfully pass this test. To begin to identify possible gaps in knowledge - for this you need to download and work out the demo version of Kim, published by FIPI.Demo versions of tests, audio files and requirements encoders can be found at the beginning of this article.

Do not forget that knowledge of the rules of English is completely useless if it is not supported by the ability to perceive the language of speech and speak a foreign language. Listen to audiobooks and English-language music regularly, listen to movies and TV series in the original voice( it's best not to watch video with subtitles - a word string will distract your attention from listening to the characters of the characters).

OGU 2018 from English( Grade 9): preparation, demo options( download training tasks from FIPI) Take time to prepare for OGE - it's worth getting started in September

Talking - Another Problem for Graduates of the 9th Grade. The vocabulary, grammar, and letter usually give students good marks, and when conducting a dialogue or monologue, many are lost. To work out the talk is to lose in the head of everyday scenes, conduct small dialogues with friends, sisters, brothers, moms and tatami, as well as describe in English the situation with you in the movies, supermarkets and buses just happened with you.

Do not forget that you may be asked to tell about a certain person. Look at the program of the Air Force or another popular science channel, which tells about world-famous artists, writers and scientists, take a look at the basic theses, check the correctness of the writing, and then regularly read your text and listen to the recordings of the transmissions.

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